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Fundación de Corazón de Niña, a registered nonprofit organization dedicated to providing youth and children at risk with opportunities for advancement and empowerment through education, working to provide promising futures for orphans and disadvantaged children through a variety of programs.

Ranging in ages from roughly five to twenty-four, most are victims of abandonment, exploitation and abuse with parents either incarcerated, deceased, struggling with substance misuse or disappeared.

At Fundación de Corazón de Niña, children live in a permanent residence, each with their own bed and basic needs met, as well as any additional physical and/or socio-emotional support they might need. In-house teachers provide quality, personalized, compassionate education to students who almost all have additional needs and/or learning differences.

Graduates from our educational program live independently and are employed in different fields such as law, administration, renewable energy, sales, education, tourism, automotive, retail and more. With the skills they acquire and the contacts they make over the years, participating in the many experiences provided, so many doors are opened and the possibilities virtually endless!


To provide a loving, nurturing and safe home for at-risk children where they can realize their full potential as happy, confident, fulfilled human beings.


Our philosophy involves a steadfast belief that security, love, values and knowledge are essential to the development of a well-balanced adult. To this end, we provide a home in which our young people are appreciated and loved for who they are, and supported to be all they can be. Our job, like the job of every good parent, is to provide an environment in which a child can grow with security, love, values and knowledge to become a healthy, confident, self-reliant person and thus break the cycle of poverty and abuse.

Corazon de Nina is entirely dependent on its loyal supporters for funding. We receive no stipends from local, state and/or federal governments.

How You Can Help Corazon de Nina

Time, Talent, Treasure...

There are three ways to help at Corazón de Niña… each one is as important and necessary as the others:


• Prepare meals
• Help with house maintenance
• Help with garden care
• Carry out administrative duties
• Shop for food and goods
• Volunteer to help with and/or host a fundraiser
• Plan and carry out activities for the kids


• Help with English homework
• Teach music, art, dance, yoga or handicrafts
• Do finishing construction tasks
• Create an organic garden, landscaping and a fountain
• Interact with and listen to our kids as a friend and mentor
• Treasure


• Make a one-time or monthly donation
• Donate objects that we can utilize or sell
• Sponsor fundraising events at your business
• Donate construction materials for our building project
Donate money or needed items through your group or service club

What do we need?

We need to grow… there are so many children living in high-risk situations here in Puerto Vallarta that have nowhere to go… in order to receive them we need larger accommodations or another home.

• Bunk beds
• Mattresses
• Computers & printers
• Printer paper
• Tables and chairs
• Large wall fans
• Sheets
• Pillows
• Light blankets
• Wardrobe closets/dressers
• Tables for our computer/study center
• A subscription to National Geographic
• Musical instruments for the school band
• Shoes for folkloric dance
• Cement, rebar, mortar and blocks
• Electrical and plumbing materials
• A 15+ passenger van
• Monthly support for expenses of food, books, school equipment, clothes, medicine, transportation, sports, etc.

Thinking of lending a hand?

We encourage you to visit us first at Corazón de Niña if you can, to get a sense of who we are and how you might best participate as a member of our wonderful extended family.

Donate to Corazon de Nina

A huge thank you to all of you who continue to work so hard at and contribute so much to Corazón de Niña. We so relish your involvement in our lives. You give us hope. More than that, you give us the confidence and determination to get up each morning and with you, make a difference.

And we do make a difference. Every day we see it in the eyes and smiles and hugs of our children and youth. You are the sun through our days and the stars in our nights. Thank you for being there.

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Thank you for helping to secure a bright future for our children and youth.

Last updated: June 20, 2023 · Charity ID: 518

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322-217-2401 or 322-888-1999
Contact: Melissa Canez
Calle San Luis Potosi #355
Colonia Primero de Mayo
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco 48325

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