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January 1, 2013

By providing young students with an opportunity to attend high school, and thus open the door to a college education, Foundation Escalera seeks to lift students from the viscous cycle of ignorance that binds them to an impoverished life. Although we believe this makes real and lasting changes for their futures, we cannot ignore our students’ parents and families who struggle with a life in poverty. We have begun to do something about it. In sum, Escalera is not only seeking to bring hope through education, but also self respect through economic empowerment.

Accordingly, Foundation Escalera has begun to expand its reach by connecting with other nonprofit and humanitarian organizations to reach students’ families and bring them the assistance they desperately need. Our goal is to help them reach economic self-reliance.

At the base of the inactive volcano of Malinche in the state of Puebla, a group of mothers of several middle-school students and hopeful future scholarship recipients have started their own business embroidering cloth napkins used to keep tortillas warm and sewing clothes to sell to nearby stores. Escalera is helping them market their napkins and has loaned them the sewing machines in a form of microlending.

Additionally, Foundaiton Escalera is building middle schools in the highland regions of Chiapas. In many of these villages, middle-school students meet in wooden huts and in the open air under a tree to study. These young students are eager learners but have had to study through the rain and cold of their highland home. These students learn new skills and concepts at school, and they must learn them in a new language–Spanish. The children have grown up speaking Tzotzil and are taught in their native language in elementary school.

Beginning with the first Service Trip in December 2007, Escalera has sought to increase educational opportunities and carry out development programs in many villages.

We are hopeful about the potential of these projects and we believe they will help Escalera, through coordinating with other experienced organizations, to increase its immediate impact on students’ families and communities. Only through a holistic effort will we truly be able to bring the needed hope and change.

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Every expedition we complete means another school and many more children who can attend Benemérito. Help us expand and grow by telling your friends, family and co-workers about our foundation. Invite them to come on an expedition – it’s a great alternate to a traditional vacation, much more rewarding – and it’s tax deductible!

Help build a school today by donating to Escalera. Visit the website

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