Why Donald Trump Is a 'Perfect Pinata' for Mexico's Government Elite
David Agren - The Guardian
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June 25, 2016

Why Trump is Good for Mexico's Politicians (wochit News )

In Mexico, Donald Trump has been mocked, vilified and – in piñata form – beaten to smithereens. He has inspired scorn, foreboding and a signature taco dish with lots of tongue, a little bit of brains and pig’s snout.

The presumptive Republican nominee’s comments on Mexican migrants, his threats to build a border wall and finance it with remittance payments have roused powerful emotions, not least bewilderment: the real estate mogul’s rise came as polls showed that Mexico’s historic anti-Americanism had started to diminish.

Trump appears to have changed that. “We used to view Americans as somehow distant, somehow weird, somehow unrelated to us, sometimes insensitive to what we think and do,” says Manuel Molano, deputy director of the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness, a thinktank. “But this is really something else.”

But gauging Mexican’s reactions to Trump can prove a tricky proposition: responses often reflect self-interest, local political agendas, or socioeconomic status, with rich Mexicans apparently more concerned than their poor compatriots by Trump’s shot at the US presidency.

Donald Trump May Not Be Wealthy Enough to Self-Fund His Presidential Campaign (Newsweek)

There is also plenty of opportunism at play, especially among the media outlets, public intellectuals and politicians such as former president Vicente Fox, who have proved ready to take on Trump, but reticent to call out Mexico’s own political class and its failure to deal with poverty, crime, economic stagnation and corruption – the very issues that have prompted millions of migrants to head north.

“Trump is a perfect piñata: noisy, colorful and there are plenty of nationalist points to score,” said Carlos Bravo Regidor, director of the journalism program at the Centre for Research and Teaching Economics.

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