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November 14, 2021

News from October

Our dog of the month is Kaliman He was reported to us in Valle de Banderas, this poor boy was a skeleton or "in the bones" as we say here in Mexico. Kaliman has some very serious health issues and is being watched closely. Once he is strong enough he will start to under chemotherapy treatments as well.

Last month we told you about Cruz and that he might have a flight to Canada. Unfortunately, his health issues are just too severe and he will live his life with ADNL in palliative care. Felipe was the lucky dog who got to go to Canada. He is a distemper survivor and is doing wonderfully in Vernon at Jurassik Bark Senior & Special Needs Dog Rescue Society. Kourtnei says she's got a ton of applications for him.

We also had the awful situation of being robbed this month. They cleaned out pretty much anything of value. Our truck, a brand new weed whipper, gas, a bike, and two generators that we used to pump water and run fans for the dogs, as we do not have electricity at the shelter yet. Stay tuned to next month's newsletter for more information on that. They also took all the dog food and medications.

Thankfully as soon as we posted on social media our supporters came to the rescue, we immediately received 9 bags of food out to the shelter so we could feed the dogs. Medications, blankets, sheets, towels, were also dropped off at our business supporter locations. La Cruz Inn, Salon Diva, and Bahia Banderas Fitness.

If you'd like to donate to help us out, please go to our donate webpage.

We are still extremely busy every day with vet trips and trying to keep all the dogs current with their medications, vaccinations, tick and flea meds, etc. If you are in the Bucerias area, and have a car and would like to volunteer to take dogs to the vet or to come out to the shelter and help us with the dogs, or just general cleaning WE NEED YOU!

Please send an email to we would love to hear from you.

A thoughtful article this month from our contributor Johanna Denesiuk about Vaccinating our dogs.

The dogs that are currently in protocols (vaccinations and sterilization), as well as those that are ready for adoption, are listed in our Adoptable Facebook Album.

We continue to keep you informed on our financial status this month, our huge list of amazing donors, rescues, and adoptions.

Keep watching for our monthly newsletter to update you on all things A Dog's New Life. Share with your friends if you think they might be interested in what we are accomplishing here in Bucerias, Mexico.

Thank you
The ADNL Team

The Robbery at the Shelter

They made off with our truck, two generators, the gas, all the dog food, all the medications we had for the dogs, a brand new weed whipper that had just been donated, and a bike.

We contacted the police and they came out to the shelter to take a report. Our immediate concern was that the people that were in the shelter might have hurt some of the dogs or let some out of the property. Luckily after counting them all, we were happy to discover they were all there so the next concern was dog food and getting the dogs their breakfast.

We put out the call on social media and our supporters rallied to the cause. Within an hour or so we had 9 bags of dog food and more continued to arrive throughout the day. We had people dropping off medical supplies, blankets, towels, and other items for our immediate needs.

We also received donations from all over North America, via Paypal, Zelle, and e-transfer, our American, Mexican, and Canadian supporters were there for us.

It's going to take a while for us to replace all the items that were stolen and we have not heard of any of our items being found yet by the police, nor the responsible parties apprehended.

We are working on a security system for the shelter, which is just so unfortunate to have to spend money on that instead of the dogs, but we need to also make sure that the dogs are safe. Due to our lack of electricity, we were unable to have a CCTV system, but now that Santa Barbara's sister cities have donated our solar panel system, soon we will be able to have full CCTV equipment. The police are currently driving by and stopping at the shelter during the night.

We would just like to again thank all those that came out to the shelter with items for us as well as all those who donated. We are just so blessed to have such amazing supporters of the shelter. We will come back, bigger and better from this as it brings to the forefront what is most important in life. Muchas Gracias to everyone, and we will continue to update if the police find anything.

Check out all the media coverage of the incident:

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The TVT Crew

October was also a tough month for TVT dogs. We currently have six in care, one just finished last week. Orejas has improved incredibly, when he arrived he had tumors in his eyes and all over his body. The seven treatments he has had so far are working very well. The cost of chemotherapy for the dogs and the amount of weekly sessions they need is very expensive and as you can see from the financials below, the vet bill is the largest bill we have.

The information below explains what the dogs have, and that it can be all over their bodies not just in the genital area.

Just before the newsletter was to go out on Saturday, November 13, we lost Poncho, he fought hard but the damage was just too severe and he passed away this morning.

What is Transmissible Venereal Tumor?

Also called Sticker’s sarcoma, TVT is a contagious tumor transmitted between dogs. This disease has also been documented in foxes, coyotes, and wolves. This cancer does not occur in cats. Cancerous cells are most commonly transferred during mating, but they may also be spread through sniffing, biting, and/or licking areas affected by tumor cells.

The transmissible venereal tumor is found most often in tropical (and subtropical) locales with large populations of free-roaming sexually intact dogs. This cancer is endemic in dozens of countries around the globe, as well as parts of the United States.

What does TVT look like?

Transmissible venereal tumors may be diagnosed in dogs of any sex and breed. With that being said, it’s most often diagnosed in adult sexually mature dogs. Cancer cells are usually found in the anatomical regions listed below. Associated clinical signs are parenthesized.

• Genitals (discomfort, licking, discharge) • Eyes (discharge, eyelid masses, blepharospasm, conjunctivitis, corneal inflammation) • Nose (sneezing, discharge, difficulty breathing, snoring) • Skin • Rectum • Internal organs

Lesions start as slightly raised red lesions but then progress to become friable masses. They often have a cauliflower-like appearance and are ulcerated and/or hemorrhagic due to excessive licking and/or scratching.

The treatment is usually intravenous Vinicristina which costs $1500 pesos per 2 ml of the medicine. Depending on the dog's weight will determine what dosage would be required. They usually receive a minimum of 6 treatments but it can be more if the tumors require more treatments.

A Dogs New Life has had many successful outcomes giving our dogs this cancer treatment. Gracie, Emma, Capo, Max, Gorda, Chabe, and many more were all cured of cancer. We have also successfully helped community members with their beloved animals suffering this terrible disease.

Our Amazing Donors

Every dollar and peso helps us, please don't ever think your donation is too small. It will pay for a Simparica, or vaccination, or contribute toward our large vet bills every month.

Find the way to donate that works for you on our website donate page.

Adopted Dogs

Check out all our dogs available for adoption.

If you would like to foster please send us an application.

How to ADOPT A DOG in Bucerias Mexico! Visit A Dog's New Life and fall in love (Moving To Mexico)

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