San Pancho Kicks Off 11th CSP Sinergiarte Festival
Jorge Jimenez - CVB of Riviera Nayarit

December 8, 2016

The San Pancho Collective (CSP, by its acronym in Spanish), an open group of people interested in artistic and cultural expression as well as the rescue and fair appreciation of traditions, education, the community and the environment is celebrating its 11 years of existence and its 2016 Sinergiarte Festival.

The Sinergiarte Festival is a celebration in honor of time and its process, in other words, in honor of transformation. According to the CSP press release: “We’re aware that it’s a privilege to live within a community in a place that’s so filled with beauty, art, society, nature and peace: we were inspired by the image of 11, a 1 in front of another 1, each recognizing the other in its reflection. And that is how we are all 1.”

It continues: “We remember that first 2006 CSP Sinergiarte Festival very fondly. There we honored the humble, friendly and local spirit of the village of San Pancho, so expressive and ever changing, happy and lively, a mixture of thoughts, paths, forms and nationalities. A 1 next to another 1, that’s how we are, we aren’t the same, we aren’t equal, but we all are valuable because we are all unique, and that’s what makes San Pancho a great place to live in or visit.”

The spirit of collaboration is once again in evidence in this local festival where the community gets organized and voluntarily lends its support to continue to propel San Pancho in its consolidation as the Cultural Capital of the Riviera Nayarit, the first cultural beach destination in the country.

The Plaza del Sol, or the square, as it’s traditionally known, will be the focal point for this festival of lights, colors, aromas, tastes, magic, music and community from sunset on December 28 until the evening of the 30th of December. The attendees will be able to enjoy excellent international-quality shows and all the welcoming family friendly-atmosphere and local flavor for free.

Music, theater, circus, magic, clowns, painting, photography, sculpture, installations, video, martial arts, equestrian arts with dancing horses, indigenous art, arts and crafts, gastronomy, expos of work done by local organizations, workshops and tournaments featuring the top local sports, including the traditional torch and a spectacular inaugural parade will all bring this celebration of the unity of diversity to life.

The release concludes: “This 11th San Pancho Collective Festival is made for you and by you: come by, we all need a place to be able to express who we are, what we see, what we want, our values, our essence, where we are, where we’re going, where we come from and how we can be better with ourselves and with others. That defines a collective and that is San Pancho. We invite you to celebrate life, because I am you and you are me, San Pancho is all of us and we’re all San Pancho.”

For more information contact the Organizing Committee at (322) 168-6241 or email

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