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The Jaltemba Bay Rotary Club of Jaltemba Bay - La Peñita was initiated in late 2008. We received our charter in May of 2009.

The club is made up of local Mexican business people, foreigners who live most of the year in the area some doing business but mostly retired.

The club is very young but it already has a number of projects started.

An old Indian proverb says that if we help a neighbor's boat to cross the river, we see that we also reached the other shore. Thus, helping others, we often help ourselves as well.

We Rotarians serve and then discover the satisfaction of friendship and companionship.

Our goal is to be stronger and more dynamic for future generations.

The public image and increase in membership go hand in hand. Too many intelligent people with a strong background are not aware of what our Rotary Club entails. On many occasions, we have heard from communities where, despite the great work of Rotary Clubs, many people do not even know the existence of such clubs. Following this road is not an acceptable alternative to our organization.

Serving is the first step, but it is only the beginning. We must raise our profile using all means at our disposal. We should use social networks like Twitter or Facebook and we need to ensure that clubs have a presence on the Internet.

However, having a website is not enough, it must be updated, be attractive, reflect the work of the club and above all provide the ability for prospective members to show their interest in the organization once they have had the opportunity met.

Our Rotary Club has a lot to offer.

Inform others about the wonderful thing about our organization and show how they can integrate it into their lives is our duty. The service takes time and today no one has enough. Therefore, we must make sure not to waste the time that we dedicate to our Rotary Club.

When you look within ourselves and our clubs, when we understand all that we can do and take advantage of this energy, we will raise our communities as never before.

Join us every Wednesday at the Piña Colada restaurant in Rincon de Guayabitos from 7:30 until 9:00 am.

Leadership Training - Become a Mentor and Change a Life

A community without leaders will not be successful, in the present nor in the future.  It will always be a victim to those who will lead from outside, private interests directed for the good of the few, at the expense of the security for all.

Jaltemba Bay La Penita Rotary has partnered with Chacala Cambiando Vidas, La Penita Los Amigos and Kalispell Montana Rotary in the implementation of a Rotary International grant called, Learning for Life.

Eighty high school scholarship students, along with their supportive mentors, participate in an all day leadership event.  Some of the great names in leadership training attend this three phase course.

Some of the focus will be on:  self leadership, team work and the empowerment of learning.

Mentors, both nationals and foreigners, are needed for our leadership training.

It is a fact that the enrichment of the ideas put forward in the leadership training will be a guiding light for all those that participate.

To get involved, please contact Susana at for more information.

Last updated: February 21, 2020 · Charity ID: 121

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