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Frank Smith - Costa Verde Ecological Group

July 1, 2020

Hola Volunteers and Supporters ~

Turtle wise: Over the past several months, local volunteers has been collecting what nests they can find, relocating them into several special areas, and tending to their hatching. Karen and Hallie have also been relocating other nests in random areas across the beach.

We will not be publicly releasing any hatchings, although for those who would like to view hatchlings, there are or will be hundreds of nests placed across the beach where families and individuals should have no problem finding them. If you find hatchlings in the heat of the day take them down to the cool damp sand and release them.  On a different subject see Turtle Entangled.

•  Our plan for this season: Most nests found on the beach this season will relocated to random areas and not placed in any special location or marked area.

•  We will not be placing any nests within the box nursery or within a beach nursery, at least not until the pandemic is total history.

•  This season’s plan is based on volunteer and public safety first. We will construct a 10 foot wide beach drag to pull behind the dune buggy. Hopefully it will wipe-out all adult turtle tracks, but should not harm any hatchlings on the surface.

•  Another crew of two volunteers will follow behind the drag and relocate any nests we have missed.

Since it is too dangerous to host any tourist or visit within the nursery area this season we are left with limited means of collecting donations or selling T-shirts. We must rely on PayPal as the only means of carrying out that task for us. On the other hand, over the last month we have received several donations and would like to thank each contributor for their help: Clarice Smith, Dennis Colard, Gale Greer, Jenifer Nelsen, Karen Hope, Megan Ewald, Ronald Walsh, and Victoria Street.

If you break it you fix it: After my buggy accident Manuel and I spent about four months repairing and painting it. By mid-June we finished the job and I feel that the buggy is in far better shape today than it was before the accident. In the image below notice the driver side back fender that was crushed into a pretzel, it’s like new. We would like to thank James Ewing for contributing the total expense of its repair the dune buggy.

June's Volunteers:  Manuel Murrieta, Julio Gonzales, Juan Flores and family, Karen Sorum and Hallie Loveridge.

Weather-wise: Temperatures during the day were in the low to high 80°, while night time temps were in the low to mid 70°.  .40 inches of rain in June, the total rainfall for the year came to 8.48 inches.   Starting on the June 4th we began to receive the first brief thunderstorm and very light rain, but no tropical storm activity yet.

Around town: The stop sign was removed, the wall painting itself is in front of the nursery, and was painted by Juan Velasco Gonzalez and Javiera Paz Medina Varela:

The Coronavirus is still on the rise in México. Although more than half of the all cases in México are within México City, and three other States, totaling about 54%. Nayarit, is one of fourth State from the bottom of the list, and of all four States combined have a total caseload of only 0.018%. All grocery stores are fully stocked and most necessary stores are open and stocked.

Don’t become apathetic and drop-your-guard, the worst of the pandemic has not arrived yet and you need to protect yourself, family and neighbors.

•  The virus is primarily spread by droplets of virus from the mouth and nose, this can happens when you cough, sneeze or when shouting, crying, singing, or being boisterous.  if possible  keep your voice soft and always use a handkerchief when coughing, sneezing.  If you are infected you may cause thousands of virus laden droplets to spread through the air.

•  You are not protecting others or yourself if you’re not wearing a good face mask at all times especially outside your home.

•  The minimum distance from others is six feet, although this is only a minimum safe distance, as far from others as possible.

•  Wash your hands as often as possible, and keep your hands off your face.

•  The virus falls to the surface so leave your shoes outside the house.

•  For exercise keep your trips to isolated wild areas, otherwise it is a good idea to limit trips outside your home and any interaction with large groups of people should be limited.

•  To help the immune system try vitamin D and Zinc.

These five websites that can give you an ideas of what the virus is up to:

•  For all countries
•  For all countries 2
•  For Mexico
•  For the USA
•  For Canada  

Frank Smith, Director
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C.
Project Tortuga
Tel. 311-258-4100

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