Animal Welfare Advocates Still Battle Myopia and Indifference in Mexico

Shannon Collins - Mexico News Daily
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November 15, 2021

In Mexico, stray dogs are typically seen as a nuisance by officials, and animal abuse legislation rarely affords them protection. (Getty Images)

In the great struggle for the future of Mexico’s soul, a little more animal love and respect would pay widespread dividends long into the future...

An example: Infamously, in the state of Campeche, a mass poisoning event of street dogs took place on the malecón boardwalk in 2019, affecting strays but also pets on walks. Scores of animals died overnight in an area well-policed by security cameras, which later were found to have had no recordings of the deliberately laid poison.

Understandably with such a coordinated event, suspicion fell on the state and municipal authorities, with both publicly declaring innocence and blaming the other. Whichever the way of it, in this by-no-means-unusual case, it was the government guardians of animal welfare themselves who were being accused of the killings.

Of course, street dogs in the country are far from a straightforward issue. Mexico has one of the largest populations in all of Latin America, and while this is partially due to irresponsible dog owners, a large part of the problem is lack of education and poor access to sterilization.

As a result, dogs who are allowed to move in and out of houses largely unchecked impregnate, or are impregnated by, dogs who do not have homes.

Where sterilization campaigns for street dogs do exist, they have a tendency to be ad hoc and usually feel like the forgotten extra of a non-policy. Even where such programs do exist, after-care for sterilized animals is virtually nonexistent, save for the efforts of local resident activists.

Sadly, most of these people are unfinanced, irregular and struggling against the sheer scale of the problem at hand, not to mention civic indifference.

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