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Zoologico de Vallarta (Vallarta Zoo)

Puerto Vallarta • Riviera Nayarit 


Our mission is to offer, first and foremost, the residents of Puerto Vallarta, as well as the national and international visitors, a place of recreational understanding as to the current goals of today's modern zoos, based on the enormous educational potential that can be offered, with the means to promote and develop a conscience of life understanding that helps to preserve and enrich the knowledge of the relation between humans and the environment.

Our vision is to soon become one of Latin America's most recognized parks of recreation and education, where the resources are available for investigation and self-sufficiency, where it is also possible to protect all animal species and even more, those which are in danger of extinction.

We offer all citizens and visitors with ongoing workshops on environmental education, flora and fauna, while making everybody aware of the importance of environment preservation.

For your convenience, we have a full restaurant area on the premises.

We own approximately 64 hectares (158 acres), in which 5 hectares (12 acres) have been developed. The remaining 59 hectares (146 acres) are foreseen for future expansion of the park.

With your help, these projects have been contemplated to be finished by the year 2018.

Vallarta Zoo Photo Gallery

Since Puerto Vallarta Zoo opened to the public, it has been recognized as one of Mexico's top zoos due to its extraordinary success in the reproduction of animals, many of them in danger of extinction, such as jaguars, Bengal tigers, African lions, and the Caribbean Flamingo among others species.

Zoologico de Vallarta Memberships & Animal Adoptions

Feel the magic of the forest come to the Zoo of Vallarta as many times as you want. Enjoy the sensational different species of flora and fauna that we have for you. The only thing you have to do is purchase your Puerto Vallarta Zoo Membership.

When you purchase your membership, you are supporting the Zoo of Vallarta (an organization that receives no subsidies of any kind), to improve this project day by day so the locals, as well as national and international tourists, are provided with a corner dedicated to the conservation of the flora and fauna.

At the moment, the Vallarta Zoo offers individual memberships with the following contributions:

• Adults: 1300 pesos
• Children: 900 pesos

You will receive unlimited entries into the Vallarta Zoo including an honorable member credential. In addition, you will receive a Vallarta Zoo t-shirt. Memberships are valid for a one year period.

Adopt an Animal


Now your can be more involved with your favorite animals.

Adopt an animal today and have your donation contribute to the overall maintenance of the animal, ensuring you peace of mind, beneficial publicity and a great social prestige to participate in such a worthwhile environmental project. It is guaranteed to be a wonderful adventure!

In the Vallarta Zoo, we care about the health and well-being of all the species that live with us. Through your donations and much effort, sacrifice and dedication, we have been successful with the birth of several species of fauna in our facilities.

• In adopting an animal, you will be acknowledged for your support and cooperation in the work of conservation and education of the Vallarta Zoo.

• You will receive a certificate of adoption which supports you as Godparent of the animal.

• You will receive a photo of your adopted animal.

• You will receive a monthly report on the status and development of the animal.

• You will be included in the publication of sponsorship in the bulletin "Vallarta Zoo" which we send to our partners regularly.

Volunteering at the Vallarta Zoo

We are in search of dynamic people like you for spending time at the Vallarta Zoo as a volunteer to help us in our mission of conservation and enrich the knowledge of the relationship among humans and the environment.

Live and feel the great experience to be integrated in our Volunteering program of the zoological park.

Be part of the Staff Team of the Vallarta Zoo, one of the newest educational and recreational parks of Mexico.

By being a volunteer of the Vallarta Zoo, you are not just helping us, you are also collaborating with environmental preserves and the flora and fauna species that inhabit the zoo.

Some of our areas where we need help are : Guided tours, supervised areas, food preparation for animals, maintenance, sellpoints manager, veterinarians, hostess, chef, computer assistant, wild flora and fauna classifications, and more.

Participate in our program of your Professional practice.

We are in search of strong people who want to exercise their Professional practice in the Vallarta Zoo to help us in our mission to conserve and to enrich the knowledge of the relation between man and environment.

Last updated: July 29, 2017 · Charity ID: 303

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Puerto Vallarta Mexico for the LGBT Eco Traveler

Purple Roofs

As cooling refreshing rains bring new life to the town, so has the gay Romantic Zone experienced new life thru recent redevelopment. The center of gay life in Puerto Vallarta is the Romantic Zone with its many gay bars and clubs.

Suggestions for Family Vacation with the Kids in Puerto Vallarta

Beck's Best

When Gary Beck was asked about suggested activities and vacation tips when traveling with a 5 year old to Puerto Vallarta, he lists some great alternatives for kids that the adults will also enjoy.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Vallarta-Nayarit


Read about some of the many events happening in Vallarta-Nayarit this week. Senator Tom Hayden is in town, Paws for the Cause and Children with Cancer fundraisers, Alberto Mejia in Concert, Mass Appeal theater event, and a lot more.

International Friendship Club Tours Off to a Great Start in 2014

International Friendship Club

The tours raise money to support the IFC Cleft Palate Surgery Program here in the Banderas Bay area. Right now there are approximately 200 patients from newborn to age 18 who are being treated in the IFC program.

Zebra Flashes a Toothy Grin in Exchange for a Carrot at the Puerto Vallarta Zoo

Mail Online

Mr Gegolick from Alberta, Canada, was visiting Mismaloya Zoo while on holiday with his family in Mexico. He said: "The place was amazing, like no zoo I've ever visited before. It's very popular with tourists."

Puerto Vallarta Gives a Warm Welcome to all Visitors During Holy Week

Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board

Holy Week celebrations in Mexico are rich in culture and history. In Puerto Vallarta, locals and visitors alike participate in the traditional processions and religious celebrations that have become an important part of this week.

Puerto Vallarta Captured the Hearts of Naples Couple

News-Press Coastal Life

The Boven connection to "Vallarta" - as locals tend to shorten it - began some 25 years ago after Louis' brother got a job as a tennis pro in Monterrey, Mexico. On one of their visits to see him, curiosity drew them to the western side of the country.

Visit the Puerto Vallarta Zoo Where You Can Hand-Feed the Animals

Visit Puerto Vallarta

What makes this zoo so unusual? It's the opportunity to hand-feed the animals. Not just scattering grain to ducks or feeding miniature ponies but hand-feeding camels, giraffes, hippos, bears, zebras, emus and many more large and exotic creatures.

Jalisco Approves New Animal Protection Law

PV Pulse

There is a wave of awareness about the living conditions of animals in the Mexican society, and this new law is a sign of it.

Children from Nueva Vida Shelter Rewarded with Visit to Vallarta Zoo

As a small recognition of the Nueva Vida Shelter for their excellent academic performance during the school year that just concluded, the children were taken on a guided tour of the Vallarta Municipal Zoo by the System for Integral Family Development.

BoZo Tour of Gardens and Vallarta Zoo

International Friendship Club

A very special trip is being planned for Tuesday, March 6, to visit the Botanical Gardens and the Puerto Vallarta Zoo, hence the name BoZo. Proceeds go the International Friendship Club Cleft Palate Program and other IFC Charities.

Teen Tells Judge He Bought Endangered Bengal Tiger Cub on Streets of Tijuana

The Associated Press

A California teenager charged with smuggling a Bengal tiger into the United States told a judge Thursday that he bought the animal on the streets of Tijuana, Mexico, where several of the endangered animals have been spotted this year.

Two Oldest Pandas Outside China at Risk of Ending Mexico Family Tree

Agence France-Presse

Pandas Shuan Shuan and Xin Xin are the oldest giant pandas living outside of China and the only examples of the species in Latin America. While the key to their longevity may be in their carefully studied diet, the two black and white bears have never reproduced.

Illegal Wildlife Trade in Mexico Sees Steady Rise

Mexico News Daily

While Mexico was previously considered only as a transit country for animal contraband on its way to lucrative markets in the United States, Asia and Europe, demand for Mexican species has grown in recent years.

US-Mexico Border Wall Threatens Last Few Jaguars

TRT World

A proposed border wall threatens the survival of the ten endangered jaguars that remain in the Mexico-US border region by restricting their movements to find food and mates in their already-shrinking habitats.

Quintana Roo Has Nation's Largest Jaguar Population

The Yucatan Times

The State of Quintana Roo has the largest number of jaguars at the national level with 800 specimens. According to official data, there are 4,000 jaguars left in all of Mexico, and 1,800 of them are located in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Authorities Seize Tiger Cub Being Walked on a Dog Leash in Tijuana


Mexico's Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection said they seized a 4-month-old Bengal tiger cub from a man seen walking the big cat on a dog leash in Tijuana.

Probe Launched in Ectapec Zoo After Elephant Dies on Christmas Day


Authorities are investigating the death of a 26-year-old elephant on Christmas Day at Ehecatl Ecological Park near Mexico City.

Rescue Center for Big Cats Takes Cast-Offs from Mexican Cartel Honchos

Fox News Latino

The Black Jaguar White Lion Foundation in Mexico City is the world’s largest rescue center for big cats with more than 260 predatory felines in its 140-acre grounds.

A Border Wall Between US, Mexico Is Bad for Wildlife

The Washington Post

In the last 20 years, border barriers have proliferated to unprecedented levels. But while attention has focused on the human consequences of a more bordered world, the impact on wildlife is also dramatic.

Hunting Threatens 25% of Animals with Extinction


The hunting of wildlife has become a “global crisis” that threatens to wipe out more than 300 species, or a quarter of all threatened terrestrial mammal species on Earth.

Saving Endangered Jaguars in Mexico, Photo by Photo

National Geographic

The endangered jaguars of Mexico face many threats, including habitat loss and illegal hunting. To further protect them, a group of conservationists and scientists established a private natural reserve in Mexico called El Eden.

Mexico City Chapultepec Zoo a Death Row for Animals

Television del Sur

Since 2000, a total of 9,436 animals have died in the iconic Chapultepec Zoo of Mexico City, which is one of the oldest and largest in the country.

Authorities Investigating Reports of Tiger Sighting in Gulf Coast State of Campeche

The Associated Press

Mexican authorities are investigating reports of a tiger sighting nine months after another Bengal tiger escaped into a mangrove forest in another part of the country and was never recaptured.

Skull of 10,000-Year-Old Mammoth Is Unearthed by Builders in Rural Mexico


The complete skull of a 10,000-year-old mammoth has been found on a building site in Mexico, together with part of its massive skeleton.

Captive Rare Animals Keep Dying in Latin America


Public outrage over the recent deaths of an endangered gorilla in Mexico, a depressed polar bear in Argentina, and the shooting of two lions in Chile and a Jaguar in Brazil, has some animal activists hopeful that Latin America is developing a new consciousness about captivity.

Mexico City's Chapultepec Zoo Shocked After Beloved Gorilla 'Bantu' Dies

Agence France-Presse

Mexico City’s zoo was in shock Thursday after its beloved male gorilla died as veterinarians prepared to transport him to Guadalajara to mate with two females.

AHA Launches Global Humane Conservation Program


Millions of animals living in world's zoos and aquariums to be afforded new protections and humane standards with launch of unique new global program.

Rule No. 1: Never Turn Your Back on a Black Panther


Most of us would helplessly cringe in fear if we knew a powerful black panther was slinking behind us, preparing to indulge in an afternoon snack. But that's not the case for trainer Eduardo Serio.

Play TakePart's 'Rare & Ready to Be Saved,' and Help Endangered Animals


Sixteen candidates are competing in “Rare & Ready to Be Saved,” TakePart’s annual bracket game aimed at having a bit of spirited fun while calling attention to the plight of some of the planet’s most imperiled animals.

11 Wild Cats Rescued from Mexico Now Live New Lives in Colorado Sanctuary

The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg welcomed 11 new animals to its facility over the weekend, after the animals dealt with horrific situations in Mexico.

New Agreement Reached to Protect Mexico's Jaguars

Riviera Maya News

An agreement has been signed with Ecology and Environment to help with jaguar conservation in the state of Quintana Roo.

Circus Owner in State of Yucatan Detained for Alleged Animal Abuse

Agencia EFE

The owner of a circus in the southeastern state of Yucatan was detained on charges of animal cruelty, the Mexican Attorney General’s Office said.

Eight Felines Born at State of Zacatecas Zoo Are Looking for New Homes

New China TV

Timid and shy, 8 newborn cubs, four lions and four tigers, opened their eyes to meet the eager press people assembled on November 25 in the zoo of Mexico’s central state of Zacatecas.

Tiger Continues to Evade Capture, Marks One Month on the Run in Mexico

The Canadian Press

A tiger named "Ankor" marked a full month on the run Wednesday, having evaded capture since he escaped from a restaurant zoo and disappeared into what appears to be a very tiger-friendly habitat on Mexico's southern Pacific coast.

Tiger Remains on Loose from Restaurant in Acapulco, Kills Local Livestock

ITV News

Locals and holidaymakers at the Mexican beach resort are urged to be on their guard as a tiger is on the loose.

Conservationists and Others Team Up to Save Mexico's Jaguar

Frontera NorteSur

In twists and turns, efforts are mounting to protect the Americas’ biggest wild cat. A Mexican initiative unites non-governmental and governmental organizations in a new and “ambitious” program aimed at saving an emblematic creature.

Death of Orangutan Jambi Sparks Much Needed Improvements to Mexico City Zoo

Latin American Herald Tribune

The death in July of the orangutan Jambi at Mexico City’s Chapultepec Zoo has raised criticism about the care given to animals at the facility, where the administration, while rejecting the criticism, now acknowledges that it is working to improve conditions.

It's Basically Legal for Mexicans to Buy Lions, Cheetahs, and Other Exotic Pets


Anyone can keep exotic animals under Mexican law - but they must come from breeders accredited by the Secretariat for the Environment and Natural Resources.

A Dozen Wild Animals Rescued from Abuse in Mexico, Airlifted to US Sanctuary

Fox News Latino

Mexican environmental authorities loaded eight lions, two lynxes, a puma and a coyote aboard two military planes for a trip to a Colorado wildlife sanctuary, after the animals were found mistreated or abandoned.

Coahuila Becomes Third Mexican State to Adopt Bullfighting Ban

The Associated Press

A third Mexican state has banned bullfighting after a concerted campaign by animal rights groups. Sonora was the first Mexican state to ban bullfights in 2013. Guerrero followed in 2014.

Male Animals Are More Sickly Than Females

Digital Journal

Which is the sickliest sex? Males or females? Across the animal kingdom is seems that males are more troubled with ill-health than females.

Profepa Seizes Hundreds of Unauthorized Animals from Mexican Zoos


Mexico's Profepa environmental protection agency has seized 377 wild animals from zoos that violated regulations.

Born Free's Dominic Dyer on Trophy Kills: How Tourists Go Safari Hunting for Lions

The Telegraph

Following the death of Cecil the lion, Dominic Dyer from the Born Free Foundation explains how tourists are able to hunt lions and why it is becoming more of a problem.

People All Over the World Have Risen Up to Condemn a Single Man


People all over the world have risen up to condemn a single man. The internet is going ballistic. Justified or not, the public shaming has been intense.

Hundreds of Animals Relocated in Mexico as Circus Show Ban Takes Effect


Nearly 1,100 wild animals, including elephants, bears and tigers, will be relocated from circuses throughout Mexico to zoos and conservation centers after a ban on public wild animal exhibitions took effect on Wednesday.

Mexico Begins Wild Animal Transfers to US Sanctuary


The first of more than two dozen animals rescued from mistreatment by private owners in Mexico has been transferred to an animal sanctuary in Colorado.

Ban on Wild Animals in Circuses Starts This Week - But There's No Place for Them to Go


Some 3,000 to 3,500 circus animals will be freed from performing under the big top thanks to the law. The question remains, however, what will happen to all of these animals?

Mayor Weds Alligator to Bring Oaxacan Village Good Luck for Fishing Harvest

MailOnline/World News

A local mayor in Mexico married an alligator 'bride' this week, as part of a traditional ceremony to bring good fortune to the fishing community of San Pedro Huamelula.

Tigers, Baboons, and Camels Found Abandoned by Circus in State of Yucatan


Mexican authorities said they found six tigers, seven baboons, four camels and three dromedaries abandoned in cages without food, water or adequate care in southern Mexico.

Scientists Warn 6th Mass Extinction Already Here as Species Disappear 100 Times Faster

The world is on the brink of its sixth mass extinction, as animals are disappearing 100 times faster than previously, scientists warned in a new report. They also say humanity could be among the first victims of this extinction.

Study: Climate Change May Kill Off 1 in 13 Species

Shanghai Daily

According to a new study published in the journal Science, Global warming will eventually push 1 out of every 13 species on Earth into extinction, with South America the hardest hit for any continent.

Crocodiles Returned to Wild After Caught Roaming the Streets of Mexico

Agencia EFE

Five crocodiles were returned to their natural habitat and a sixth is undergoing treatment for wounds at a wildlife center following trapping operations in populated areas in Mexico’s Tamaulipas, Guerrero and Tabasco states.

Teenager to Walk from Mexico to Canada to Raise Money for Last Mountain Gorillas

Daily Mail

A teenage hiker will tomorrow set off on an epic adventure, hiking the length of America's West Coast from Mexico to Canada - a journey that will take him four months - in an effort to help save the world's last remaining gorillas in the wild from extinction.

Lion with Broken Neck Rescued from Mexico Gets Second Chance in Colorado

The Coloradoan

The 345-pound lion was airlifted from an animal rescue in Pachuca, Mexico, to his new home at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado. He had been living at the rescue in Mexico for two months after being surrendered by his owner.

Giraffe Born at Mexico City's Chapultepec Zoo to Be Named in Online Vote

There’s an election going on in Mexico City, and this time it’s not for the city or national government, but to select a name for a giraffe calf born at Mexico City’s Chapultepec Zoo.

Thousands of Wild Animals in Mexico Still Struggle to Find New Homes After Circus Ban


Mexico's government recently ended the practice of exotic creatures performing in circuses, leading to new residences being needed for animals including tigers, elephants and bears. Animal charity representatives say a solution can be found.

Help Wild Animal Sanctuary to Rescue a Lion in Mexico with a Broken Neck

Wild Animal Sanctuary

Guero is a male African Lion in Mexico that is suffering greatly from a broken neck. You can help The Wild Animal Sanctuary save him and get the medical treatment he needs.

Mexico Circuses Forced to Sell Tigers to Wealthy Drug Lords After Performing Animal Ban


A Mexico City circus is offering seven Siberian tigers and other big cats to the highest bidder, saying they would even sell their animals to a drug cartel boss if the price were right.

Deadline to Ban Mexico Circus Animals Looms But Doubt Shrouds Creatures' Fate

The Guardian

With animal acts about to be banned from all circuses in Mexico, the fate of the non-human performers has become mired in acrimony and doubts over whether the legislation will actually lead to an improvement in animal protections.

Homes Wanted for Wild Animals as Mexico Bans Them from Circuses


Mexico is searching for homes for at least 2,000 tigers, elephants, giraffes, zebras and other exotic beasts that will soon be banned from the country's circuses.

Circus Owners Say Animals May Die Because of Mexico's Ban on Performances

Riviera Maya News

The head of Mexico's circus owners' association says his group's animals may die or be put down because of a ban on animal acts in circuses.

Footage Shows Mexican Zoo Where Animals Were Found Stacked in Tiny Cages

Daily Mirror

This is the shocking footage which exposed a private zoo owned by Sergio Gomez Olivier for cramming hundreds of animals into tiny cages, in the Mexican city of Tehuacan.

Scientists Believe 'Frozen Zoo' Could Be Key to Saving Endangered Species

Customs Today

Scientists at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park are working on a project that, they hope, may be a last chance solution for many of the planet’s endangered species. Their “frozen zoo,” as it has been called, contains cell samples from thousands of creatures.

Profepa Seizes Over 100 Abused Animals from Private Zoo in Puebla

The Associated Press

The Federal Environmental Prosecutor’s Office says an inspection of the Club de los Animalitos zoo in Tehuacan, Puebla state, found everything from bears and big cats to buffalo and dromedaries living in tiny enclosures.

Turning Tables, Zoo Rescues Animals, Cages Visitors

Agence France-Presse

Parque Safari in Chile, a sanctuary for mistreated circus animals, turns the traditional zoo-going experience on its head.

Citizens Are Fighting Animal Cruelty in Latin America, One Tweet at a Time

Agence France-Presse

The network of organizations fighting the phenomenon is small and underfunded. But social media is changing that, said Cynthia Dent, executive director for the Humane Society International in Latin America.

New PBS Mini-Series Brings Us Closer to Nature

Tech Times

"Earth: A New Wild," hosted by noted conservationist M Sanjayan, is a new type of nature show, that will examine the interactions between humans and plants and animals around the globe.

Malnourished and Abused Lioness Found in Mechanic's Garage in Jalisco


A lioness that had been found living in a mechanic's workshop in Mexico suffered such appalling treatment by her owner that she died from her injuries.

Criminal Appeals Court Grants Ape Same Basic Rights as Her Human Captors


A high-level Argentine criminal appeals court has granted an ape the same basic rights as her human captors, setting a precedent for future challenges regarding animals in captivity.

Guatemala Follows Mexico with Circus Animal Ban


Anyone who’s ever parted with $4 to attend a traveling circus in Central America knows what a sad spectacle they can be: One man has seen enough.

'Last Days': End-Time for Elephants in the Wild

Last Days of Ivory

Please watch and share this short film revealing the brutality and tragedy of ivory trade, elephant poaching, and its terrible consequences.

Senate Bars Use of Wild Animals in Traveling Shows in Mexico

Latin American Herald Tribune

Mexico’s Senate has passed legislation that bars the use of wild animals such as primates and big cats in circuses and also prohibits traveling shows featuring marine mammals.

International Efforts to Relocate Polar Bear from Mexico Zoo Unsuccessful

Mexico News Daily

Yupi has lived in the Morelia Zoo for just over 20 years after being brought from Alaska as a three-month-old cub that had lost its mother to a hunter. But in the past couple of years there has been growing international alarm over the conditions in which Yupi lives.

Meet Jane Goodall's Famous Chimpanzees Through Google Street View


Retrace the primatologist’s steps deep into the Tanzanian forest where she made the discoveries that redefined our understanding of wildlife.

Exotic Animals Transferred from Mexico to Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado

The Wild Animal Sanctuary

Eleven exotic animals including African Lions and other large carnivores were transferred from Mexico to The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado after the animals were confiscated from illegal or abusive situations.

Arrest Follows Discovery of Illegal Bengal Tiger at Mexico Residence

New York Post

A man in Mexico tried to play dumb when cops raided his home looking for an illegal tiger - but the jig was up when the massive feline started growling at police from its hiding place.

Worldwide Animal Day March Draws Thousands

People from at least 136 cities across six continents have marched to press their countries’ authorities to stop the poaching of elephants and rhinos, a practice that has almost led to their extinction.

Divers Swim with Crocodiles Off Mexico's Quintana Roo Coast in Amazing Video


Most people would make it their mission to stay as far away from a crocodile when swimming as possible. Not these divers, who jumped in with the fearsome predators to film the terrifying moment.

Mexico Sees 1st Artificial Insemination Wolf Pups

The Associated Press

Mexican officials presented the first litter of Mexican gray wolf pups conceived in the country by artificial insemination, part of an effort to save one of the hemisphere's most endangered animals.

Lion Saved from Taxidermist Becomes a Star at Mexico City Zoo

A lion rescued from a cruel taxidermist who was waiting for him to die of starvation and thirst so that he could stuff the animal has become a star attraction at a local zoo.

Another Mexican State Legislature Bans the Use of Animals in Circuses

Agencia EFE

The Mexican state of Coahuila has banned the use of animals in circuses or in any other kind of entertainment.

How DNA Barcodes Can Beat Plant and Animal Traffickers Worldwide

The Guardian

Researchers are using cutting-edge techniques to catalog species from tiny sections of genetic material. And these DNA 'barcodes' are now being used to catch plant and animal smugglers worldwide.

Wildlife Charity Calls for an End to 'Tiger Selfies'

The Guardian

An animal protection charity is calling on tourists to turn down opportunities to take photos of themselves with wild animals, as a growing number of such images, including “tiger selfies”, surface online.

Fashionably Mauled Jeans Designed by Lions and Tigers Are a Win-Win for Zoos

Discover Magazine

A Japanese jeans maker has found a new way of capitalizing on zoo animals. Zoo Jeans is producing jeans “designed by dangerous animals.” Rather than simply being a marketing gimmick, there is actually value in this from an animal welfare perspective.

Female Bengal Tiger Discovered Locked Up in Abandoned House in Mexico

The Telegraph

Mexican authorities searching an abandoned house were left stunned when they discovered a Bengal tiger locked in a cage.

First Ever Rehabilitation Center for Exotic Wild Animals Opens in Mexico


Mexico has welcomed its first ever rehabilitation center for neglected and mistreated exotic wild animals.

Climate Change to Hit Emperor Penguin Population


A new analysis shows that global warming will reduce Antarctica's emperor penguin population by nearly 20% over the next 80 years as the sea ice on which they breed becomes less secure.

Circuses in Mexico Are On a Tightrope Over Animals


For hundreds of years, traveling and fixed circuses have captivated Mexicans of all classes. Circus-going became a social tradition able to survive the enormous cultural shifts Mexico has faced since the onslaught of globalization. Until now.

Magnate Carlos Slim Opens Aquarium in Mexico City

Associated Press

Mexican magnate Carlos Slim has inaugurated a four-level, underground aquarium that is the biggest in Latin America, housing 3,000 animals belonging to 230 species.

Baby Camel Has Bumpy Start in Life at Mexico City's Chapultepec Zoo

Pc NewsVideo

Mexico City's Chapultepec Zoo is celebrating the birth of its first baby dromedary in nine years. While in excellent health, the male calf had a bumpy start in life as he was rejected by his mother.

UNODC 'Wildlife Crime: Don't Be Part of It!'

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Each year, while countless species are driven closer to extinction, criminals generate billions of dollars from the sale of protected wildlife products. We're asking YOU to speak out against wildlife crime.

Mexico City's Chapultepec Zoo Celebrates First Hippo Birth in 16 Years

Agencia EFE

The Chapultepec Zoo is celebrating the first birth of a hippopotamus in 16 years and the public can help select a name for the animal, Mexico City's government said.

Colima Joins Growing List of States Prohibiting Animals Performing in Circuses

The Mazatlan Messenger

Colima legislators approved an amendment to the State Law for the Protection of Animals, which states that wildlife may only be exhibited publicly in cages.

Somebody Put a Camera on a Toy Car and Drove It Into a Pride of Lions


File this one under up close and personal. While recently on assignment in Botswana, wildlife photographer Chris McLennan mounted a camera onto a remote control car and drove it into a pride of wild lions.

Authorities to Investigate Man Who Allegedly Killed Jaguar in Northern Mexico

Associated Press

Mexico’s environmental agency says it will ask federal prosecutors to investigate the killing of a jaguar by a man who posted photos of the dead animal on Facebook.

UK Zoo Wants to Save 22-Year-Old Yupi the 'Mexican' Polar Bear

BBC News

A wildlife park in South Yorkshire wants to rescue a polar bear from a zoo in Mexico. Yorkshire Wildlife Park, near Doncaster, has offered to rehome Yupi in a newly constructed 10 acre reserve.

Aging, Ailing Elephants Find Solace in Florida

NBC News

NBC’s Mark Potter visits the National Elephant Center near Fellsmere, Fla., a sanctuary dedicated to protecting the future of these precious pachyderms.

Rare Black Jaguar Cub Born in Baby Boom at Zacango Zoo in Mexico


Zacango Zoo, near Mexico City, is celebrating the addition of two young jaguars, including a female born in May and a rare melanistic, or 'black' male jaguar born in August, and the birth of a hippopotamus and giraffe as part of its successful breeding program.

Crocodiles Loose in Tamaulipas Streets Following Hurricane Ingrid

Latin Times

Swollen lakes and rivers in the northeastern Mexican state of Tamaulipas have drawn crocodiles into the streets of three municipalities after Hurricane Ingrid dumped heavy rains on the region.

US Creates 'Noah's Ark' to Save Endangered Species

Latinos Post

The Conservation Center for Species Survival in Washington D.C. unveiled measures that are being undertaken to preserve endangered species. Among them are plans to freeze animal sperm.

Animal Defenders International's 'Lion Ark' Shares Story of Daring Animal Rescue

Lion Ark

An undercover investigation by ADI led to a 2009 ban on circus animals in Bolivia. The circuses were given a year to comply with the law, but many kept their animals, including a number of lions, caged in deplorable conditions. In 2010, with the aid of Bolivian wildlife officials, ADI stepped in.

The Killing of Endangered Jaguars Continues in Mexico's Yucatan

The Yucatan Times

The killing of jaguars by farmers prevails in Yucatan, despite the support that is offered when their animals are attacked by this endangered feline, said the delegate of PROFEPA.

Mexico City Steps Up Fight Against Animal Cruelty with New Prison Term Rules


For years Mexico City considered animal cruelty a civil offense and citizens were punished with fines. All that has changed now that the Mexican capital has approved prison terms for people convicted of hurting animals.

Zoo Celebrates 4 Precious Additions; Bengal Cubs

Gannett News Service

A Mexican zoo is celebrating four precious new additions, Bengal tiger cubs in their first public appearance since being born last month.

Call of Life: Facing the Mass Extinction

The Video Project

'Call of Life' tells the story of a crisis not only in nature, but also in human nature, a crisis more threatening than anything human beings have ever faced before.

Bengal Tiger Cub Takes Up Residence in Guadalajara


A Bengal tiger cub at the center of a custody dispute has been living for the past three months at the city animal shelter in Guadalajara, the capital of the western Mexican state of Jalisco, sharing the facility with about 50 cats and dogs.

When Babies Don't Fit Plan, Question for Zoos Is, Now What?

New York Times

Zookeepers around the world, facing limited capacity and pressure to maintain diverse and vibrant collections of endangered species, are often choosing between two controversial methods: birth control and euthanasia.

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Feeding Mexico is a unique blend of community awareness through the posting of local news and events, formal introductions to the charities and their needs, online fundraising, social networking and giving back. Ready to change the world? Join us.

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