PEACEAnimals Provides Record Setting Free Spay/Neuter Clinics

John Whitten - PEACEAnimals
November 17, 2021

PEACEAnimals operates 42-44 clinic weeks annually, visiting thirty plus towns and neighborhoods, primarily in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding areas. In 2020, PEACEAnimals sterilized 6,159 cats and dogs free of charge.

A New Record High in 2020!

In 2020, PEACEAnimals sterilized 6,159 cats and dogs; an average of 147 sterilizations in 42 clinic weeks. Each clinic week is 3.5 days.

PEACEAnimals was awarded a competitive grant of $2,000 USD from The Humane Society of the United States - Humane Society International to the Alice Morgan Wright-Edith Goode Trust.

This is the 9th year that PEACEAnimals has been awarded this grant.

A total of 73 grant applications were received and were competitively reviewed by the Grants Committee. 31 applications were approved (5 USA applications and 26 international applications). PEACEAnimals applied as a USA entity through Banderas Bay Charities, Inc.

Puerto Vallarta, Colonia Aramara
at the home business of Roberto Pacheco Gomez
Sponsored by Clare Leach, Mike Smith, Steve Stowell, Kay Verble
Nov 10-13

The Colonias de Aramara and Palmar de Aramara stretch from the cruise ship port in the west to Avenida Mexico on the east with The Rio Pitillal forming the southern border. It is a diverse and vital neighborhood with businesses, industry, a variety of restaurants, a vibrant local market, residences, sports courts, and a central park filled with tall trees that provide refreshing shade. This is a community that PEACEAnimals has not visited frequently and the numbers of people that turned out to sterilize their pets or strays reflected the need in this area.

Senor Gomez on right The successful turnout can also be credited to our amazing hosts this week who used their business and connection to local pet owners to spread the word and promote the clinic. Roberto Gomez and his partner Angelica opened up their shop Estetica Canina and Boutique "Emma." They are an institution for pet lovers in the neighborhood providing high quality food, treats, toys, and an extensive selection of accessories for dogs and cats. They are also well known for their grooming services. They generously offered two of their grooming studios for our surgeries and recovery area for the week as well as provided the team a delicious lunch of fresh ceviche after the clinic on Saturday.

Quarters were tight for the team and animals, but thanks to the accommodating hosts we were able to treat an impressive number of animals. Our team of vets and techs: Leslie, Anthony, Pacheco, Alee, and Elena were on their own with very little outside support from volunteers this week, but considering the small area there just wasn't a lot of space for more bodies.

Overall it was a great success in Aramara and we hope to entertain our open invitation at Estetica Emma and return in the future.

Puerto Vallarta-Col. Aramara Nov 10-13

•  27 Male Dogs
•  45 Female Dogs
•  28 Male Cats
•  50 Female Cats
•  150 total
•  3,540 pesos donations
•  By owner request, 3 dogs had pregnancies terminated, 12 animals not born to suffer

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THANK YOU TO OUR DONORS for making our FREE clinics possible!

People ask, what they can do, how they can help? Our clinics cost $1,950 USD weekly. With the new contract, we gave our vet team a well-deserved raise and benefits which raised our costs.

We are looking for sponsors of clinics:

Clinics are 3.5 days weekly

To sponsor one day is $550.00 USD, half day is $300 USD; or a week for $1,950. We will honor and name donors who sponsor a day or a week. You can donate online here

Or make a check payable to Banderas Bay Charities Inc. and mail to 505 N Tomahawk Is Dr, Portland, OR 97217. PEACEAnimals in check memo section and your email so BBC can quickly mail you a donor receipt.


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