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Frank D. Smith - Ecological Group of Costa Verde
December 11, 2019

Hola Volunteers and Supporters ~

Turtle wise: By the end of November we had recorded over 861 nests, of which some 688 were placed within the box nursery. On the beach we had relocated over 150 nests, while the poachers made off with 23 nests. An estimated 71,024 plus hatchlings will be released by the end of this season, with an overall hatch rate is 88.6%. By mid-November cold temperatures forced us to stop incubating in the box nursery and relocate all new nest to better areas along the beach. Although we are having problems with dog/s digging up relocated nests.  

We would like to thank all 38 volunteers for their help this season, without your committed support our marine turtle program could not have saved and released nearly seventy two thousand hatchlings, again many thanks to all 162 volunteers over the past 28 years.  

Volunteer-wise: Year round volunteers, Manuel Murrieta, and Joslin Carson, Julio Gonzales and America Tejas, Juan Flores and family, Karen Sorum and Hallie Loveridge and Nicole Sanders. November volunteers were Zac Wilson, Joanna Jaeckel, Taylor Kimball and Lisa Fisher with a visit of Almadin Cox, a 1997 volunteer.

Because of their son’s illness, Gale Greer and Lorren Garlic will not be able to join us this season (mid-November thru. April). Their tireless help, companionship and presence will be greatly missed. We wish the best for their family.

After months of asking for help to correct a serious dog problem in front of town, the number of dog have only increased to six, both chasing while trying to bite. The owners, if present, don’t seem to care or even try to stop their vicious assault. Any ideas?

We’re planning to renew the Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde’s 28 year old constitution. It will have only three officers, and will be as brief as possible only to cover those issues we are involved with.  

Weather-wise: Daytime temperatures were in the mid to high 70°s to high 80°s, while night time temps were in the high 70°s. November rainfall came to .84 of an inch while rain for this year totaled 63.37 inches. No tropical activities, but some high waves coming from the north that cut a double bank ten feet high across some of the beach.

Due to her father’s death, Lisa and her mother Johanne have returned to Canada with no plans to return to México except for a visit. For myself, after sixteen years of caring for Lisa, her departure is an emotional void I’ll carry for years. On the bright side, Lisa rebuilt our entire 17 year old website with a new one, replaced our aging computer, and gave me her new cell phone. I will forever deeply miss her companionship and her help.

As for the beaches, the municipality has cleaned it’s entire length, carrying off most the large logs and swept the beach with a machine that removed all debris over one inch in diameter. The was lagoon finally closed to the sea on the 26th, while until then the river had a strong flow to the sea.

Frank Smith, Director
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C.
Tortuga Project
Tel. 311-258-4100

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