Resident Concerns Regarding Bulldozing of Pitillal River
Gretchen DeWitt - PEACEAnimals

June 28, 2020

As a full-time resident, I have seen some unfortunate changes in the city that has been my home for fourteen years. I could make a list - but let´s just say that Old Town is New Town and the ambience of a Mexican town is gone.  

The most recent change - last week - was the bulldozing of the Pitillal river beginning at the Fluvial bridge - the uprooting of dozens of trees and the death of many animals that live there. The curves in a river serve as brakes so the river doesn´t gallop to the bay. The removal of soil means the water has no time to seep into the ground. Sediment will be carried out to the bay, clouding the water and threatening the fish. It looks like careless planning that was intended to stop flooding of the nearby colonias that were built so close to a river where soil is less absorbent.

I love Mexico. I love Puerto Vallarta. City planners need to focus more on protecting the natural beauties of the area and promoting eco-tourism. We have mangroves, wetlands, jungles, rivers, bay and ocean. Our beauty needs more protection than it is receiving.

If as a resident or tourist you have concerns, compliments or questions regarding Puerto Vallarta:

From Raymundo Gonzalez Martin of Espacio PV, here's an excerpt: "An ecocide occurs on the banks of the Pitillal river, caused by the Puerto Vallarta city council itself, which, for alleged reasons of dissolving before the arrival of the rainy season for the region, ruled on the death sentence of hundreds of trees and thousands of species of living beings that inhabited that ecosystem." Read the rest at Espacio PV.

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