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For more than 20 years, TalaveraEtc in Puerto Vallarta has been offering a wide selection of the finest traditional quality Poblana Talavera pottery from the foremost workshops in Puebla, as well as Mexican handcrafts and folk art from Oaxaca, Guerrero, Michoacan, Nayarit, Guanajuato, and Jalisco Mexico.

Most of the Talavera pottery offered by Talavera etc, including dinnerware sets, place settings, and individual pieces of Talavera pottery for kitchen, bathroom, and garden can be special ordered in any pattern found in our Talavera Patterns galleries.

Learn about the many shapes and sizes of our fine Talavera pottery, then take a closer look at the quality and design of the Talavera ceramics, dinnerware, sinks, bathroom accessories, jewelry boxes and garden ornaments in our Talavera Collections gallery. Ordering dinnerware from our Standard Sets provides substantial savings, as well as shipping benefits.

Talavera etc's collection of Decorative Tiles offer interior designers many choices for decorating and remodeling. Our selection of high quality hand-painted Talavera Mural and Tiles are ideal for ornamentation and accenting small spaces. Inquiries from interior decorators and re-sellers are welcome.

Handmade and individually crafted by master craftsmen in Puebla Mexico for more than 400 years, Talavera ceramics have a long and colorful History. Today, the craft is perpetuated by individual families of master craftsmen, still performing the age-old two-firing Process that has been passed down through the centuries to create the unique color and sheen characteristic to authentic Talavera ceramics.

Though we specialize in quality Talavera tiles, sinks, ceramics and pottery, this beautiful little shop and art gallery in Puerto Vallarta Mexico also offers a wide selection of collectible Mexican folk art - dolls, saints, tin figures, retablos, milagros, nichos, Day of the Dead art, original paintings, masks, Huichol art, decoupage, wood carvings and many other wonderful Mexican Handcrafts from all over Mexico. We also have a limited collection of one-of-a-kind pieces of silver jewelry, many with semi-precious stone settings.

From small decorative items to complete sets of Talavera dinnerware, at TalaveraEtc you are sure to find the perfect piece for that special place in your home. We invite you to stop by our Talavera Shop in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to see and feel the vibrancy and warmth of the fine craftsmanship of Mexican Talavera pottery for yourself.

The History of Talavera Ceramics

Talavera pottery and tile from Puebla Mexico

Ceramics have had a prevailing place in the lives of the Mexican people for centuries. The earthenware vessels and utensils found in archaeological ruins across Mexico demonstrate the techniques used in their ceramics: the use of clay, the knowledge of primitive firing techniques, and their means of adding color and designs.

Puebla's Talavera decended from Arabic-Andalusian tradition and began in Spain in the ninth century, when the influence of the Arabic culture was passed on to Spanish potters. In Talavera de la Reina Spain, it became very popular and took on the characteristic stylistic forms toward the 16th century.

Between 1550 and 1570 a number of Spanish potters from the city of Talavera de la Reina arrived in Puebla Mexico. The blending of societies allowed the indigenous people to learn new techniques, and the combination of styles gave new life to Mexican earthenware. Poblano Talavera is the product of the fusion of these styles and influences. By the 18th century, talavera workshops began evolving into actual factories, resulting in a rapid and extensive distribution that reached almost every corner of Mexico.

Today the craft is perpetuated by individual families of master craftsmen, still performing the age-old rituals and techniques that have been passed down through the centuries. There are only a few workshops in Mexico - all located in Puebla - that offer authentic Talavera pottery made accordingly to the craftsmanship legacy.

TalaveraEtc. in Old Town Vallarta

TalaveraEtc is a beautiful little shop in Puerto Vallarta Mexico that specializes in the finest handcrafted Mexican ceramic, Talavera pottery and Talavera tile from Puebla Mexico.

Here you will also find that unique home decor or gift item that you've been searching for among tin pieces, woodcarvings from Oaxaca, angels, mermaids, dolls, masks, and other unique folk art pieces from around Mexico.

From small decorative items to complete sets of Talavera dinnerware, you are sure to find the perfect piece for that special place in your home. Professional packing and delivery by airfreight are available. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express accepted.

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