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Costa Verde International School is an ecological, community-oriented, multicultural and bilingual private school located in Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico. Incorporating the natural beauty and dynamic culture of the local area, CVIS provides an intellectually stimulating curriculum for preschool through 9th grade.

Costa Verde International School (CVIS) is an ecological, community-oriented, multicultural and bilingual private school located in Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico. Incorporating the natural beauty and dynamic culture of the local area, CVIS provides an intellectually stimulating curriculum for preschool through 6th grade with small class sizes and hands on instruction to inspire healthy, happy and well-adjusted life-long learners.

In an environment designed to develop the talents and skills particular to each individual, Costa Verde students analyze and solve problems relevant to the world around them. Our dedicated staff of teachers, personnel and parents work together to provide a joyful and nuturing atmosphere with a strong comittment to diversity, the surrounding culture, and the education of conserving the natural resources of the world.

CVIS is only one part of a larger project to bring the world to Sayulita and provide a location to share knowledge and ideas about living sustainably, understanding customs and cultures from around the world, and educating community members about the needs to protect our fragile environment. The school is a resource to disseminate information to families and the community about the challenges of development that are not unique to Sayulita as it grows into a desirable travel destination.

Located on a beautiful beach nestled at the foot of the Sierra Madres mountain range, Sayulita has surf, jungle and mountains to explore. Only a 45 minute drive north west of Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita is maturing from a small fishing village to a progressive community with recycling programs, farmer's markets, animal shelters and good medical facilities. CVIS is committed to families that want to participate in an active community, live closer to the earth, enjoy the natural wonders of the ocean, and still provide a progressive education for their children.


Our Mission at Costa Verde

The mission of the Costa Verde International School is to provide children and adults in Sayulita and the surrounding area with high quality progressive education that is culturally and economically inclusive and focused on environmental sustainability, and to advance ecological responsibility in Mexico.

As an elementary school with initial grades from preschool through 9th, our aim is to produce healthy, happy and well-adjusted life-long learners. Our target is that each child acquires fluency in a second language and a profound understanding of the necessity for a "green” approach to living.

To achieve this, Costa Verde International School is dedicated to a small student to teacher ratio and has focused education on the whole child in an environment designed to develop the talents and skills particular to each individual. School curriculum centers on ecology and respect for the environment. Students learn to analyze and solve problems, rather than simply memorizing facts.

The founders of Costa Verde International School have insisted on raising the bar for how much a school can give to its local community. The scholarship program is designed to provide increased access for local children who are in need of financial assistance, thereby creating a more diverse student population. Currently, around 50% of Costa Verde families receive some form of financial assistance.

The Curriculum at Costa Verde

At Costa Verde, our classes bring environmental themes and concepts to all aspects of the curriculum.

Costa Verde's students learn about environmental sustainability and embrace ecological responsibility as a part of all of their classroom learning. For example, math lessons include measuring sprouts in the school garden, analyzing weather patterns, and counting the number of trees saved by reusing and recycling paper. Language is taught within text, stories, and conversations about our over-dependency on fossil fuels and the necessity to protect our global ecosystems from unsustainable development.

Art, music, dance, physical education, and history are all taught within the context of acknowledging our union with our natural world. Through incorporating environment issues, children learn all the requirements of their grade level curriculum and are equipped to excel in and outside of the classroom. Costa Verde International School is an accredited private school with the Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP). In addition to the standard grade level curriculum in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and health/physical education, CVIS focuses on the following areas:

Ecology: Students learn about the delicate balance of nature, the interconnectedness of living things, and the necessity to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Languages: Costa Verde has a strong curricular emphasis on multi-lingual conversation and learning. We achieve this by teaching our programs in both Spanish and English, as well as allowing special learning time for achieving fluency in each student’s second language.

Multiculturalism: We promote cultural and linguistic diversity as an enriching and positive social aspect. We encourage respect, empathy, tolerance and appreciation of diversity.

Technology: Our academic programs prepare students for 21st century lifestyles, including using technology as an everyday tool. Videoconferences and video projects with other schools around the world through our participation in the project "Global Classroom” bring the far reaches of the globe to our student’s fingertips.

Creative Arts: We offer a rich program of art, music, dance and drama.

Teaching Methodology
Active Learning: Our students learn curriculum through hands-on experiences, utilizing active learning techniques to stimulate pupils’ individual interests and innate curiosity.

Whole Child: Our educators concentrate on the emotional, social, physical and moral development of the students. Teaching techniques and individualized lessons focus on children’s personal talents. Costa Verde inspires healthy, happy and well-adjusted life-long learners.

How You Can Help Costa Verde International School

Costa Verde International School relies on the generous donations to bring an alternative education choice and environmental awareness programs to the people of Sayulita and the surrounding area. The scholarship program is 100% funded by donations and it can only exist with your help.

Fundraising is done through a variety of events in the year and online donations. If you are unable to attend one of our fundraisers, you may contribute by making a direct donation. We are able to accept donations through our 501(c) non-profit organization in the United States, "Ninos del Sol Inc." A tax receipt will be emailed or mailed for each donation made in the US.

Donate with a check written to:

Ninos del Sol Inc.
85 Circle Loop
Staten Island, NY 10304

Click the button above to make a donation to the Ninos del Sol Inc. PayPal account.

All direct donations are tax deductible. Please include an email or return address for a tax receipt.

Thank you so much for your donation. Every effort counts as it helps us provide better resources for teaching a progressive and engaging curriculum! Teachers and staff really appreciate the interest of donors and it keeps us enthusiastic about our important work! Please come see us and join in the fun!


Here are some ideas for things the school regularly needs. For more information please contact us here.

Office/General School Supplies:

• Printer Toner Xerox Work Center 3350 High Capacity Cartridge
• Recycled White Printer Paper
• Poster Boards-Paper
• File Cabinet
• Whiteboard Markers
• Sharpie Markers in Colors and Black
• Tape - Scotch, Masking, Packing
• Construction Paper, Poster Paper
• Whiteboards - All sizes

Art Supplies:

• Watercolor Paper
• Tempra paints
• Paint Brushes
• Scissors

Garden Equipment:

• Soil
• Shovels and Rakes - small trowels and larger
• Watering Cans
• Sprinklers

Sports Equipment:

• Soccer balls
• Basketballs
• Volleyball Net
• Volleyballs
• Nerf Balls, Soft Bouncy Balls

Library: We are always looking to improve and grow our library with good quality reading material for ages 3 to teen.

• Young Adult books, especially in series, especially in Spanish
• Young Adult books that are literature winners, several copies
• Reference books for Elementary (Science, Math, World History) English and Spanish
• Dual English-Spanish Language books
• Books that have content related to science and the environment for young readers

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