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August 10, 2016

We welcome the month of August with open arms!

During the month of August there are not as many clients in town so we take this as our chance to get out to visit all of the properties that we manage and those that we represent for Rental and for Sale. The purpose of our visits is to make sure that each of our properties is ready for High Season when it begins in November.

This is also our time to finalize plans for new beginnings next season.

Tianguis Lo de Marcos

The team at Galvan Real Estate and Services is already hard at work to make this years Tianguis in Lo De Marcos even better. Catch the Buzz here.

New face in the office – Ivania Ramos

We also want to take this opportunity to introduce you to our new team member – Ivania Ramos. Ivania is already well known in town for her hard work and professionalism and we are pleased to say that she has joined the Team at Galvan Real Estate to run our Property Management Department.

Ivania is completely bi-lingual and as a longtime resident of Lo De Marcos she knows the area well.

If you are interested in Property Management for your Lo De Marcos property please contact the office and speak with Ivania.

Rental Spotlight – Beachfront Condo

With its prime location in Nuevo Vallarta, this two bedroom condo is located not only on the beach but near shops, restaurants, transportation and shopping.
This condo is warm and inviting and in the perfect place to enjoy a hassle–free vacation on the beach.

Take a look at Condo Sayil.

Real Estate Spotlight – Slow and Steady as She Goes

Normally this phrase is reserved for boats; however… at this time the words can be applied to Lo de Marcos, Riviera Nayarit. A fishing village with a number of small the boats is being noticed by Buyers and Investors alike.

From within and without Mexico, people with love in their hearts and financial knowledge in their heads are discovering the affordability and future development of the pueblo by the sea.

In the first six months of 2016 (8) properties have sold and closed in Lo de Marcos. The list prices have ranged from below $100,000 dollars to over $300,000 dollars. The sales price, without exception, on each purchase has been below the asking price. This is definitely a Buyer’s market, but… it is not a fire sale. Some of the acquisitions have been for vacation homes while others are closed upon with an eye to the future of Lo de Marcos.

This quaint village continues to be the quiet spot between San Pancho and La Penita and yet to those with a discerning eye, this is the place to go for a tranquil vacaition. If you feel you have worked hard for the money and want a place where it will go further than do yourself a favor and consider investing in paradise.

A property that hasn’t been snatched up yet is Casa Frausto. This is a multi-unit residence that is affordable and expandable. Welcome to Casa Frausto!

The hottest restaurant in San Pancho, Maria’s Restaurant

On main street, just a few blocks from the San Pancho beach is a delightful restaurant that serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Whether you are looking to start off your day well nourished or end your evening with delicious food and local entertainment, Maria’s should be on your list of considerations.

Maria is a San Pancho restaurateur that has been refining her skills for years. The atmosphere is inviting, the food is good and consistent. This is an eating establishment you will return to because the help is friendly, the food is tasty and you know what to expect from the first and last time you ate in this established location.

San Pancho has become the place to be. Sit at a table near the street and watch the parade of international visitors walk the avenue. Listen to the array of languages spoken by the visitors and prepare yourself for a rainbow flavor of food and crafts. This is a place you will be glad you visited and will most likely add to your return visit list.

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