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Lynn Bailey - A Dogs New Life

February 12, 2021

We have had just an amazing month of adoptions! Check out the number and the names of those lucky pups at the bottom of the newsletter. It has been the adoptions that have allowed us to keep operating, unfortunately, donations have dropped significantly so far this year.

Our lucky Dog of The Month is Boli!, I mean who can resist that face.

We also have a story of a puppy mill rescue by Nancy Hache, she is heading our fundraising committee and wanted to share the heartwrenching story of Teagan.  It has given her the desire to want to give back and help the shelter.  Besides fundraising, and being the admin person for our newly resurrected group Friends of A Dogs New Life, she is also currently fostering Bailey.

The dogs that are currently in protocols (vaccinations and sterilization), as well as those that are ready for adoption, are listed in our Adoptable Facebook Album.

We are also always looking for Flight Angels to get our dogs to their new homes. We have a lot of interest in our dogs from the San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, and Seattle areas in the US. Unfortunately, Canada is no longer a possibility until things reopen.

Please get in touch if you'd like to help out a deserving dog get to its new home.  We provide the necessary paperwork and pay for the dog's transport costs. Please email us.

Also, we continue to keep you informed on our financial status this month, our wonderful donors, and our totals of rescues, and adoptions.  

Keep watching for our monthly newsletter to update you on all things A Dogs New Life.

A Rescue Story.....Teagan
I want to take the time to share my story and the story of our beautiful rescue Teagan. In November 2003 we rescued and adopted the most beautiful and I do believe the universe aligned for us to choose each other. We had lost our Lab Darcy suddenly to a rare blood disease three years before I told my husband I could not live without a dog anymore...I had grieved the loss of Darcy and missed her so much but I so needed the love and companionship of a dog. My husband's only request was that we got a small dog this time, so I started looking into dog breeds and breeders thinking we would get a little Bichon or something similar.

On a Sunday in late October, we decided to go and look at puppies, when we got to the first breeder all the puppies had been spoken for. The second place we were planning to stop at we could not get an answer when I called, so I called the third breeder, yes she was home and said come ahead, she was located in Shawville Quebec. When we arrived at the farm, we thought we were going to go into the home and see a litter of puppies. The owner came out just as we pulled in and we introduced ourselves and she told us to go to the first barn, the puppies were there. When we walked in, it was a veal calf barn with at least 15 concrete stalls on each side, the stench of urine and feces was hard to handle but worst that that was that in each of those concrete stalls was a mother dog tied to the stall with a litter of puppies, no comforts, no food or water and all of them covered in flies.

Our hearts broke, I wanted to save them all and as we walked through that barn we knew we had to report this place. It was a heart-wrenching horror to see these people were farming dogs! My husband felt sick and needed some fresh air and as we stepped out of that barn the owner said, there are more dogs over in that other barn and some older ones too..... Brian wanted to leave and I thought I have to rescue a dog from here, at least make a difference for one animal, so I ventured into the big barn, it was set up with what looked like 4 ft x 4 ft plywood boxes, each box held a few dogs, and all sorts of breeds. As I walked up the first aisle I was just passing the third box when this scrawny little pup who had climbed up the side, grabbed my arm and clung on, I looked at the pup and his face said to me...I choose you...he was skin and bone with an adorable little pleading face...I looked at a few more boxes and even saw adult medium and large dogs used for breeding chained on the other side of the barn. I was sick inside because I couldn’t take them all but I knew we would be contacting the police and Humane Society about this place.

I walked back down to the little pup who grabbed me and said "hi sweetheart I’m going to take you home." I walked out and told Brian that I found a pup and we told the owner. She went and got him and at that point, we went into the house. She gave us his paperwork and then told us that this puppy's parents were their dogs and live in their home and they were both whippets, the mother was fawn and the father brindle and she brought the parents out to meet us. She said they had two puppies, a female, and a male and females always sell faster and the male pup didn’t sell so he was thrown out to the barn. It broke our hearts that people could care so little for these animals and treat them in such a horrific manner.  We paid her and took our puppy, we named him Teagan on the drive home.

The next day we took him to the vet and our vet said he had heard of that puppy mill many many times and sadly had seen so many puppies with critical illnesses and diseases and he said we were very lucky because Teagan had no medical issues other than being severely malnourished and underweight.

We reported the puppy mill to the police and Humane Society authorities and they were all aware and we were told that at the time in Quebec it was legal to own and run a puppy-mill. I am happy to say that the laws have changed in Quebec and in 2011 they were raided by authorities, all the dogs and puppies were seized and the owners were taken to court, fined, and banned from having any pets or farm animals.

Teagan was the most amazing little boy and we loved every day and every moment we got to spend with him. He was with us for 14 years and two months, he traveled everywhere with us and he was such an amazing baby. The hardest time of all was saying goodbye as Teagan passed away in our arms and as he did we told him what an amazing boy he was and how much we loved him. We were the lucky ones. If I can say anything to you it is to tell you to adopt don’t shop, and to support your local dog rescue organizations, they need your help and remember there are so many amazing beautiful dogs and puppies waiting to love you and be loved.---- Nancy Hache  
Wishlist item...

We would like to fundraise for a pool. We have just rescued our 3rd paralyzed dog and would like to be able to give them water therapy on a regular basis.  The plan will be to have the pool at our Bridge House and move the paralyzed dogs from the shelter to the Bridge House to be able to provide them with more therapy time and close monitoring.

We are looking at one available at Costco for $15,000 pesos. It's very unfortunate this year that we are unable to hold any in-person fundraisers, so we will continue to try and encourage donations via social media and our monthly newsletter.
Total Dogs Currently in care: 120

Check out all our dogs available for adoption.

If you would like to foster please send us an application.

All donations help us to continue making a difference so we hope you choose to donate here.
Our sincere thanks,

The ADNL Team

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