SayulitAnimals Needs Your Help in Surviving COVID-19
Sara Briner - SayulitAnimals

July 27, 2020

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that your animal welfare organization is now also suffering from the worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic.

SayulitAnimals has been working hard throughout the Pandemic... but we desperately need your financial assistance!

Here is what SayulitAnimals has been busy doing during COVID 2020:

1. Spay & Neuter Program * Funded by The Kennel - donation center
2. Feeding hungry animals
3. Medical Aid Program
4. Broken Bones Fund
5. Covid babies rescue & transport

Please read more below to know why your donations are needed and how they will be used.

1. Spay & Neuter Program
Funded by The Kennel - Merchandise donation center. After closing for a few months at the start of the pandemic, we reopened our weekly Spay & Neuter program in late June.

We have been sterilizing between 25 to 30 animals each Wednesday!

This equates to about 9000+ pesos each week in salaries for the vets, sterile materials, high quality anesthesia, cost of laundry services etc.

SayulitAnimals weekly Spay & Neuter program is 100% funded by cash from The Kennel - merchandise booth/donation center at Central Hotel.

The Kennel has been closed since late March with $0 incoming donations! *Meanwhile we continue to pay rent for The Kennel*

At the start of July, SayulitAnimals only had enough funds to hold clinics through the end of July. Luckily the community stepped up to our Facebook posts & currently there are funds to work through August... But what happens after the cash donations run out? How does SayulitAnimals continue to Spay & Neuter? How do we continue to pay rent (6,500 pesos/month) for a closed Kennel donation center?

2. Feeding Hungry Animals
SayulitAnimals has been donating kibble to local rescuers and some needy families for years. During the pandemic, SayulitAnimals was happily donating dog & cat food to local food banks!

Due to lack of funds, SayulitAnimals had to stop providing kibble to the food banks. Our last delivery was back in May. If families can't feed themselves, how are they feeding their cats and dogs?!

3. Medical Aid Program
At least 20,000+ pesos per month for medical care at Mexican clinic in La Cruz

4. Broken Bones Fund
Orthopedic care or surgery. Monthly costs can fluctuate greatly depending on number & severity of animals in need

Adoption fees & Online donations fund Sayulitanimals medical costs. Both rescued & owned animals in need are supported from these donations.

**These income sources have dried up since COVID**

Due to the pandemic & lack of funds, SayulitAnimals has slowed down the number of animals accepted into the Medical Aid program.

Additionally we have had to turn away a few requests for needed orthopedic care!

How devastating it is to say 'No' when these animals need help?!

On the Bright Side

A few lucky pups were accepted into the Adoption Program

Due to the pandemic and lack of travelers, not many animals have been adopted. Meaning No Adoption Fees

In early August, some COVID rescues will be flying to Bend, Oregon. Thankfully Street Dog Hero is willing to accept them and find them Forever Homes. The cost to transport our COVID babies to Oregon will exceed $1000usd!

An anonymous donor is willing to match donations up to $5000usd!

Help us Maximize this extremely generous offer.

Donate Now on our website and please feel free to Share this.

For more information, visit SayulitAnimals on Facebook,  telephone us at 329-291-3974 or email us at

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