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Lisa Manoogian - R.I.S.E.

October 26, 2020

Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza (R.I.S.E.) reports great progress in our time of transition.

We hope that you are all doing well as the pandemic continues plague our world. We extend our prayers for good health and peace for all! Thank you for keeping our children and staff in your prayers!

Well, as we all know, Madre Mari had some big shoes to fill!  We are pleased to say that we have a great team who has stepped up to the challenge and are doing a fantastic job!  They are not all new faces, but have taken on a new set of responsibilities and, as a result, R.I.S.E. is still on the RISE!  There are many who have made this transition possible - but here are the first three we are introducing.  A huge thank you to the whole team!
Computers have arrived!

Thank you so very much for those that donated to buy computers! Initially, we thought raising the money would be the difficult part, but when we began to search for laptops in PV, we learned that was going to be the bigger challenge. We spent a few weeks researching and identified a company in Guadalajara who would provide refurbished computers configured for our needs - including Microsoft Office, the tools utilized at the schools. Much gratitude for your generosity!  
Maintenance and Repair Assessment
We conducted an assessment to ensure that our children have not only a loving and caring environment to call home, but a safe one. This assessment resulted in a significant list of 'action items' which range from replacing smoke alarms and locks to fixing leaks, showers, dryers, stove, etc. We do most of this work through volunteers to minimize expenses, but none the less these requires parts and proper equipment. This is where we need your assistance. Below are some images and pricing associated with each item.  If you are interested in helping us,  click here and press the DONATE button, and note in the comments what you would like your donation be applied to - you can also state general maintenance.  We greatly appreciate your help!  
New Activities at RISE:

In addition to the new computers and work associated with transition, we have some other fun things to share.

Our 'Queen of Organization' volunteer, Elizabeth, has sifted through all of the donation bags in the 'lavanderia' and organized all of the clothes. Working with the Liliana and Lulu they have accomplished great results. This is for sure a labor of love and we have another 25+ bags of clothing donations to sort through.  As they say 'Poco a Poco'!  Muchas Gracias, Elizabeth!  
Music Class:

We are happy to announce that we started a new music program on Saturdays and Sundays, led by Jose. He is volunteering his time and has a strong professional music background - the kids are enjoying him.  He is teaching music foundation, how to play instruments, dancing and singing. Fingers crossed, we should have a performance ready by Christmas!  
Eye Exams:

A big thank you to Costco who allowed us to bring 20 children in for eye exams. We took 5 children a day and they performed thorough exams on all of them. The result is that some of the children need glasses for school only and some more for daily use. DIF is going to provide the glasses (lenses and frames) to the kids in need. Thank you COSTCO and DIF!  
SETAC Visit and Donation

We had a wonderful visit from our friends at SETAC this month. They wanted to learn more about R.I.S.E. and how we can help each other. If you are not familiar with SETAC, they are an organization devoted to eradicating HIV and other sexually transmitted infections in Jalisco’s coastal region and Banderas Bay, Nayarit. They not only have a 2 story building with exam and consultation rooms, they have a medical van with 2 stations inside for mobile testing and consulting! They were very generous to R.I.S.E. by bringing diapers, formulas and a multitude of medicine and supplies for our on-site physician, Dr. Enrique. Muchas Gracias, SETAC!  
We know these are tough times for everyone, as families support their communities and relatives during COVID. Your R.I.S.E. family needs your support, too, as COVID continues to challenge the economy.

How Can You Help?

We always need food staples such as beans and milk that the children consume each month along with a few items needed to keep R.I.S.E. operating in an appropriate, safe and sanitary manner. In an effort to keep R.I.S.E. on the RISE, please click here and press the DONATE button  - every little bit helps!  Monthly donation options are also available, and preferred, if possible, as it helps with budgeting and planning.


We are looking for maintenance people, handymen, plumbers, electricians who want an opportunity to give back while enjoying life in Puerto Vallarta. Please contact if you are interested.  

We are also looking for marketing, social media and fundraising volunteers. If this is yours or someone you knows skill set, please contact if you are interested.
Additionally, we have opportunities for those who like to sort and organize as we continually receive donations that require this work. Please contact if you are interested.

NOTE - we are following COVID guidelines at R.I.S.E.

Monetary Donation:

If you can donate to this important cause, click here and press the DONATE button, to make your donation. Every donation helps!!!  Recurring donations benefit both of us in budgeting efforts and provide RISE a reliable source of support!

Items to donate:

We are fortunate to have received clothing donations, so we no longer are in need of those. Many donors ask what they can bring to RISE so we are now updating our website with needed items. Please check our WISH LIST - Click Here.

R.I.S.E. “Provides a safe and caring home for children who are at risk” and each day we look for ways that we can carry out this mission. Most of our financial support comes from private and corporate donations; we receive a very a small amount of support from the Mexican government for medical, child development, and nutritional care. We thank you for your support and hope you will continue to do so through these difficult times!    
Muchas Gracias from all of us at R.I.S.E. for your continued support and blessings!

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