We Mexicans Welcome Muslims as the New Public Enemy Number One
Gustavo Arellano - AlterNet
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December 12, 2015

Look out Trump! Latino kids born in the USA have got something to say as they hilariously let loose on Trump pounding his anti-Latino racism point-by-point like a piñata. Some will find what they say shocking (caution: F-bombs ahead) but there's no denying the math that you can't win the White House without the brown vote. (Deport Racism)

Hey, Muslims: congrats! You’re America’s new Mexicans, and it’s all gracias to our common enemy, Let me explain. Anyone with a brain is rightfully upset by Trump’s recent remarks that he wants to ban Muslims from migrating to the United States, never mind that he has extensive business dealings in Muslim countries or that he’s also hypocritically professed to love Muslims. Republican presidential candidates are jumping over each other to decry Trump’s remarks even as they say there’s some truth to Trump’s heresies.

Meanwhile, a big part of America hoots and hollers in approval and awaits the next horrid pronouncement. (Here come the internment camps).

Thanks to all this, Muslims are now public enemy número uno. Welcome to being a Mexican in the United States.

Forgive us for feeling a bit of déjà vu. After all, he pulled this same type of mierda earlier this year. Remember? That whole thing about Mexicans being rapists and criminals and drug smugglers? Followed by him proclaiming to love Mexico – and the revelation that his jacket line is made there?

Republican candidates condemned Trump’s anti-Mexican babbling at the time, but then adapted his ideas as their own even as Trump leveled up with even more outlandish proposals, like deporting 11 million undocumented people (read: “wetbacks”) or building a massive border wall. And a big part of America agrees that it is a good idea.

It’s a natural nadir of race relations in this country that America has finally placed y’all as high as we are in the totem pole of who to hate. After all, we represent the two biggest nightmares of an American psyche that still acts like it just landed in Plymouth Rock: race-mixing for us, a non-Christian background for ustedes.

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