Why Latin American Leftists Would Love a Presidency Under Donald Trump
Simeon Tegel - PRI's The World
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March 5, 2016

Ecuador President Rafael Correa considers Trump’s proposals “dumb” and “basic,” which is why he would like Trump to win. (Associated Press)

Donald Trump has an unlikely fan in Latin America: Rafael Correa, the leftwing president of Ecuador who just loves sticking it to Washington.

Correa’s reasons, however, probably aren’t music to the ears of the Republican presidential frontrunner. In fact, the populist strongman is looking forward to a Trump presidency triggering a progressive backlash across Latin America.

“What would most suit Latin America is that Trump wins, because his discourse is so dumb, so basic, that it will provoke a reaction,” Correa said.

“When a guy like that comes along, it would be very bad for the United States, but Latin America is pretty independent, and, given the [provocative] message [of a Trump White House] for the progressive tendency in Latin America, this would be very positive.”

Correa’s remarks are just the latest indication that, were Trump to win the race for the White House next November, the bombastic real estate tycoon might quickly find his foreign policy hitting stiff resistance around the world.

It’s difficult to tell, of course, given the lack of policy specifics Trump has provided.

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