Operation Lifeguard, Winter 2023, Begins in Puerto Vallarta
Javier Frías - Quadratín Jalisco
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December 15, 2023

The Secretariat of the Navy, through the Tenth Naval Zone, reports that today began "Operación Salvavidas, Invierno 2023," within the framework of the implementation of the Marine Plan, with the aim of providing security and surveillance, to safeguard the integrity of national and international vacationers who visit the main tourist destinations of the country during the next holiday season, from 16 December of this year to January 7, 2024.

This operation will be carried out on the beaches with the greatest tourist influx of Jalisco, as well as in the tourist centers that are areas of responsibility of the Mexican Navy, in the performance of its functions as Coast Guard, taking place in coordination with Civil Protection and institutions and authorities of the three government orders.

In this season, 154 naval elements have been deployed, including Admirals, Captains, Officers, Classes, Marines and civilian personnel; also, 09 units, of which 02 are ships, responsible for maritime surveillance; 02 minor vessels, used to carry out the rescue of people who are found in danger at sea and 05 ground units, complementing support for the surveillance and safety of people, with the main mission of safeguarding human life at sea.

This, especially through: lifeguard actions, medical support, surveillance, maritime, air and land security, with the mission of safeguarding the integrity of people.

In this operation, the Naval Search, Rescue and Maritime Surveillance Station will participate ENSAR-VALLARTA, equipped with specialized personnel, as well as personnel of those of Naval Commands, who will come in a timely manner to the call of the citizenry.

It should be stressed that it is of the utmost importance to observe and respect the indications issued by the Captaincy of Port regarding the behavior of the sea at its tidal levels. The levels are marked with flags of different colors: green, indicates that the conditions for bathing, swimming or diving are good; yellow, means caution, due to marine currents and the possibility of the state of time getting worse; and red, indicates that bathers should NOT enter the sea.

In this context, relief and rescue posts will be installed, where lifeguard and Naval Health elements will provide first aid medical care to those who so require. However, the Secretariat of the Navy invites the general population to take into account the following recommendations during their stay on the beaches:

  • Maintain prevention measures against contagion by COVID-19 (sash distance, constant hand washing, use of antibacterial gel, etc.).
  • Respect lifeguards' directions.
  • Do not neglect children on the beaches.
  • Do not enter the sea after ingesting food, alcoholic beverages or a combination of both.
  • Try swimming near where a lifesaving element is.
  • Do not swim in areas where there is maritime traffic (lanches or water bikes).
  • In case of traveling on smaller boats (lanches), make sure that they are not overloaded, in addition to requiring life jackets, check that it is suitable for each activity and that it is tailored to each user.
  • Do not hinder access to the beaches and leave free access to patrols and ambulances.
  • Use sunscreen.
  • Drink water constantly to hydrate.
  • Don't throw trash on the beaches.
  • For emergency care at sea, Tenth Naval Zone makes available to the public the telephone number: 322-221-1123. In addition, the Navy Secretariat is the following contact number: 800 627-4621 (800 MARINA 1).

In this way, the Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico, acting as the Coast Guard, continues to work with the mission to ensure the integrity of people and to safeguard human life at sea.

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