New Campaign for the Disabled of Vallarta

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December 26, 2011


With the goal of creating a true awareness of respect for the handicapped accessibility locations for people with disabilities, such as ramps and parking lots, the Municipal DIF system, chaired by Jennifer Serur, in coordination with the Municipal Council for people with disabilities, initiated the campaign "I really want my place", or "Quieres mi lugar".

The President of the Municipal DIF system, Jennifer Serur, stressed the importance of a campaign to advance the creation of an inclusive Puerto Vallarta for people with disabilities, "since all instances are working to make our town a better place and a Vallarta which is friendly and that everyone can walk, persons with disabilities should not be hampered when moving from one place to another."

"The main reason for this campaign is to raise awareness of respect for our handicapped citizens and visitors and we invite everyone to join in our awareness campaign," said Jennifer Serur.

On behalf of the Municipal President, Salvador González Resendiz, the Director of Social Development, he expressed confidence in the project to create a change that improves the living conditions of persons with disabilities, "We recognize the effort and dedication of those who work for persons with disabilities, whether they are volunteers, families, or staff and that is why we are trying to somehow generate awareness in our citizenship."

The Executive Secretary of the Council for disabled persons, Rebecca Jiménez Mendoza, confirmed the objective of the campaign to teach about the importance of respecting the marked places for persons with disabilities, "We want the population to understand that one minute is an eternity for a person with disabilities when you need a place to park or when utilizing urban transport. We do not have a long tradition of respect for the spaces marked for people with disabilities, but I am sure that we can succeed if we all put our efforts together in this struggle."

Ivan Applegate Curiel, representative of people with disabilities to the Council, expressed his appreciation for the effort that the authorities are doing, "27 years ago when my life changed in a drastic way was when I began to appreciate the importance of respecting the privileges or amenities for our handicapped in saving those ramps and handicapped parking spaces for the people that need them."

"Being in a wheelchair, I realized that spaces marked for people with disabilities are not because we enjoy any privilege, but it allows us to participate in an active society which we want to be part and we need respect for these spaces," added Applegate.

The Municipal Council for people with disabilities gave recognition to those who comprise the institutional campaign image, Rivero Alvarez, Rebeca Rodriguez and David Gutierrez.

The campaign of "De Verdad, Quieres Mi Lugar" loosely translated as "I really want my place", involves Gloria Palacios Ponce, Aleyda Bravo Carbajal, Arely Guerrero Flores, Moisés Villaseñor, foundations such as Proyecto Pitillal Busca Un Amigo, Pasitos de Luz, Fundación Down, CANICA, Grupo ISPAC, DIVAC, Clínica de Rehabilitación Vallarta Santa Bárbara, Guardería Integrada of IMSS, Discapacitados Visuales de la Bahía, as well as the Eighth Health Jurisdiction, and the School Monitoring of Education for Special Zone 6 and Zone 8.

Translated by PVA

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