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Mex-Can Pet Partners Dog Rescue (CasaMarlena)

We are a non-profit society based in Victoria, B.C. Canada and a business registered with the Canadian government.

Dogs are taken into rescue in Guanajuato, Mexico, thoroughly vetted, vaccinated and blood tested, and prepared for adoption.

They then travel to British Columbia and are adopted out into loving homes.

Mission: To Relieve Suffering

Every day dogs in terrible conditions are seen. As well, the local Municipal Animal Control Center in Guanajuato kills approximately fifty animals per week. There are several animal welfare and rescue groups, that are always to capacity. Mex-Can is the only local organization that offers homes outside of Mexico.

Many of the animals that are taken into the Mex-Can shelter have been rescued by local rescuers. However, some are found during our daily travels, tied and abandoned at the gate.

Dogs receive several veterinary checkups. They are immediately wormed, bathed, receive flea and tick treatment, and after a period of fifteen days begin their vaccinations. They are spayed or neutered with our vets, who we have used for fifteen years, Dr. Miguel Ochoa Rivera and Dra. Maru Herrera Alberu at the Clinica Can-Cat.

Why Not Place the Dogs in Mexico?

We put a lot of effort, emotion and finances into saving these dogs and bringing them back to health. Chances of finding a committed home here in Mexico are very slim. We cannot take the chance that they would be abandoned on the street, tied to a chain or live alone on a rooftop all their lives. They deserve more...

Why Mexican Dogs

In 1999 I visited Central Mexico as a tourist and was shocked, saddened and disgusted by the way animals are commonly mistreated, abused, and ignored. I was further saddened because I felt so helpless to do anything and was at that time considered a “freak” by the locals because I had feelings and cared about the poor souls. I vowed to start helping them. Dead center Mexico, in Guanajuato, Guanajuato, considered the "jewel of Mexico," I took that vow.

I formed Mex-Can Pet Partners as a non-profit society in B.C. and raised funds to purchased supplies for spay/neuter campaigns held by a local organization, as well as volunteered at the campaigns. Over the years there have been many changes and a marked increase in local people getting involved in animal rescue and animal rights. In 2006 I purchased a home in Guanajuato and the rest is history! People began to anonymously leave dogs at the gate. Of course, I was not there to collect dogs. Sadly, since good homes are very difficult to find locally, I started the transporting of dogs to loving forever homes in Canada.

Don't We Have Enough Dogs in Canada?

Yes, we do! And, as long as breeders continue to supply puppies for the demand of individuals who feel the need to have a pure bred or designer dog, there will always be a surplus of dogs. ? We would prefer you adopt a homeless dog than fill the pockets of people who produce dogs for a market.

We believe all dogs in need are worthy of a good home... including Mexican ones!

Last updated: September 6, 2022 · Charity ID: 331

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