Veterans Health Benefits in Mexico or Outside the United States

Ron Abbe - American Legion Post #14
December 13, 2012

If a US Veteran is living or traveling in a foreign country, the Department of Veteran Affairs will pay for medical services for treating your Service-connected disabilities or any disability that is associated with and aggravates a Service-connected disability if you live or travel outside the United States.

This program will reimburse you for certain treatment or medical services while you are outside the United States, if needed as part of your VA-approved vocational rehabilitation program.

If you are living or planning to travel outside the U. S. (other than in the Philippines), you need to register with VA's Foreign Medical Program office, P. O. Box 469061, Denver, CO 80246-9061, USA telephone (303) 331-7590.

From the Department of Veteran Affairs

"The Foreign Medical Program is a program we have established to provide health care benefits to U.S. veterans with VA-rated service-connected conditions who are residing or traveling abroad (Philippines excluded). Under FMP, we (the VA) assume payment responsibility for certain necessary medical services associated with the treatment of those service-connected conditions.

This information we have posted on our site, and to which we have created links, like the fact sheets, are designed for veterans with VA-rated service-connected conditions who are planning to move or travel abroad and addresses the procedures for obtaining health care services for service-connected conditions while in a foreign country and how to file a claim for VA payment or reimbursement.

With the exception of medical services received in Philippines, all foreign provided services are under the jurisdiction of the Foreign Medical Program (FMP) Office in Denver, Colorado.

The FMP Office is responsible for all aspects of the program including application processing, verification of eligibility, authorization of benefits, and payment of claims. If you are a veteran living or traveling outside the United States and have questions about other VA benefits such as compensation and pension exams and disability ratings,  you should direct those questions to your servicing VA regional office. Or, you can access the VBA's Foreign Services website."

Veterans living in the Philippines should register with U.S. Veterans Affairs office in Pasay City. Call 011-632-838-4566.

If you are traveling or living overseas in one of the following countries, you can telephone the Foreign Medical Program office in Denver, Colorado, toll free:

• USA and Canada - (877) 345-8179
• Mexico - 001-877-345-8179
• Germany - 0800-1800-011
• Australia - 1 800 354 965
• Italy - 800 782-655
• UK - 0800-032-7425
• Japan - 00531-13-0871
• Costa Rica - 011-800-013-0759
• Spain - 900-981-776

You can telephone the FMP Office Monday through Friday, 8:05 am to 6:45 pm EST.

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