#ElPitoDeMancera: Mexico City Mayor Offers Whistles to Sexual Assault Victims
Cristina Silva - IBTimes
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May 28, 2016

Mexico City residents get whistles to fight sexual assault (wochit News)

Mexico City Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera announced during a press conference that his administration would provide whistles to women so that they could alert police and bystanders to potential sexual assaults and street harassment. Mancera said the whistle would serve as "a warning sign to society that something is happening there, that we can not be indifferent." He said police would be directed to respond to the sound of a whistle.

"Today Mexico City has endorsed this commitment to care for women, (this commitment to) protection, to action – precisely against violence to eradicate it, that would be the goal – also to raise awareness because it is clear that the existence of such manifestations, when present, damage the social fabric, public trust and coexistence," said Mancera.

But social media users weren't impressed by the solution. They responded with the hashtag #ElPitoDeMancera, a double entendre referring to Mancera's whistle plan and, well, his manhood, Telesur reported.  Critics said the mayor was putting the onus on women to protect themselves from sexual violence, and suggested his next policy solution would involve chastity belts or burqas.

“Mancera’s whistles … put the job of prevention on the victim,” columnist Catalina Ruiz Navarro wrote for the website Sin Embargo. “Women without a whistle – real or metaphoric – would ‘expose themselves’ and if they’re assaulted and no one does anything, it would be their fault for not whistling."

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