'Honky Tonks to Bobby Socks' Starring Mikki Prost at Boutique Theatre
Gary R. Beck - Beck's Best

April 15, 2017

To finish of the winter season, Mikki has brought her three shows together for the first time, singing songs of Patsy, Brenda and Connie. She deigned a marvelous show mixing highlights of the three shows she presented this season: Paying tribute to three ladies of 50's/60's who shaped the music field forever: Patsy Cline, Brenda Lee and Connie Francis. Mikki grew up with these youngsters singing from her radio, absorbing Patsy later since as a youth in New Jersey, she did not follow country music. There were three acts tonight, each with Mikki portraying the music and life story of one star. She had selected six songs per lady, which was as tough a mission as any other.

First appeared glamorous Connie, clad in topical red dress and sparkly jewelry, singing her best-known tune "Where the Boys Are" much to the intense pleasure of the audience. She soared high in supreme vocals, convincing us the title of her hit movie was indeed the tale of teenage girls of the era. Every one of them would find the boy to love her, waiting for her somewhere. She bounced all over the stage to "Stupid Cupid": "stop picking on me!" All evening Mikki added bits of inside historical storytelling including surprising everyone that none of these three girls ever had singing lessons. "Who's Sorry Now" showed a maturing, strong woman who had tasted stardom. "Lipstick on Your Collar": "told a tale on you" related the instance many girls had come to expect, a boyfriend off playing around.

A dreamy lovelorn tune followed, "My Happiness", and Mikki squeezed every drop of emotion from the lyrics. Her voice sounded very much like the famous Connie, though one would ever conclude she was attempting to impersonate any of the three personalities. When she sang, she used her vocals to remind us of that singer, with inflections and twirls. Magnificent. "Everybody's Somebody's Fool" summed up many young girls' experiences of a boyfriend gone bad.

Act Two followed after a costume change, something which pleased Mikki so very much. Cute petite Brenda bounced on stage in a wide 50's skirt with Mikki murmuring "Sweet Nothin's". Although only ten years old, she recorded "Jambalaya" and she was off heading for international stardom. Then she slowed and dripped with sentiment projecting "Im Sorry" describing the mistakes of the young. "Dum Dum" rippled spritely of teenage love. "Fool #1" brought her into a serious mode realizing that she was not the first to be misused by a boy she thought was true, but obviously had a track record. Mikki oozed with clear and strong voice, sending a hush over the audience with many present empathizing with her rejection. She sang softly "As Usual" expressing the image of her guy being with her when in fact he was gone. The listeners applauded loudly as her vocals wrapped around the sad words.

The favorite of Mikki's and many listeners in the crowd is "Break it to Me Gently": "If you mustgo, then go slowly. Let me love you 'till the last." This was a perfect ending to the music of Miss Lee with Mikki employing every ounce of her passion to express the sadness of the finale of a relationship.

Her starring singer here for many years appeared for Act III, starting with nothing less than "Sweet Dreams" complete with heavenly strings. Another classic dear to Mikki's heart followed: "Walkin' After Midnight". She sings this song with her arms and legs gracefully floating across the floor. Mikki bounded among the three iconic singers as thoughts came out of her mind. She had stories to tell, often joining two of the women as they had mixed in reality. This aspect of Mikki's shows endears her to attendees since no doubt they will exit the room with added knowledge about the person and in this case, the relationship of the stars. Patsy and Connie were rivals on the charts at the same time but in fact were good friends. It was a friendly rivalry and Mikki loved telling us about a certain aspect or event. "She's Got You" was a true tear-jerker and Mikki knew how to employ her voice to wrench the feelings there in front of us. She continued in the same vein of losing a love with "I Fall to Pieces". She rose and fell with her talent displayed in front of everyone. "Back in Baby's Arms" reversed the story, that of her getting back with her torn relationship.

What other tune could end the show but Willie Nelson's creation long before he was popular, "Crazy". Mikki related how this song is on the tips of so many Patsy lovers as The Song. But she pointed out that Patsy has at least five signature songs and she tried to sing them all tonight.

An encore brought Mikki back, giving us a possible harbinger of a show next season about Tammy Wynette, with "Stand By Your Man". She nailed the tune and showed us her well-rounded talent lies in many singers from varying genres. We left knowing that we had not heard the last of Puerto Vallarta's lady.

You can catch Mikki Prost in Honky Tonks to Bobby Socks at the Boutique Theatre on April 19 and 26 with dinner at 6:30 pm and the show at 7:30.

The Boutique Theatre is located above Nacho Daddy at 287 Basilio Badillo in Old Town Vallarta. Telephone is (322) 728-6878. Stop by the Box Office or purchase tickets online at Vallarta Tickets.

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