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The main objective of Desayuno Para Ninos en Vallarta, A.C. (Breakfast for Children) is to combat malnutrition in our children.

Founded June 8, 1999, we are an association dedicated to promote, sponsor, and feed children in marginalized areas and belts of poverty to combat malnutrition and provide welfare to children in society in general, as well as collaborate in any activity that promotes learning in social benefit.

Currently our programs provide healthy eating and promotes the development of 1,350 children. Programs that promote breakfast for the children of Vallarta are:

  • School breakfast (Desayunos Escolares)
  • Hot meals (Comidas Calientes)
  • Dinners/Peak (Cenitas)
  • School of Champions (Escuela de Campeones)

The school breakfasts are given in schools and kinders of the Government's low-income, in colonies such as 12 de Octubre, Volcanoes, Lomas de San Nicolas and Magisterio.

Hot meals are offered in outdoor locations. The Peak Program is implemented progressively in the colonies where up to 500 people receive nightly meals.

The program also complies with the task of supporting the education of the children providing complementary classes such as Mathematics, English and Computing, tools that will be used for their comprehensive development and its adaptation in this society.

In addition, we are dedicated to the comprehensive care of children, from two months to four years of age. This program was created with the purpose of support to single mothers who need a safe place where to leave your children and not to interrupt their working hours. Currently there are four facilities working in the colonies of Ramblases, Ixtapa, Independencia and Guadalupe Victoria.

The Peak Program was born in April of 2009 as a result of the virus AH1N1 Influenza. In this period all schools were closed and classes were suspended until further notice, along with the school breakfast. At that time, the Dinners/Peak Program was initiated to ensure that the children were fed. Currently, this program continues operating for adults and children.

We need volunteers, food, equipment and any help that you are willing to give. We welcome donations for Desayunos para los Ninos de Vallarta, our Banorte bank account is 0157554090.

Last updated: June 20, 2023 · Charity ID: 520

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