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Conservation of Wonderful Species of Banderas Bay A.C. It is a non-profit Civil Association dedicated to the conservation, protection, rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife, as well as environmental education.

The objective of this organization is to promote, promote, manage, administer, and/or carry out actions and programs that contribute to the conservation of species of flora and fauna that inhabit national territory or that have a special category of protection as protected and/or in danger of extinction, as well as the defense of ecosystems and natural areas where these species live.

Our main activities are: Environmental education, participation in environmental events, rescue and rehabilitation of fauna, conservation of their habitat, reproduction and breeding.

Their main program is "Birds of Paradise", dedicated to the preservation of the green, blue and golden macaws. For this purpose, they have a space called "jungle", in the maritime terminal, where visitors, locals and people can appreciate these marvelous species. They also have a quarantine house for the care and recovery of the birds.

About two specimens arrive at this refuge each month to be cured and cared for, since many arrive injured, sometimes confiscated and others handed in by the people themselves.

They also have a nursery on the beach for the care of sea turtles, as 4 of the 7 endangered species in the world arrive in the bay. CEMBAB patrols the bay at night and also raise public awareness.

Last updated: October 3, 2022 · Charity ID: 225

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