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Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Puerto Vallarta • Riviera Nayarit 

Our mission is to beautify and protect the environment through civic planting projects, and educational and horticultural programs, in Puerto Vallarta, for the enjoyment of our residents and visitors.

Our vision is to enhance the natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta for the benefit of the community at large and to stimulate business and tourism.

Planting Seeds of Change for a Flourishing Future:

In 2010, a number of Puerto Vallarta residents banded together to beautify their city. Concerned by the impact of recent negative media hype on the tourism industry and the lack of landscaping by the municipality, they chose to plant the seeds of change through gardening city parks and green spaces. The mission of the club is to beautify and protect the environment through civic planting projects and educational and horticultural programs for the enjoyment of Puerto Vallarta residents and our visitors. The firm belief is that gardens are a powerful tourism generator that can drive new tourist traffic to an area.

The club's first project was a makeover of the grounds at the Los Mangos Library. Trees were pruned, bougainvilleas were planted and the entrance path was lined with Spathiphyllum (Peace Lilies). Sidewalk planters became the next target for activity and the planters are being filled with flowering trees and bougainvilleas. Many of these can be seen along Calle Basilio Badillo and in the Mercado Area. Check them out yourself to see how these planters are already flourishing and then just imagine how they will look after their first rainy season.

The PV Garden Club is still actively seeking sponsors for these planters. Many families and local businesses have already helped and are pleased with elegant 30×30 cm (12x12 inch) hand painted tiles that adorn the planters in tribute of their sponsorship.

The next dream of the PV Garden Club is to launch an annual "Puerto Vallarta Bougainvillea Festival" that will make our city known as "The City of Bougainvilleas." Bougainvilleas thrive in Puerto Vallarta, resist pests, establish themselves quickly, bloom almost continuously, and represent a positive image of Mexico. This makes them a perfect selection for showcasing in a floral festival, the likes of which have been a success for scores of other tourist destination cities throughout the world. Many of these festivals, such as the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. are proven economic stimulators that bring in millions of dollars a year to their hosts. It is certainly time for Puerto Vallarta to adopt this model and bring new tourists to our city.

For information on membership or to sponsor a planter, please contact Bonnie Mott.

So pull up your sleeves, dig in, and contribute to a better, greener and more economically sound Puerto Vallarta.

Get Involved with the Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

A Puerto Vallarta Renaissance in underway!

The PV Garden Club is a local beautification group dedicated to better parks and gardens in public spaces here in Puerto Vallarta. Our group is made up of volunteers who believe that the beauty of nature enriches all of our lives and the well-being of all of our citizens.

Everyone is invited to get involved!

Please join the PV Garden by becoming a member or by sponsoring a planter box here on Basilio Badillo Street or in the Mercado area by the Rio Cuale.

Our group receives no public funding and relies solely on the generosity of folks who believe as we do: That the people of all great cities know the value of beautification to stimulate tourism and commerce and create a nicer place to live.

For more information on becoming a member of the PV Garden Club, or to sponsor a planter box, please email Bonnie Mott.

"If you foolishly ignore beauty, you will soon find yourself without it. And without it, your life will be impoverished. But if you invest in beauty, it will remain with you - all the days of your life." — Frank Lloyd Wright

Last updated: August 8, 2017 · Charity ID: 203

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Being a Partner for Change can have a different meaning and application to each of us depending on our role, our location, our clients, our relationships. But no matter where you are or who you are, you can be a Partner for Change.
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FUN-Raiser to Save the Dogs & Cats of Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

We are happy to let you know that we decided to begin the party of the year at 6:00 pm to allow you to enjoy all of Yvonneka's annual "Fun-Raiser" event on Saturday, December 7, 2019.

Fiesta del Sol Benefit for Puerto Vallarta Garden Club


The Garden Club is devoted to the beautification of Puerto Vallarta through public landscaping. With private annual donations and many volunteers, we've planted thousands of plants in the Old Town area.

World Day to Combat Desertification – Land Has True Value

IPS World Desk

The 2018 World Day to Combat Desertification focuses on how consumers can regenerate economies, create jobs and revitalize livelihoods and communities by influencing the market to invest in sustainable land management.

Summer Social of Vallarta Garden Club at Incanto

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Open to all, not just Garden Club members, our summer socials are a great opportunity to meet new people, find out what the PVGC is all about, and reconnect with friends in a relaxed, fun setting.

Everybody is Invited to the Puerto Vallarta Garden Club July Cocktail Party

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Open to all, not just Garden Club members. This is a great opportunity to meet new people, find out what the Garden Club is about and reconnect with friends in a relaxed, fun setting.

Thanks for an Amazing Season from The Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

This season was our biggest ever and we wanted to say thanks for helping us exceed our goals. We couldn't have done it without you.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Vallarta-Nayarit


A lot is going on around Banderas Bay this week including Live Shows and Concerts, Ceviche & Aguachile Market, Fundraisers, Art Walks, Cooking Classes, Dinner Theater, Farmers Markets every day of the week, and so much more.

Vallarta Garden Club Final Meeting of the Season

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

This month, we will receive an update on all of our accomplishments this year and also get a glimpse at what's planned for next season. It's impressive, so don't miss this important meeting.

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club Needs Plant Donations

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

As summer approaches, we would like to take advantage of this quiet period and plant a large number of palms. These plants are expensive and any donation you can make would be greatly appreciated.

Fun Night Out with Garden Club & 'You Bette We Did'

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

We'll be getting together at the Palm Cabaret and Bar on Wednesday, March 29 at 9:30 pm "You Bette We Did!" performance by The Chicago Cabaret Project featuring the music of Bette Midler.

'Nature Photos Made Easy' Presentation at PV Garden Club Meeting

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

At this month's meeting, Mike Laking, Photo Artisan and Garden Club member, will give a presentation on "Nature Photos Made Easy". These tips and techniques should be helpful for our many members that love taking photos of plants, gardens and flowers.

Vallarta Garden Club Meeting & Presentation at New Incanto Cabaret

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Please join us at the new Incanto Vallarta Cabaret & Piano Bar on Thursday, February 23 at 5:00 pm for a reception with complimentary appetizers on the main floor terrace overlooking the Rio Cuale.

Garden Club Presents 'Bounty: Fruits and Vegetables of Vallarta'

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Sample the bountiful variety of the many locally grown exotic fruits and vegetables. Discover new sources of fresh food and learn about those.

Annual Gala Fundraiser Fiesta Rosa for Vallarta Garden Club at Oscar's Restaurant

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Our premier gala fundraiser for the Vallarta Garden Club, Fiesta Rosa, will be held on Tuesday, January 24, 2017, in honor of the non-profit organization’s ongoing effort to beautify the city.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit


A lot is going on around Banderas Bay this week including Live Shows and Concerts, Ceviche & Aguachile Market, Fundraisers, Art Walks, Cooking Classes, Kitty Bingo, Farmers Markets every day of the week, and so much more.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit


A lot is going on around Banderas Bay this week including Live Shows and Concerts, Ceviche & Aguachile Market, Fundraisers, Art Walks, Cooking Classes, Adult Bingo, Farmers Markets every day of the week, and so much more.

Vallarta Garden Club Lunch Celebration at the Botanical Garden

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Bring your friends and join the Vallarta Garden Club for a wonderful holiday experience at the Botanical Garden on Tuesday, December 20 at 1:00 pm.

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club Membership Meeting and Wine Reception

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

OPC and Vallarta Garden Club share a common interest in "Beautifying Vallarta" and improving the quality of life in our city. Join us on December 15 for our membership meeting and wine reception.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit


A lot is going on around Banderas Bay this week including Live Shows and Concerts, Ceviche & Aguachile Market, Fundraisers, Art Walks, International Gourmet Festival, Billfish Tournament, Farmers Markets every day of the week, and so much more.

Annual Membership Kickoff Event for Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

At the kickoff event at the Jazz Foundation, we will: Highlight work accomplished this summer; and Share information on this season’s upcoming activities and events.

Garden Club Continues to Beautify Puerto Vallarta with 200 New Planters

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

We certainly have been busy in PV. Using your generous donations, we've constructed more than 200 new planter boxes -- the largest number of boxes ever built in a single year. And it has proven to be quite the project.

May News from the Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Greetings from lovely Puerto Vallarta. Summer has arrived and what may be for you the “low season” is, for us, the PV Garden Club AC, the “high season” with an enormous work volume ahead of us before the beginning of the rainy season.

PV Garden Club Candlelight Dinner Fundraiser at Villa Bahia

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Only 60 guests can enjoy this exclusive, candlelight dinner at Villa Bahia, so book your tickets early for this magical, ocean-front evening on Puerto Vallarta's beautiful South shore.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Vallarta-Nayarit


A lot is going on around Banderas Bay this week including Dinner Theater, Live Concerts, Charity Bingo, Bucerias Festival, Fundraisers, Vallarta Cup, Sobriety Under the Sun, Farmers Markets every day of the week, and so much more.

Christmas Sing-Along at Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Please plan to join the Vallarta Garden Club for our first Annual Christmas Carol Sing-Along at the Botanical Gardens on Thursday, December 17 at 1:00 pm, accompanied by Bob Bruneau on piano.

White Party Fundraiser for Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

The venue will be Oscar's Restaurant for our "Fiesta Blanca" ("White Party") on Tuesday, January 19, 2016 at 6:30 pm. In keeping with the theme, please dress in white attire.

Puerto Vallarta Gay Men's Chorus Presents Festival of Lights

Puerto Vallarta Mens Chorus

In this season of love, peace, and wonder, what better time to bring the gift of an incredible holiday concert to our community. Come to Act II Stages Main Stage on December 16-18.

'Return to PV Social' and News from Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

We begin a new season and welcome back our supporters and members who are returning now. This letter is a comprehensive report of the activity of the club through the summer.

PV Men's Chorus to Present 'Celebration Mexico'

Puerto Vallarta Mens Chorus

The concert will feature voices from across the Americas uniting to bring a variety of Mexican music, from romantic Mexican boleros to Mexican gay anthems, in honor of the great country we call home, MEXICO!

It's Been a Busy Summer for the Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

2015 is our most ambitious year ever and we can't wait for you to see all of the work we've done when you return to Puerto Vallarta for the high season. It's beautiful.

Planning Meeting to Create Garden at Special Needs Children's Center


You are invited to the planning meeting at Vallarta Botanical Gardens on September 12 to help support the efforts for creating a beautiful garden area at the new facility of Casa Connor for Pasitos de Luz.

Got Photos of Vallarta Streets Before the PV Garden Club Beautifications?

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club - Beautifying Vallarta, is looking for pictures of various streets in Vallarta that pre-date our plantings.

Sequins & Diamonds by Puerto Vallarta Men's Chorus

Puerto Vallarta Mens Chorus

This 4th annual PVMC pride concert series promises to be one of the Festival’s highlights as the whole region joins in celebrating Puerto Vallarta’s vibrant and diverse LGBTQ community!

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club's Bugambilia Festival


This is a cultural and artistic festival with the aim of uniting the community and retaining our local culture, while at the same time creating an awareness in the minds of the audience to preserve the natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta.

'Gardens in your Future?' at PV Garden Club Meeting

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Three world class gardens, the April 30-May 2 Bugambilia Festival, and the annual election of officers are the subjects of the Vallarta Garden Club meeting on Thursday, April 16 at No Way Jose! in Old Town Vallarta.

Jane Peabody Floral Arrangement Demonstration at PV Garden Club Meeting

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

The guest speaker will be Jane Peabody, a past Vice President of the San Francisco Garden Club. She will be speaking about and demonstrating floral arrangement on March 19 at No Way Jose!

Puerto Vallarta Men's Chorus Presents De Colores Dinner, Dance and Auction

Puerto Vallarta Mens Chorus

Get ready for one of PV’s most inspiring and unique events as The Puerto Vallarta Men’s Chorus hosts its 3rd DE COLORES fundraising gala Saturday, March 21, 6:00 pm, at Oscar’s Restaurant in the heart of Vallarta.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit


A lot is going on around Banderas Bay this week including Theater Shows, Movie Screenings, Fundraisers, Charity Bingo, Wine Festival, National Charro Competition, San Pancho Music Fest, Urban Farmer Workshop, Guayabitos Art Fest, Farmers Markets every day, and so much more.

PV Garden Club Presents Guest Speaker Troy Martz on Permaculture

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

PV Garden Club will meet on Thursday, February 19th at 11:00 am at No Way Jose! Restaurant. Troy will be speaking on ways that you can develop an urban garden on your decks.

Second Annual Puerto Vallarta Garden Club Party at Hacienda Palo Maria

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

As anyone who attended last year's sold out event at Casa Chickie knows, PV Garden Club hosts the biggest and best party of the season! The best of everything - location, entertainment, food, dancing and wine. Join us on February 26.

Urban Farmer Curtis Stone Brings 2 Day Workshop to Banderas Bay Growers

In this two day workshop, you will learn about strategic production techniques that focus on high value crops with short growth cycles as well as specialized and niche market streams.

City of PV Crews Working with the Garden Club on Beautification of Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

You likely have noticed the on-going beautification of the pedestrian street leading to Los Muertos Pier. This past Monday, the city of Puerto Vallarta sent a crew there to continue the work.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit


A lot is going on around Banderas Bay this week including Theater Shows, Jamboree Benefit, Roots Gourmet Festival, Sayulita Festival, Garden Club Meeting, Fashion Show Fundraiser, Farmers Markets every day, the Voice of Vallarta and so much more.

'Banana Peels for Hemorrhoids and Other Fun Medicines' at PV Garden Club Meeting

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Join us at No Way Jose! for our Puerto Vallarta Garden Club Meeting on Thursday, January 15 at 11:00 am. Our guest speaker will be Leslie Korn, PhD, MPH.

Happy New Year from the Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Everyone living here, visiting for a few months, and of course all the businesses depending on tourism, benefit from the efforts of our 57 members and our donors. Please join us. Become a member, buy a planter tile or make a contribution.

Bob Price of Vallarta Botanical Gardens Guest Speaker at Garden Club Meeting

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

The Puerto Vallarta Garden Club – Beautifying Vallarta supports the mission of all other local charities by working to make Puerto Vallarta more beautiful and fostering a more vibrant and prosperous community.

Vallarta Conservatory of Orchids and Native Plants Festivities

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

The long awaited ribbon cutting ceremonies for the Vallarta Conservatory of Orchids and Native Plants happened yesterday but that's just a start to the week of festivities at Vallarta Botanical Gardens taking place from December 7-13.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Vallarta-Nayarit


A lot is going on around Banderas Bay this week including Kitty Bingo, Mark Alan Smith, Movie Screening, Men's Chorus Winter Concert, Toys for Tots Golf & Dinner Dance, Vallarta Open Tennis, Chili Cook-off & Taste of Nuevo Vallarta, Farmers Markets every day, and so much more.

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club Welcomes You to Work Party in Old Town

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Tuesday Morning, December 2 we will be meeting at the corner of Basilio Badillo and Olas Altas at 9:00 am for our first Garden Club Work Party. We hope to get Basilio Badillo cleaned up and pruned, and if enough show up do Olas Altas also.

Join or Renew Your Vallarta Garden Club Membership

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Our PV Garden Club AC season begins, as you may remember, November 1. The summer has been long and hot. We have used this time to get our trees and bougainvillea, now well established, into perfect shape.

Meet 'Farmer' Krystal Frost of Organic Select at Vallarta Garden Club Meeting

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Krystal is one of the most knowledgeable people in Vallarta to ask questions about nutritious food – how to shop, what to look for, what to avoid, how to grow it.

Pedestrian-Only 'Los Muertos Pier Street' Beautification by PV Garden Club

PV Garden Club - Beautifying Vallarta

This past April, the city made the final block to the pier a pedestrian-only street and the Puerto Vallarta Garden Club provided funds to put in trees, bougainvillea plants, and other flowers.

Special Summer Opportunities with the PV Garden Club - Beautifying Vallarta!

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

If you are in Puerto Vallarta and would like to be invited to occasional socials, garden visits, or to work parties, please let us know at the PV Garden Club. We’d love to see you and have you join us.

News from the Puerto Vallarta Garden Club - Beautifying Vallarta!

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

"The Pier Street" of Francisca Rodriguez is a work in progress. We are investigating how much it would cost to finish the street using the same pattern that currently exists in front of Archie's Wok.

The Future of PV Garden Club: Why Should You Care?

PV Garden Club - Beautifying Vallarta

In a town that relies on tourism, the garden club's mission of Beautifying Vallarta makes all other endeavors here more successful. Without a vibrant economy, neither the businesses nor the many other worthwhile charities can thrive.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit


Even though the high season is winding down, there are still plenty of events and festivities happening this week in Vallarta-Nayarit including Fandango, Beach Volleyball Tournament, the Bugambilia Festival, Salsa & Mambo Fest, Cinderella, and a lot more.

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club Needs Volunteers for Bugambilia Festival

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Volunteers are needed to staff the PV Garden Club booth for the Bugambilia Festival May 9 - 11. We will be selling bougainvillea, t-shirts, booklets, and encouraging people to become members or get involved however they can.

Coffee Table Photo Album of the 2nd Annual Bugambilia Festival Cocktail Kick-Off

Fotos by Nando

The "Coffee Table Book" contains 72 pages and over 300 photos of the 2nd Annual Bugambilia Festival Puerto Vallarta Cocktail Kick-off event that was held at Casa Chickie on February 27, 2014 and is now available.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Vallarta-Nayarit


Read about some of the many events happening in Vallarta-Nayarit this week including the new Street Taco Tour, Fandango at Teatro Vallarta, Luna Rumba at PCC, La Gorda at The Palm, Farmers Market in La Cruz, and a lot more.

Celebrate the Bugambilia Festival in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

The Second Annual Bugambilia Festival is just around the corner! And we hope you’ll be able to participate on May 9 - 11, 2014 in supporting the Vallarta Garden Club in making Puerto Vallarta the Bougainvillea Capital of the World.

Weeding & Planting With PV Garden Club in Old Town

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

As the time draws closer to our Bugambilia Festival from May 9 - 11, join the Vallarta Garden Club in a series of volunteer efforts in cleaning up different areas of PV. On April 1 we will be concentrating on Old Town Vallarta. Join us.

'Right Plant, Right Place' at Vallarta Garden Club

Vallarta Garden Club

Bruce Beckler will be helping us determine how and why some plants seem to thrive while others don’t. It should be a lively discussion with opportunity for you to ask your question! Join us at the Paradise Community Center on March 20.

Generous Donor to Match Funds in Support of Vallarta Beautification

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

A generous donor has offered to match funds received by March 15th, up to 80,000 pesos, as a challenge to all of us who want to support "Vallarta Beautification." Let's work together to beautify Puerto Vallarta.

PV Garden Club Announces the Preview Event for 2014 Bugambilia Festival

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

To set the stage for the festival and announce all we have planned in May, a Gala Cocktail Party will be held at the beautiful "Casa Chickie" in Coto San Xoaquin on Thursday, February 27th from 6:00 to 8:30 pm.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Vallarta-Nayarit


Read about some of the many events happening in Vallarta-Nayarit this week. The Rainbow Warror is in town, learn about vertical gardens, attend the Open House at IFC, tour PuRR, don't miss the Sayulita Fest or Alberto Mejia at the Palm, and more.

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club Meeting Introduces Vertical Gardens

Vallarta Garden Club

Vertical Gardens? Have you heard of them? Have you seen any? We're told it's a simple, easy to use system that can be tailored to fit any available space. They're becoming the "in-thing" as we all look to a greener future.

Vallarta Garden Club Presents Linda Harley as Guest Speaker

Vallarta Garden Club

Linda will share with us the spiritual connection of the Mayan people with their source of life, Maiz - the Food of the Gods. Join us at Paradise Community Center in Old Town Vallarta on Thursday, December 19.

Vallarta Garden Club Beautifying Our City and How You Can Help

Vallarta Garden Club

The Club is beginning its fourth full year with the important mission of stimulating the knowledge and love of gardening, and beautifying and protecting our local environment through civic planting projects and educational and horticultural programs.

What's Happening in May at No Way Jose!

No Way Jose!

This month, you'll enjoy Restaurant Week, Gay Pride and the Bugambilia Festival... what a fun month to be in Vallarta! If you're not in Vallarta this month, make sure to make your plans next year to be in PV during May.

This is YOUR CHANCE to be Part of the First Annual Bougainvillea Festival

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Lazaro Cardenas becomes an Artisan Pavilion starting this coming Friday, May 17, during the Bougainvillea Festival (Festival de Bugambilia). Activities go on through the following Saturday, May 25! Vallarta Garden Club needs your help.

Afternoon Tea and Downtown Vallarta Walking Tour

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Two special Bougainvillea Festival events are scheduled to be included in the Festival with the High Tea at Hacienda San Angel on May 22 and the Downtown Vallarta Walking Tour on the 22nd and 23rd of May.

Full Calendar of Events for May in and Around Puerto Vallarta

Galeria Vallarta

May is one of our most beautiful and event filled months of the year and it is unfortunate that so many people leave for the north early and miss our celebrations.

Vallarta Garden Club Announces First Annual Pet Parade and Contest

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

The event is divided into three categories: large pets, medium pets and small pets of which 5 finalists will be drawn from each category. These finalists will compete in front of the judges with all their grace and style to win the awards of 1st or 2nd place in each category.

Registration for the 'Crowns of the Dead' Contest and Parade

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

In conjunction with the 2013 Bougainvillea Festival in Puerto Vallarta, you are welcome to join the Catrina Parade and Contest to take place on May 18. All participants in the parade will have traditional face paintings and colourful costume designs.

Puerto Vallarta Bougainvillea Festival 2013

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Welcome to PV's Greatest Springtime Celebration on May 17 to 25! The Festival produces and coordinates daily events featuring diverse and creative programming promoting traditional and contemporary arts and culture, natural beauty, and community spirit.

Magnolia Vallartensis Named Official Flower of Puerto Vallarta

Vallarta Opina

The new species of Magnolia is a sample of the botanical wealth that can be seen in this region and in the future will be uniquely identified as the flower of Vallarta, as the Agave and Coconut Palm are identified with the State of Jalisco.

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club Presents 'Growing Orchids by the Seaside'

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Joaquin Aja will be our guest speaker at the April meeting of the Puerto Vallarta Garden Club. Join us at the Paradise Community Center on April 18 for updates on all of our city beautification projects.

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club Meeting on Pesticide Free Gardening

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Join us on March 21 at the Paradise Community Center where our guest speaker, Bruce Beckler, will speak on the topic of pesticide free gardening, the challenge they had to meet when pesticides were banned in Vancouver, B.C.

Kick-Off Party for the First Annual Bougainvillea Festival at No Way Jose!

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Join the Puerto Vallarta Garden Club for the formal announcement and party to officially kick-off the activities in preparation for Vallarta's First Annual Bougainvillea Festival at No Way Jose! on March 6.

Bougainvillea Festival in the Works by Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

We hope to make PV the Bougainvillea Capital of the World. Our first annual Bougainvillea Festival, in coordination with Restaurant Week, will be May 17-24, 2013. Join us in our upcoming planning events.

President Obama's Second Inaugural Celebration

Democrats Abroad

Democrats Abroad is sponsoring this event to witness the swearing in, inaugural speech and parade on January 21. All proceeds will be given to support the good work of Paradise Community Center.

The Spectacular Rebirth of Puerto Vallarta's Lazaro Cardenas Park

When my sisters were forced to move their bookstore/cafe from the corner of Olas Altas and Manuel M. Dieguez to the other side of Lazaro Cardenas Park, under and next to the Hotel Eloisa, I thought all was lost.

Halloween and Day of the Dead Fiestas at No Way Jose

Not one, but two fun-filled parties to start the new season like only NWJ can! Join us on Halloween with the cast of Rocky Horror and on November 2 for our 2nd Annual Day of the Dead/Season Opening Party.

Join the PV Garden Club in Making Vallarta Even More Beautiful

PV Garden Club

Puerto Vallarta is poised to be even more successful economically than we were before as a magnet for tourism. We are proud to include as members many native Puerto Vallartans and our goal is to be more than an ex-pat club.

PV Garden Club Announces Bougainvillea Festival

Virtual Vallarta

The long-anticipated 2013 Bougainvillea Festival has been officially announced by the Puerto Vallarta Garden Club and is scheduled to take place May 17 - 24, 2013.

Puerto Vallarta Ramps Up Ecological Offerings

Fideicomiso de Turismo de Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is blessed with ecological diversity and beauty. Banderas Bay shelters numerous diverse ecosystems, including tropical lagoons, rainforests, mangroves, pristine beaches, waterfalls, and spectacular mountains.

Getting to Know the Jungle Around Puerto Vallarta


The Vallarta Botanical Gardens are a must-see, no matter where you find yourself in Mexico. The place is located 24 kilometers south of Puerto Vallarta, right on Palms-to-Pines coastal highway 200.

PV Garden Club Seeks Volunteers for Green Thumb Mission

Virtual Vallarta

Do you have a green thumb and a few hours to spare? The Puerto Vallarta Garden Club is taking over Lazaro Cardenas Plaza on Saturday, June 16, for a full day event, with the mission of landscaping this beautiful but somewhat neglected green space in Old Town Vallarta.

Garden Club Makes PV Even More Beautiful

Vallarta Botanical Gardens

The Puerto Vallarta Garden Club has raised the money for these plantings through annual membership dues and sales of planter sponsorships. Sponsors can choose the wording on a tile affixed to a planter-box.

Flower and Garden Show at VBG

Vallarta Botanical Gardens

The Vallarta Botanical Gardens is hosting its fourth annual Flower and Garden Show from March 25 to March 30, filled with garden and floral related demonstrations, activities, a photo contest, vendors and the Capomo Festival.

Monarchs Spotted in Canada, Should Be in Mexico


Monarch butterflies should mostly be in Texas by now, winging their way to Mexico for the winter. But Darlene Burgess keeps seeing colorful clusters of them - and she lives in Canada.

Boosting Bees Could Make for a Greener Mexico City

Thomson Reuters Foundation

Urban beekeeping is on the rise in cities such as London and New York where homeowners, companies and restaurants are setting up rooftop hives that each house thousands of bees. But strict rules in densely packed Mexico City about the location of hives restrict them mainly to the city fringes.

Monarch Butterflies Begin the Long Journey to Mexico

Great Big Story

The largest insect migration in the world ends each year in Michoacan, Mexico. Millions of monarch butterflies travel from the United States and Canada to pass the cold months in the towering trees of this beautiful forest.

Logging Curbed in Most of Mexico’s Monarch Forests

Mexico News Daily

Work by the environmental police division of the National Gendarmerie has translated into a 94% decline in illegal logging in the winter habitat of the monarch butterfly.

CDMX Fishermen Fight to Save Aztec Floating Gardens

Agence France-Presse

The number of fishermen here has plunged over the years, leading to booming populations of tilapia and carp - invasive species that are threatening the already strained ecosystem of Xochimilco, a green lung vital to the health of smog-choked Mexico City.

Ancient Mexico Crop Could Help Fight World Hunger

China Central Television

It’s estimated that 1 in 9 people around the world suffer from chronic hunger. Most countries still opt for rice, wheat and corn as main sources for carbohydrates. But experts say an ancient and forgotten food crop from Mexico can also help solve world hunger issues.

'Solid Rain' Helps Farmers Fight Drought in Jalisco

Al Jazeera

Agriculture uses a huge amount of the world’s freshwater supply, but a Mexican company may have found a way to ease the pressure.

This Affordable Biodegradable Paper Donut Could Help Reforest the Planet


Called the Cocoon, this simple invention protects seedlings from harsh arid climates and reduces the amount of water they need to thrive - and boosts their survival rate by as much as 80%.

How a Teenager Is on Track to Plant a Trillion Trees

National Geographic

Felix Finkbeiner is 19 - and Plant-for-the-Planet, the environmental group he founded, together with the UN’s Billion Tree campaign, has planted more than 14 billion trees in more than 130 nations.

#SaveTheHive - Join Bee Rescue at Slow Food Mexico

Slow Food Mexico

Slow Food Mexico has recently launched the #SalvaLaColmena - Save the Hive - campaign to spread awareness on the issue and inform us on how we can be a part of their campaign to help save the bees.

A Look Inside Mexico's Blooming Fresh Flower Industry

CGTN America

In Mexico, Valentine's Day is called the "Day of Love and Friendship." Many Mexicans express those feelings by giving fresh flowers to loved ones.

'Drone Bees' Are Comically Inept, Expensive and Dangerous to Real Bees


Bees are in decline in many areas. That’s a problem for agriculture because bees are vital to the environment and are primarily responsible for pollinating many plants. Some researchers have come up with the idea of creating robotic bee-like drones to take over the job of pollination.

Monarch Butterfly Numbers Drop 27 Percent in Mexico

The Asian Age

The number of monarch butterflies wintering in Mexico dropped by 27 percent this year, reversing last year's recovery from historically low numbers, according to a study by government and independent experts.

Rare Baja Plant Named After Guitarist Jimi Hendrix

I4U News

Researchers have recently paid tribute to rock legend Jimi Hendrix by naming a new plant species, found only in Baja California, after him.

Mexico Opens Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve

Agencia EFE

Mexico's Biosphere Reserve opened for tourist visits as the monarch migration season picks up, but conservationists aren't estimating how many of the threatened orange and black butterflies there are just yet.

Nanofarm Promises Little Work, Lots of Fresh Produce


For many city-dwelling apartment renters, securing a home with a sprig of green space is a tall order, let alone a place that gets enough sunshine or rain to cultivate a fresh vegetable garden. A pair of designers have found a way to bring farms to homes - no outdoor space required.

Monarch Butterflies Are Arriving in Mexico 'On Time'

Mexico News Daily

The first monarch butterflies have arrived at their wintering grounds in the forest sanctuaries of the states of Mexico and Michoacan, the National Protected Areas Commission reports.

Volunteers Watch Over Mexico's Monarchs' Reserves

Mexico News Daily

More than 1,500 volunteers are helping to keep illegal loggers from felling trees in the national protected area of the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in the states of Mexico and Michoacan.

Monsanto Loses GMO Soybean Permit in Mexico


The latest country to make headlines with regards to banning Monsanto products is Mexico, as a group of beekeepers was successful in stopping Monsanto from the planting of soybeans that are genetically modified to resist their Round-up herbicide.

Journey Into the Incredible Cloud Forests of Mexico

Atlas Obscura

Discover why the pristine cloud forests of Mexico - threatened by coffee, logging and climate change - are so special and learn why it's so important to conserve the wild places of the earth.

Vertical Gardens Raise Green Awareness in Mexico


Mexico City seeks to combat pollution and improve its urban landscape with a project modifying hundreds of pillars supporting elevated roads with vertical gardens.

Storms Decimate Monarch Butterflies' Mexico Habitat

Deutsche Welle

Extreme weather in Mexico this year has killed an estimated 7 percent of the monarch butterfly population. The long-term survival of the butterfly may be threatened.

NGOs Call to Protect Mayan Beekeeping Communities


Indigenous people are threatened by deforestation and contamination of their land caused by the cultivation of genetically modified soy. The situation is worsening because the Mexican government has not adopted effective measures to safeguard the rights of the communities.

Police Deployed in Central Mexico to Protect Monarch Butterfly Reserve

New China

Mexico has deployed police officers to patrol the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in the center of the country to prevent illegal logging, the government announced Tuesday.

Monarchs to Get Endangered Species Act Protection

Center for Biological Diversity

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is now legally bound to determine whether to protect imperiled monarch butterflies under the Endangered Species Act, according to the terms of an agreement reached with conservation groups.

Farmers in Mexico Are Giving Nighttime Firefly Tours to Preserve Their Forests


Fireflies’ annual mating ritual is one of nature’s most stunning events, and a small farming community in Mexico wants tourists to see it.

Seeds Smuggled from Mexico May Cause Extinctions

CCTV America

When we think of global threats of extinction, exotic animals usually come to mind. But many rare plants also are at risk of disappearing forever.

Mexico to Plant 18 Million Trees Against Pollution

Agence France-Presse

Authorities will plant 18 million trees in Mexico City and its surrounding suburbs as part of efforts to combat air pollution, the government said.

Biohackers Mexico Urbanites Experiment with LED-Lit Indoor Farming


Mexico City resident Leonardo Moreno grows his own vegetables, but not in a rooftop garden warmed by sunlight. Moreno uses LED lights to grow spinach, lettuce and other leafy greens in small fish tanks inside his apartment.

Artists, Scientists Urge Americas to Save the Monarchs

Agence France-Presse

Some 200 intellectuals, scientists and artists from around the world have urged the leaders of Mexico, the United States and Canada to save North America's endangered migratory Monarch butterfly.

Monarch Population in Jeopardy After Mexican Storm

CBC News

North Americans hoping to catch a glimpse of monarch butterflies this spring will have to look a little harder because a late winter storm in Mexico may have wiped out up to 50 per cent of the butterfly's population.

Man Marries Tree in Mexico to Raise Eco-Awareness


For an eighth time, Peruvian actor and environmental activist Ricardo Torres has symbolically married a tree as part of an ecological awareness campaign to urge others to care for the environment.

Protecting Forests and the People Who Protect Trees


Conserving forests and protecting forest activists need to become priorities in the global fight against climate change, says a coalition of activists, scientists, and nongovernmental groups.

Monarch Butterflies Are Not on the Road to Recovery

Center for Food Safety

As much as we welcome the news of a larger monarch population this year, it is far too soon to declare that monarchs are on the road to recovery. A recent event and a just-released scientific paper confirm our skepticism.

World Water Day Highlights the Need for Safe Water


March 22nd marks World Water Day, and this year, we look at how using water wisely is everyone’s business.

Environmental Agency Says Monarch Butterflies Survive Mexico's Severe Cold Snap

The Associated Press

The monarch butterflies that winter in the mountains west of Mexico City survived the severe cold snap that hit the area last week, authorities said.

Bee Extinction Would Bring About Ecological Disaster


The declining population of wild bees, a species that produces countless benefits for humans, is an overwhelming concern for many of the world’s academics.

Mexico's Wetlands-Turned-Gardens Fight Extinction

Inter Press Service

The chinampas are rich in muck and decaying vegetation, which provide nutrients for the crops, while the ditches between them give the plants continuous access to water. As a result, the vegetables grown there are especially rich in nutrients.

Mexico Documents Big Rebound in Monarch Butterflies

The Associated Press

Monarch butterflies have made a big comeback in their wintering grounds in Mexico, after suffering serious declines, investigators say.

Mexico's Monarch Butterfly Numbers Flutter Upwards


More are surviving, but the overall number of monarch butterflies traveling thousands of miles to North America is still well below two decades ago.

The Magic of Mexico's Monarch Butterfly Migration

Yahoo! Travel

Every year billions of monarch butterflies make the 3,000 mile trek from Eastern Canada and the U.S. to the UNESCO sanctuaries in the Transatlantic Volcanic area outside of Mexico City to mate.

Giving Mexico City a Makeover by Growing Gardens

CCTV America

Francisco Ayala has transformed his neighborhood by turning an abandoned public space into a gardening school and animal shelter. He holds workshops to teach others too.

Unexpected Orchid Found In Mexico Deciduous Forest

Nature World News

A team of scientists, led by Dr. Carlos L. Leopardi-Verde of the Universidad de Colima, stumbled upon an exotic flower in bloom while on Mexico's Pacific slope of Oaxaca state.

Lawsuit Launched for Protection of Monarch Butterflies

Center for Biological Diversity

Two environmental groups filed a notice of intent to sue the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service over its failure to protect the monarch butterfly under the Endangered Species Act.

In Mexico, Hopes of an Uptick in Butterfly Migration

The Christian Science Monitor

After two decades of decline, Mexico hopes for a dramatic increase this winter in numbers of the world's farthest migrating butterfly population.

A Mexican-American Christmas Tale: From 'Good Night' Flower to Poinsettia


The tradition of decorating homes with it comes from the U.S. In 1828, Joel Robert Poinsett, the first U.S. minister to Mexico, who was also a physician and amateur botanist, was impressed by its beauty and sent a few plants home.

Mexico Is One of the Worst Victims of Deforestation

Al Jazeera

Organized criminal gangs have helped make Mexico one of the worst victims of deforestation in the world. However, a small community is now taking on illegal loggers who used to be supported by gangs to protect their trees.

Vallarta Activist Has a Lot to Say About Climate Change

Vallarta Saludable A & P

Olympic skier and climate activist Suzy Chaffee joins the calls of millions around the world to ensure binding agreements on climate change by the 200 world leaders during the COP21 2015 Paris conference.

Monarch Butterflies Make Annual Migration to Mexico


Thousands of orange and black Monarch butterflies have started arriving in their winter home of central Mexico. Millions of the insects embark on an arduous journey from as far north as Canada as part of an annual migration.

Mexico Hopes for 3-4 Times More Monarch Butterflies

Associated Press

The number of orange-and-black monarch butterflies reaching their wintering grounds in central Mexico this year may be three or four times higher than the previous year, authorities say.

Medicinal Plants Popular and Unprotected in Mexico

Inter Press Service

In this Latin American country of 120 million inhabitants, eight out of 10 people use traditional plants or animal products to cure ailments.

Hurricane Patricia: How Monarch Butterflies Faced Down the Storm in Mexico

The approach of Hurricane Patricia drove many residents and tourists away from the storm, but one group of seasonal visitors was flying directly into its path: the continent’s flock of monarch butterflies, which migrates to Mexico each fall.

Logging Almost Triples in Monarch Butterfly Haven

The Associated Press

Illegal logging has almost tripled in the monarch butterfly's wintering grounds in central Mexico, reversing several years of steady improvements, investigators announced.

More Than 40 Percent of Bee Hives Died in Past Year

wochit News

More than two out of five American honeybee colonies died in the past year, and surprisingly the worst die-off was in the summer, according to a federal survey.

Mayor of Mexico City Orders Schools to Grow Gardens

Agencia EFE

The 110 Mexico City public schools participating in the SaludArte program to fight obesity and promote healthy eating must start urban gardens, the head of the capital's government, Miguel Angel Mancera, said.

Racing to Save Mexico City's Floating Gardens


Unchecked urbanization is destroying what's left of the Mexican capital's pre-Aztec chinampas of Xochimilco.

Attorney General Reports Illegal Sawmills Shut Down Near Mexican Butterfly Reserve

Yahoo! News

Mexico's environmental protection agency has shut down six illegal sawmills in an area near important wintering grounds for Monarch butterflies that migrate between Mexico and the United States.

'The Situation Is Desperate' for Monarch Butterflies

PRI's The World

The United States, Canada and Mexico share borders and trade agreements, and now a new plan announced this week by the White House might have the three countries cooperating around butterflies and bees as well.

Environmental Groups Ask UN to List Mexico Monarch Butterfly Reserve as in Danger

Wochit News

Activists from Mexico, the United States and Canada have filed a request to the U.N. World Heritage Committee to place the Monarch Butterfly Reserve wintering sites on the list of sites considered in danger.

Bordofarms Program Puts Homeless Deportees to Work Along the Tijuana River

Al Jazeera

Bordofarms is a modest but innovative program launched by young activists and entrepreneurs who want to help deportees from the US and clean up Tijuana, a city of almost 3 million people in the Mexican state of Baja California.

Green Urban Gardening Increases in Mexico City

CCTV Africa

Mexico City has set itself an ambitious target its trying to get city residents to produce between 25 and 30% of the greens they consume. How? Through urban gardening.

The Fight Against Illegal Logging on Behalf of Mexico's Monarch Butterflies

Fronteras Desk

The Monarch butterfly is an icon in Mexico. You’ll see its image plastered on airport terminals, replicated in women’s fashion and printed on currency. But Mexico hasn’t always done an exemplary job protecting the butterfly.

Monarch Numbers Up, But Still at Risk of Extinction

Center for Biological Diversity

The 56.5 million monarchs currently gathered in Mexico for the winter represents a population decline of 82 percent from the 20-year average. This year’s population was expected to be much larger due to nearly perfect climate conditions during the breeding season.

Fewer Monarchs Surviving Winter Migration to Mexico

The Star

Declining by more than 90% in the past two decades, the monarch butterfly may soon exist as nothing but memory.

More Monarchs Return to Mexico, But Now Face Cold

The Associated Press

More Monarch butterflies appear to have made the long flight to their winter nesting ground in western Mexico, raising hopes after their number dropped to a record low last year. But experts still fear that unusual cold temperatures will threaten the orange and black insects.

Hopes for Increase in Mexico Monarch Migration

BBC News

Mexico, the US and Canada have all made efforts to increase butterfly numbers including developing an organic fertilizer which has been spread through the Oyamel Fir Forests of Mexico to protect the monarchs.

LatAm Announces Plans to Fight Climate Change


Eight Latin American countries have announced an initiative to restore 20 million hectares of degraded forest and farmland, seeking to use this land to store carbon in natural vegetation and cut emissions that cause global warming.

Chemicals Blamed for Mexico's Vanishing Monarchs

The annual migration of the monarch butterflies, one of the most inspiring natural phenomena on the planet, may be coming to an end. But Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says it's not too late to save them.

Bamboo Could Be a Savior for Climate Change

Inter Press Service

Bamboo has been part of Jamaica’s culture for thousands of years, but it has never really taken off as a tool or an option to resolve some of the challenges the country faces. That’s until recently.

Monarch Butterflies Expected to Rebound in Mexico

The Associated Press

Mexican officials from the World Wildlife Fund are expressing their optimism that the monarch butterfly population may soon rebound, as the deforestation of their wintering habitats is showing signs of having significantly slowed

Monarch Butterfly May Gain Threatened Status

Nature World News

In a legal petition filed this week, conservation groups asked the Obama administration to deem the monarchs as "threatened" under the Endangered Species Act.

Mexico President Pena Nieto Launches New Forest Reforestation Campaign

The News

President Enrique Pena Nieto has said that one of the ways that Mexico will be combating deforestation is through sowing 190 million new plants.

Mexico City Roof Gardens Take Root to Combat Smog


In one of the world's biggest and most polluted cities, rooftop gardens are springing up in an effort to battle the smog, part of an initiative driven by the city's government.

The Beautiful Reason You Should Plant Milkweed

Mother Nature Network

It may take a grassroots gardening effort to bring migrating monarch butterfly populations back from the brink of danger. Now’s your chance: Plant milkweed.

Butterfly Species Once Threatened by Climate Change Adapts to New Habitat

The Guardian

A butterfly species whose population collapsed because of climate change and habitat loss has defied predictions of extinction to rapidly move to cooler climes and change its food plant.

Mayan Women Work to Save Native Bees of Mexico


A group of indigenous women are challenging ancient social norms in order to preserve an endangered species: the stingless bee known as Melipona Beecheii.

Changing Environment Means Fewer Monarch Butterflies Are Becoming 'Snowbirds'

PBS NewsHour

Monarch butterflies migrate to warmer regions each winter, but in recent years Mexico has seen far fewer monarch arrivals. Environmental changes have eliminated the butterflies' sources of food and shelter along the way.

Green: Not Just the Color of Mexico's Christmas Trees


On the outskirts of Mexico City, at a plantation called El Pinar de la CIMA, people are finding truly "green" Christmas trees. That is, trees that are part of a multi-decade government conservation program.

Watch Earth's Forests Disappear Before Your Eyes


Want to see exactly how awful deforestation really is? You actually do - because this video is as mesmerizing to watch as it is alarming to comprehend.

GM Mexico Improves Environment One Tree at a Time

GM Mexico

Four facilities in Mexico demonstrated their commitment by organizing several tree planting events in 2013 where more than 8,000 trees have been planted by GM employees.

Green Growth: Mexico President Unveils National Climate Change Strategy

Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto has unveiled a National Climate Change Strategy that he says will lead to "green growth" in the country.

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