The Kids at Corazon de Nina Shelter Need Your Help
Melissa Canez - Corazon de Nina

April 6, 2020

As we face our global health crisis, we want to take time to say “thank you” for being a supportive friend of your Corazon de Niña family. Because of you, we are able to shelter and transform the lives of over 100 girls and boys, from hopeless victims to self confident independent adults. Despite all that is happening, the children are thankfully all healthy and upbeat at this time. We are not going anywhere except shopping and/or Medical appointments at this time.

Keeping our Family Safe

In order to keep our home and children safe from COVID-19, we are taking all precautions seriously and joined together to keep our family healthy, prioritizing cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing and personal hygiene within the home in all areas. We have huge sanitation expenses (including installation of additional hand sanitizer units, more anti-bacterial gel and soap of every kind in efforts to step up hygiene in the house, face masks, gloves, Vitamin C, Oil of Oregano and Eucaliptus, MORE Vitamin C enriched fruit).  

At this time, no one is showing any signs of sickness, but should this change, we will follow our strict protocols to separate, and treat individuals with professional diagnoses and recommended treatments..

Although we do not like to admit it, today we are feeling particularly vulnerable. We are concerned that the problem that may be bigger than the virus itself will be be the fact that thousands of people have been laid off and there is NO GOVERNMENT PLAN OR SUPPORT IN PLACE to help them with FOOD. People will do whatever it takes to feed their families. Businesses are boarded up and people have already been approaching us asking for food. We are putting extra locks on the doors this week and using extra caution when leaving the house.  

5 Top Critical Needs Now & in Future

1) Vitamin C
2) Oil of Oregano Drops
3) Antibacterial gel & Liquid Hand Soap
4) Toilet Paper & Paper towels
6) Femine hygiene
7) Diapers (Size 4) & Naan Soya Formula (3)

Priority Foods

1) Fruit (Oranges; Guayaba, Bananas, Apples) & Veggies
2) Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
3) Skim Milk, Rice/Almond/Soya Milk
4) Tuna
5) Cream
6) Ham
7) Chicken
8) Fish

Crisis Impact

Corazon de Niña receives no government aid and is solely dependent on private donations, fundraising tours and events which were cancelled early this year creating a significant shortfall in our annual income. In addition, we are experiencing negative Covid affects with cancellations of some major monthly support, including diminishing fresh food donations. The tripling of our annual Health Insurance premiums has meant we were unable to renew. Where we would normally have a savings for this sort of eventuality - this year we do not which is why we really need your help.  

Average Monthly Costs

Feeding the family: 70,000 pesos
Clothes and shoes: 35,000 pesos
Cleaning & personal hygiene: 30,000 pesos
Utilities: 35,000 pesos

How You Can Help the Children:

Make a One-Time Crisis Donation

During these immensely challenging times, please consider making a one-time Crisis Donation. Contact us at

Sponsor a Child

“Sponsoring my goddaughter and watching her mature from an introverted anguished child to a self confident teen is the most rewarding part of our lives,” J and JK. Corazon de Nina currently has over 75 children awaiting a sponsor. For $300.00 per month you ensure food, clothes, personal needs and schooling costs, while building a mutual relationship of trust and hope. For more information contact us at


If you do not live nearby, or cannot shop, we would be grateful for any donation you would like to make either online or by contacting us at numbers listed below for pick up.

Become a GEM

Our GEM program gives Corazon de Niña a vital year-round funding source to keep food on the table, meet rising electricity costs and other basic costs for maintaining this large family home. Please contact us for more information at

You Are in Our Hearts & Prayers

Our needs are great, but so are yours! We send our love and prayers that you are in a safe place, healthy and coping with the chaos and fear by following guidelines of healthcare professionals and leaders, practicing your faith,compassion and consideration for others.

Donations can be dropped off at our home, Calle San Luis Potosi 355, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco 48325, Mexico. For Donation pick-up, please call 322-224-9209, 322-221-3907 or 322-217-2401. To donate online, please visit our Donation pages at Corazon de Nina.

Special thanks to Virginia Fox for her love, support and creation of this message.

We send our hugs and love!  


Melissa, Juan, Children, Board, Staff and Volunteers

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