Replacement for Storm-Fallen Suspension Bridge to Rio Cuale Island Now Open
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October 4, 2017

Authorities in Puerto Vallarta have replaced a suspension bridge over the Cuale River in the same place where on August 27 the previous one disintegrated in the face of the flooding of the body of water due to heavy rains. The new bridge is already open to the general public.

The Mayor of Puerto Vallarta, Arturo Dávalos Peña, boasted from his Facebook account the opening of the new bridge.

"The suspension bridge over the Cuale River has been completely rehabilitated, ready for people to travel safely," he wrote.

It is appreciated that this structure is made up of entirely new materials, from thick wood planks treated to withstand the humidity and weight of people, up to a couple of grating lines with new metal, and the pillars that support the structure painted with a red coat.

The Mayor, Arturo Dávalos, toured the new bridge, where he talked with users.

The bridge is a characteristic icon of the Cuale area, which leads from the traditional municipal market to the island with the handicrafts market, hundreds of tourists daily have enjoyed crossing it and taking pictures in it, being one of the most long-lived crowded points of the municipality.

The previous structure already had decades in standing and according to the inhabitants of the zone demanded maintenance and presented signs that exposed its deterioration, although it never moved more than usual when being transited nor were there any registered incidents.

However, at the end of August a heavy rain fell during the night, causing the tributary of several rivers to grow, among them the Cuale, whose flow finally reached its maximum level, until the planks of the bridge gradually rose, which after a few hours did not hold the force of the water and gave way over the turbulent waters.

Fortunately at the moment, there were no people walking around at one o'clock in the morning, since the disappearance took the Vallartans by surprise and saddened many who identified the bridge as an icon of the naturalness and folklore that that area offers.

Just over a month later, finally, the Cuale River bridge was rebuilt and enabled for the enjoyment of citizens and tourists. Even so, the population continues to warn that there may be other hanging bridges in the region and on the same river but in other points that should be reviewed given the heavy rains that have been recorded.

Nevertheless, the bridge over the River Cuale at the height of the island is no longer the most attractive in the region, because although it is very iconic, there is already another large scale bridge  that represents a true ecotourism and excitement ride extreme for tourists and locals.

This is the suspension bridge located in the El Jorullo, inaugurated in June this year. It measures 470 meters which makes it one of the longest in Latin America. It offers a unique view of the Sierra Madre, suspended 150 meters above the most unpopulated and rapid channel of the river Cuale.

In addition it has a width of sufficient size so that small cars can pass over it, because that is one of the intentions, to carry ecoturismo autotransportation on the bridge, that is constructed with enough resistance to support a significant weight.

The tourist operator that most frequently takes visitors to this place is Canopy, but this bridge is within reach of anyone on foot or in a vehicle. Given its recent opening, it is not yet a well-known symbol of Puerto Vallarta although many curious locals and visitors have begun to invest their weekends in crossing it.

Translated and edited by Team Angels

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