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Discover the Puerto Vallarta Zoo (Promovision)

Our mission is to offer, first and foremost, the residents of Puerto Vallarta, as well as the national and international visitors, a place of recreational understanding as to the current goals of today's modern zoos, based on the enormous educational potential that can be offered, with the means to promote and develop a conscience of life understanding that helps to preserve and enrich the knowledge of the relation between humans and the environment.

Our vision is to soon become one of Latin America's most recognized parks of recreation and education, where the resources are available for investigation and self-sufficiency, where it is also possible to protect all animal species and even more, those which are in danger of extinction.

We offer all citizens and visitors with ongoing workshops on environmental education, flora and fauna, while making everybody aware of the importance of environment preservation.

For your convenience, we have a full restaurant area on the premises.

We own approximately 64 hectares (158 acres), in which 5 hectares (12 acres) have been developed. The remaining 59 hectares (146 acres) are foreseen for future expansion of the park.

Vallarta Zoo Photo Gallery

Since Puerto Vallarta Zoo opened to the public, it has been recognized as one of Mexico's top zoos due to its extraordinary success in the reproduction of animals, many of them in danger of extinction, such as jaguars, Bengal tigers, African lions, and the Caribbean Flamingo among others species.

Zoologico de Vallarta Memberships & Animal Adoptions

Feel the magic of the forest come to the Zoo of Vallarta as many times as you want. Enjoy the sensational different species of flora and fauna that we have for you. The only thing you have to do is purchase your Puerto Vallarta Zoo Membership.

When you purchase your membership, you are supporting the Zoo of Vallarta (an organization that receives no subsidies of any kind), to improve this project day by day so the locals, as well as national and international tourists, are provided with a corner dedicated to the conservation of the flora and fauna.

At the moment, the Vallarta Zoo offers individual memberships with the following contributions:

• Adults: 1300 pesos
• Children: 900 pesos

You will receive unlimited entries into the Vallarta Zoo including an honorable member credential. In addition, you will receive a Vallarta Zoo t-shirt. Memberships are valid for a one year period.

Now you can be more involved with your favorite animals.

Adopt an animal today and have your donation contribute to the overall maintenance of the animal, ensuring you peace of mind, beneficial publicity and a great social prestige to participate in such a worthwhile environmental project. It is guaranteed to be a wonderful adventure!

In the Vallarta Zoo, we care about the health and well-being of all the species that live with us. Through your donations and much effort, sacrifice and dedication, we have been successful with the birth of several species of fauna in our facilities.

• In adopting an animal, you will be acknowledged for your support and cooperation in the work of conservation and education of the Vallarta Zoo.

• You will receive a certificate of adoption which supports you as Godparent of the animal.

• You will receive a photo of your adopted animal.

• You will receive a monthly report on the status and development of the animal.

• You will be included in the publication of sponsorship in the bulletin "Vallarta Zoo" which we send to our partners regularly.

Volunteering at the Vallarta Zoo

We are in search of dynamic people like you for spending time at the Vallarta Zoo as a volunteer to help us in our mission of conservation and enrich the knowledge of the relationship among humans and the environment.

Live and feel the great experience to be integrated in our Volunteering program of the zoological park.

Be part of the Staff Team of the Vallarta Zoo, one of the newest educational and recreational parks of Mexico.

By being a volunteer of the Vallarta Zoo, you are not just helping us, you are also collaborating with environmental preserves and the flora and fauna species that inhabit the zoo.

Some of our areas where we need help are : Guided tours, supervised areas, food preparation for animals, maintenance, sellpoints manager, veterinarians, hostess, chef, computer assistant, wild flora and fauna classifications, and more.

Participate in our program of your Professional practice.

We are in search of strong people who want to exercise their Professional practice in the Vallarta Zoo to help us in our mission to conserve and to enrich the knowledge of the relation between man and environment.

Last updated: June 22, 2023 · Charity ID: 303

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