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September 30, 2013

The Director of the Recreation and Sports Commission, Miguel Ángel Yerena Ruiz, has announced the approval of 10 sports infrastructure projects in Puerto Vallarta designed to improve our sports profile and to be beneficial to the population.

An example of the projects is to connect Grandes Lagos Avenue, the linear park on the banks of Pitilla, with the construction of the medical office buildings of Agustín Flores and Alfonso Díaz Santos.

Of the projects presented, it was explained that the proposed passage under the bridge will help to avoid any risks or accidents to the  large number of people using this location on a daily basis.

Miguel Angel Yerena announced that the new medical sports center will contain an area of 90 square meters and is intended to be served by the medical trainees of Coast Community College (Centro Universitario de la Costa) in providing sponsorships and the necessary tools for athletes in receiving medical checkups. It was agreed that both projects will work closely with the Department of Infrastructure and Municipal Services.

As part of this meeting, the Director of Comufodaj, Juan Rincon Flores, stated that there has been a balance of activities from October 2012 to date which have been made by Puerto Vallarta's sports officials, which is continuing to improve administrative efficiency, sports facilities, advancement in sports development, competitive sport, sports regulation and sporting events.

Flores reported that financial support to date is 300,275 pesos for athletes to participate in rallies, competitions and championships, as well as for delivering sports team leagues, associations and neighborhoods. He has also received certification in the support from Local and Municipal Sports Promotors.

In the case of the olympic pool maintenance program, efficient management has reduced the costs by 50% of this concept where the previous administration was spending 57,420 pesos monthly.

Work is also being accomplished on the improvement and rehabilitation of sports venues, such as the Municipal Auditorium, with an estimated investment of 285,325 pesos in repaired the flooring, walls, bathrooms, panel replacement, painting and needed repairs that have not been addressed for at least eight years.

Alfonso Díaz Santos has also requested a review and inspection of the sports facilities by the Municipal Civil Protection Agency to adopt needed security measures and to provide fire extinguishers, evacuation routes and user recommendations.

Sports Development Programs are being initiated in the schools of Puerto Vallarta's colonies with 30 coaches offering free service to the population in providing attention for those underserved areas and Juan Rincón pointed out that this program is expected to reach at least 70 colonies across town in the next year.

The Director of Comufodaj noted the improvement of 34 sports leagues in the registration process and formal constitution in the first  Vallarta Municipal League which has more than 48,000 registered athletes.

In coordination with the private sector, we have a third division football team, Hipocampos de Vallarta (Vallarta Seahorses), and a women's team in the semi-professional league of the Mexican Football Federation.

After the presentation, council members of the committee acknowledged the efforts that have been accomplished in the sports division of  this administration in showing that a lack of resources is not an impediment to achieving results in Vallarta.

Translated and edited by Team Angels

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