Certifications for PV Taxi Drivers

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April 5, 2012

In London, New York and other capitals of the world, taxi services are certified to ensure quality service and now Puerto Vallarta's taxi drivers are also certified.

Prior to Tianguis Turistico Mexico 2012 and World Economic Forum events, with the leadership of the Office of Conventions and Visitors of Puerto Vallarta, the Taxi Certification Program was started to improve the quality of labor performance for our local taxi drivers.

The University of Guadalajara, Centro Universitario de la Costa (CUCosta), represented by the professors Dr. Jesús Cabral Araiza and teacher Coral Jordá Felix, joined forces with the Tránsito Office of the State through Regional Commander responsible for the Regional North Coast, Gerardo Villa Velázquez, and Lic. Caesar Sahagún, Director of Human Resources of the Velas Vallarta and Casa Velas Hotels. Special mention is given to the enthusiasm and contributions of Luis Angarita Mayorga, Dennis Whitelaw and Francisco Rangel.

The program began on February 27, ending on March 24, 2012, and was taught to 20 groups, for a total of 1,301 certified taxi drivers from the city and the airport.

The subjects taught were:

• Quality service
• You are the result of yourself
• Motivation and self-motivation
• Be better people to be the best service providers
• Talk about attitudes and skills
• Resilience
• What are the paradigms and how they affect our lives?
• Verbal and non-verbal communication
• Conflict management
• Creativity
• The importance of being Vallartense
• Professionalism behind the wheel
• Different types of tourists
• Laws and regulations of the road
• What is the Tourism Tianguis and its scope / WEF (The World Economic Forum)

As a result of this change of image, taxi drivers committed themselves to the following:

• Honesty
• Social skills
• Personal hygiene
• Cleaning of the taxi
• English language
• General culture of the city
• Education
• Knowledge of laws and regulations
• First aid
• Mechanical skills

Certified drivers receive a card that accredits them and in addition they can use it in certain establishments and businesses to obtain discounts and additional benefits (restaurants, workshops, hotels, stores, schools, etc). And, above all, they will receive the recognition of the community and our visitors.

The certification program will continue with 700 taxi drivers not yet certified.

The hotels who supported the program in allowing the use of their facilities included Velas Vallarta, Vallarta Melia, Crown Paradise, Fiesta Americana, Pelicanos and Casa Velas.

Renewal and change in the service of taxis in our city is real, thanks to the efforts of each one of those who participated and continue to participate in this project.

Translated by Team Angels

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