It's Time to Stop Being Afraid of a President Pence and Call for Impeachment
Kevin Mathews - Care2
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February 5, 2017

Impeachment is necessary to ensure that Trump’s legacy is a failed one, a cautionary tale for copycat tyrants (Dita Alangkara/AP Images)

Just two weeks into Donald Trump’s presidency, 40 percent of Americans already support impeaching him. That’s a number that you have to imagine will only grow as President Trump continues to show disdain for the Constitution.

In every discussion I see about a potential Trump impeachment, there are always a few liberals who object to the idea, saying that they’re more terrified of the thought of Mike Pence as president.

Stop. We can’t honestly look at Pence and say he’d do a worse job than our current petulant president.

Trump is starting pointless feuds with our allies Mexico and Australia. He’s ignoring intelligence briefings. He invited a neo-Nazi to be his most trusted advisor. He’s blatantly denying reality on trivial matters like the size of his inauguration crowd and whether or not he won the popular vote.

Trump is unhinged and easily offended. Here we have a man who has complete power to fire nuclear weapons, and has even expressed an interest in using them simply because they exist. This scenario is dangerous for people all over the world, as well as in the U.S. if other nations decide to retaliate.

I’m not arguing that a Pence presidency wouldn’t be regressive. He’s anti-choice, anti-LGBT and chummy with the Koch brothers. At the same time, that basically makes him your typical establishment Republican.

Unfortunately, in our current two-party system where power swings back and forth, we’ve got to expect to have a commander in chief like Pence about 50 percent of the time.

At least with a Republican who is a career politician, we can expect a certain base level of decorum.

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