Part 2: Vida Vacations Staff Volunteers at Senior Center

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June 14, 2013

Continuing with the series of fabulous efforts from the Vida Vacations Staff of Volunteers, the second group spent the day at Tercera Edad, the Senior Center in Bucerias.

Details from Lorissa, our on-site reporter:

10 volunteers from Vida Vacations arrived at the Tercera Edad Senior Facility in Bucerias with their arms full.

Tercera desperately needed an updated facility. Their plan is to rent out the facility to help raise money and after the volunteers spent all day working, it is now beautiful and ready.

They can now have cooking classes to help raise money. The kitchen was completely redone. 4 new shelving units were installed and electrical work was done to install a fan and a light. Kitchen supplies were bought by the volunteers and included glasses, plates, cutlery, a new set of frying pans, a blender, and some food items such as the requested cans of tuna, since they mostly only receive rice and beans from the food bank.

The volunteers also brought bags of men’s clothes.

In the office, the volunteers painted the walls, reorganized, cleaned, and installed a light and fan.

In the bodega (storage room), the volunteers cleaned and reorganized.

In the bathrooms, mirrors, toilet paper holders and towel holders were installed.

The outside of the facility received a coat of white paint and a chalk board was hung for notifications.

Some volunteers enjoyed working in the gardens, which cover 3/4 of the property and provides fresh fruits and vegetables for the seniors. They also rent garden space. 2 professional handymen were hired so all the work done is proper and professional.

Cirino, the President, just watched the volunteers all day with tears in his eyes.

It was early in the day for the seniors to arrive but there is always a group of 20 seniors gathering every day to play dominos. They were overwhelmed with all the people that wanted to help them out. They said ‘it is a magnificent thing for us to do,’ and one man said ‘this is the best thing that ever happened for them,’ he has been there 15 years!!

They told me they feel this facility is a very important part of their life, without it they would have nowhere to gather for recreational activities, or extra support they need.

They said that Cirino is the best President and there is no one like him. He is a very hardworking and wonderfully caring man.

The seniors said the volunteers did so much work and even asked if there is anything else they could have done. The seniors said no, and joked 'maybe a pool next time.'

After the volunteers finished up, the facility was packed by 5:00 with around 150 seniors, as it always is Monday night, for juice, a hot meal and dancing.

The seniors applauded loudly in a standing ovation, tears in their eyes yelling gracias for all the volunteers that helped change their life.

From Veronica "Ronnie" Barker of Amigos de Bucerias:

On behalf of Amigos de Bucerias and the Tercera Edad, please accept our sincere thanks and appreciation for all your team’s efforts on Monday, June 10, to effect a remarkable “makeover” to the seniors facility in Bucerias.

There was a charming moment when one lady took her friend into the kitchen and the friend’s mouth opened in surprise, and with great wonderment stroked the new wood counter and shelves! She picked up and touched the new kitchen items, and saw the overhead fan and light as if it was all magic. It was – thanks to you all!
I know the rest of your work force were equally busy elsewhere working hard and I am sure making amazing upgrades. If only there were more volunteers like you!
Thank you one and all for your time, your effort – and most of all – for caring to make a change.

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Vida Vacations Staff Volunteers at Tercera Edad Senior Center in Bucerias (video by PromoVisionPV)

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