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Paraíso Felino is a cat sanctuary located in the small town of San Juan De Abajo, about 25 miles northeast of Puerto Vallarta.

We house an average of 300 cats at any given time, some of whom have been victims of terrible circumstances including abuse and starvation, many simply abandoned. Our goal is to provide a temporary place to stay for homeless felines, and a refuge for those not adoptable.

Paraíso Felino actively works to find adoptive homes for their cats and is able to place between 20 to 30 cats each year with responsible families, but the incoming rate is high and help to place them is necessary.

Paraíso Felino is privately owned and operated by Janina, her mother and a few generous individuals. It is a registered non-profit organization in Mexico. Donations are key to their success.

With the cooperation of Dr. Poly Lopez and PEACE ANIMALS, all the cats are spayed or neutered, have had their shots and are ready for adoption. They each have names and Janina is very familiar with all of their wonderful personalities.

Because we strongly believe that spaying and neutering is the answer to unwanted homeless animals, we also sponsor Spay Day campaigns in the area and work with other non-profits to provide this service free of charge to the locals. Our educational efforts have helped to shift local attitudes as more and more people are opting to sterilize and vaccinate their pets.

For our cat sanctuary, every dollar makes a difference. It costs monthly about $600 US to buy food, $250 US for litter, and more. It might not seem like that much in American dollars, however it's a much greater expense when you consider that their local economy is based on the peso and that most of their supplies are imported form the U.S.

Not only are donations used to feed and care for the cats, also to maintain the shelter house and property. Help us help them!

Adopt a Cat... They're Great Company

How You Can Help Paraiso Felino Cat Shelter

Adopt a pet. If you are looking for a companion and cherished friend, why not adopt a cat during your vacation?

Make a donation. Cash is obviously the most needed donation but there are other things you can donate too. Sometimes all we need is someone to bring already donated supplies down with them!

Be a foster home. The shelters are overflowing and the homes of many volunteers are already packed to the rafters with rescued pets. If you're staying in the Puerto Vallarta area for an extended time, consider being a foster home. Any time and love that you can give these animals will be a wonderful thing. Bringing them to local adoption events and spreading the word through your contacts can help place these loving animals in the homes they deserve.

Please consider making a small donation to our organization.

Official bank account here in Mexico at Banorte:
Paraiso Felino AC
Clabe  - 072 375 00587787486 8
Account # 0587787486

If you are part of an animal welfare organization, open a discussion within your group about how you can implement greener practices.

Share this with any other animal welfare groups you know of who are looking for ways to be more eco-friendly.

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Contact: Janina Erban
Luis Donaldo Colosio 5
San Miguel, Esperanza
San Juan de Abajo, Nayarit 63730

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