Trump's Anti-Trade Talk Rankles Businesses on the U.S.-Mexico Border
Melanie Mason - The Los Angeles Times
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May 25, 2016

Donald Trump has made building a wall along the border with Mexico a centerpiece of his presidential campaign. He'd have to go through Washington first. (CNN)

The populist rhetoric of Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders has made international trade a focal point of the presidential campaign. Often, the debate is framed in stark terms of winners and losers: jobs migrating to lower-wage countries like Mexico and China, leaving in their wake hollowed-out industrial towns in the Midwestern Rust Belt.

But in San Diego County, trade seeps into every part of life; residents of both countries hop across the border for daily commutes, shopping and medical care. Uber, the popular ride-hailing service, offers rides from San Diego into Mexico.

“Culturally, it is so very different than what we see on the national stage,” said Mark Cafferty, president of the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, a nonprofit group promoting area businesses.

Local attitudes toward trade are hardly monolithic. Business leaders are quick to tout their relationships on both sides of the border. Labor groups, many of which detested the 1993 North American Free Trade Agreement, which removed trade barriers among the U.S., Canada and Mexico, say such deals have devastated local manufacturing.

But all say that a more protectionist tilt against trade with Mexico would fundamentally alter their region’s economy, which has become so tightly braided with that of their southern neighbor that untangling seems unimaginable.

...To readjust the playing field, Trump has said he’d slap companies that move to Mexico with a 35% tariff on goods they try to sell in the United States. He’s called for similar duties on goods imported from China.

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