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Hospitals & Clinics Around Banderas Bay

Puerto Vallarta • Riviera Nayarit 

Bilingual medical, dental, chiropractic, and physical therapy services, as well as modern hospitals with high-tech equipment and fully accredited physicians, assure that patients can expect the same quality of health care in Puerto Vallarta as they would receive in the US, and at very reasonable prices.

Alto Nivel en Atencion Especia
(Emergency Hospital at CMQ)
Basilio Badillo 365
Col. E. Zapata, Old Town Vallarta  48380
24/7 Service
Tel: (322) 223-4738

AmeriMed American Hospital
Boulevard Francisco Medina Ascencio Loc D-1
Col. Plaza Neptuno, Marina Vallarta 48334
24/7 Service
Tel: (322) 226-2080
Visit the Website

AmeriMed Urgent Care (Emergency Services)
Boulevard Francisco Medina Ascencio
Col. Plaza Neptuno, Marina Vallarta 48334
24/7 Service
Tel: (322) 209-0138

ANKU (Men's Clinic)
Ecuador 1494
Col. Lazaro Cardenas, Puerto Vallarta 48330
Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm, Saturday: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Tel: (322)222-7161, (322) 225-1183
Visit the Website

CMQ Hospital of Vallarta
Basilio Badillo 365
Col. E. Zapata, Old Town Vallarta 48380
24/7 Service
Tel: (322) 223-1919
Visit the Website

CMQ Premiere Hospital
Francisco Villa 1749
Col. Vallarta Villas, Puerto Vallarta 48300
24/7 Service
Tel: (322) 226-6500
Visit the Website

Cornerstone Hospital
Los Tules 136 (by Plaza Caracol)
Col. Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, Puerto Vallarta 48310
Hours: 24 hour infirmary, specialists by appointment
Tel: (322) 226-3700, (322) 293-5111
Visit the Website

Cruz Roja Mexicana (Red Cross)
Rio de la Plata 250
Col. Lopez Mateos, Puerto Vallarta
Tel: (322) 222-4973
Visit the Website

Diagnostico Integral Vallarta (DIV)
Francisco Villa 1456
Colonia Los Sauces, Puerto Vallarta
Tel: (322) 224-8049, (322) 224-8622
Visit the Website

Health-Plus Pharmacy & Medical Clinic (Punta de Mita Emergency & Medical)
Av El Anclote 19, Manzana 3
Punta de Mita, Nayarit
Hours: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm, Closed for lunch, 24hr Emergency Service
Tel: Dr. Rigoberto Herrera, 045-322-779-7991

IMSS Hospital General
Fco Medina Asencio 2066
Col. Centro, Puerto Vallarta
Tel: (322) 224-0219

La Cruz Walk-in Clinic
Carretera Punta de Mita – La Cruz
169 Norte Local 2
La Cruz de Huanacaxtle
Hours M-F 8:00 am - 10:00 pm. Weekend, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Pharmacy delivery service
Tel: (329) 295-5437
Emergency cellular for doctors: (322) 116-9295 or 135-0449

Medasist Hospital
Manuel M Dieguez 360
Col. Emiliano Zapata, Old Town Vallarta 48380
24/7 Service
Tel: (322) 2230656 & (322) 2230618
Visit the Website
Medica Vallarta
Los Tules 116
Col. Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, Puerto Vallarta 48310
Monday - Friday: 10:00 am - 8:30 pm, Saturday: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Tel: (322) 225-3440, (322) 225-3445
Visit the Website

Punta Mita Hospital
Ramal Carretera Federal 200 KM 19 No. 1
Punta de Mita, Riviera Nayarit
Telephone: (329) 688-0068
Appointments: (329) 688-0059
Visit the Website

Real Nayar Hospital
Alfredo V. Bonfil #18 (corner of Bahia de Banderas)
La Peñita de Jaltemba, Nayarit
Tel: (327) 274-3794

Regional Hospital of Puerta Vallarta (Lower cost)
Noruega 580
Col. Villas del Real, El Pitillal 48290
Tel: (322) 299-5600, (322) 224-4000

San Javier Marina Hospital 
Fco Medina Ascencio 2760
Hotel Zone, Puerto Vallarta
24/7 Service
Tel: (322) 226-1010
Visit the Website

San Pancho/San Francisco Hospital
24 hr. emergency facilities
Tel: (311) 258-4077

Soundialys Clinic
Puerto Vallarta
Telephone: (322) 293 6906
Visit the Website

Versalles Hospital of Puerto Vallarta
Lucerna 145
Col. Versalles, Puerto Vallarta 48310
Tel: (322) 293-7394, (322) 224-9898

Ambulance Services:

Cornerstone 24 Hr Ambulance - (322) 226-1014
Critica Movil Ambulance - (322) 222-5758, (322) 222-5359
Global Air and Ground: (322) 226-1014
Intermedic Ambulancias - (322) 225-9289
Med Care Ambulance - (322) 222-3355
Medic Air - (329) 296-5444
MedLink Ambulance (Ameri-Med hospital) - 226-2080
MG Ambulances - (322) 225-0386, (322) 225-1165
Red Cross Ambulance: 065, (322) 222-1533, (322) 222-4973
San Javier Ambulance - (322) 226-1010

Medical Considerations in Puerto Vallarta

Hopefully, you will not have a medical emergency while in Puerto Vallarta, but you can rest assured that you will find top-notch medical care in the area. Several private hospitals are available that have multi-specialty physicians, many of whom are bi-lingual.

It is worth mentioning that Puerto Vallarta has lately gained a very good reputation on all types of medical services and cosmetic procedures, such as plastic and cosmetic surgery and specialized treatments. This is why "medical tourism" has considerably increased recently.

Most hotels have professional medical assistance around the clock, but you can choose the doctor and/or hospital you prefer.

Puerto Vallarta has a variety of ambulance services and air ambulances flying to the United States and other international locations.

Some hospitals are affiliated with international insurance companies, but it's a good idea to check with your insurance company before traveling.

Some medical facilities in Puerto Vallarta are affiliated with US or other international medical services.

If you use prescription medicines, we recommend you bring a prescription of current medicines and sufficient supply to cover your stay, in their original packages and in your carry-on luggage (unless liquid). This will identify that you have been legally prescribed these medicines and make it easy to find and purchase refills, if necessary.

If you need glasses or use contact lenses, it's a good idea to bring a spare pair with you, but you can purchase eyeglasses or contact lenses at department stores, such as Costco (without a prescription), but also bring a copy of your prescription to make sure you purchase correctly.

Special dietary requirements can be filled if you plan and advise your hotel in advance. Please let your doctor and tour director know about your requirements and be sure to confirm this with your waiter at each meal.

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Lighthouse Retirement & Assisted Living Facility in Vallarta

Lighthouse Home Care

Lighthouse Home Care Resort is located in one of the zones with the most privileged weather by Mexico, in a quiet neighborhood, surrounded by extraordinary nature providing our residents a continuous life quality.

HealthCare Resources PV Hot Topics and November Clinics

HealthCare Resources

The summer has whizzed right by us and here we are in high season once again! Welcome back to those that headed north for the summer! We are off and running!

HealthCare Resources October Clinics in PV and Bucerias

HealthCare Resources

A big hello to everyone and a special hello to those returning for the ‘high season’! The summer has zipped by and we will soon be in the whirlwind of the next few months. Animo! We have so much going on in October.

Pink Wave Cocktail Event Kicks off October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

HealthCare Resources

Each October we focus on Breast Cancer Awareness with a variety of special activities and events. This is not to raise any monies. It is all about creating AWARENESS! We hope that you will participate with us!

May Clinics in Puerto Vallarta by HealthCare Resources

HealthCare Resources

Not a long newsletter this month. Just the upcoming clinics as we work on some items for this summer!

October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month Events

HealthCare Resources

We hope you will participate in these events! They are all at no charge because we feel it is vitally important to promote knowledge and awareness.

News, October Clinics and Speakers Schedule for HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta

HealthCare Resources

This is going to be a long one! We have many activities as we roll into the fall/winter season! Where in the world did the summer go? October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

CMQ Hospitals in Vallarta-Nayarit Exclusive Invitation to Sharp's Experience

CMQ Hospital

Learning form Sharp Healthcare: Daring Greatly, going beyond our comfort zone to transform the healthcare experience. Hospital CMQ was proud to be the only hospital in Puerto Vallarta to be invited to Sharp´s Experience All-physicians and Staff assembly.

The Puerto Vallarta Travel Show 'Healthcare, Insurance and Medical Tourism'

The Puerto Vallarta Travel Show

Okay, how many of you vacationers who travel to Mexico buy travel insurance before you leave for your trip? You don’t?

Advanced Medical Care as State-of-the-Art Punta Mita Hospital Opens

Punta Mita

Advanced medical care and amenities of the $4 million project set to rival the most advanced medical establishments in the U.S.

Medical Matters Community Healthcare Event Returns to CasaMagna Marriott


Meet physicians, ask questions, learn about local labs and diagnostic centers, hospitals – anything and everything to do with your health and well-being.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Vallarta-Nayarit


A lot is going on around Banderas Bay this week including Live Shows and Concerts, Ceviche & Aguachile Market, Fundraisers, Art Walks, Cooking Classes, Charity Bingo, TED Talks, Vallarta Cup, Farmers Markets every day of the week, and so much more.

U.S. Consular Agents Invite You to 'Bring a Thing' for PV's Regional Hospital

Vallarta Consulate

Our American Consulates are asking you to participate in bringing needed items to Puerto Vallarta's State Hospital for the poor as part of the US Northern Command Humanitarian Donation Ceremony.

TREGroup Reminds Us It's Easy to Give the Gift of Life

Timothy Real Estate Group

Blood is always needed, since surgeries and accidents are daily life occurrences. There are restrictions for those willing to help the less fortunate, and we are happy to report they’ve been relaxed in the past few years in Puerto Vallarta.

New Pharmacy Program for US Veterans in Vallarta

HealthCare Resources PV

I have begun many new projects there, one of them being setting up our new Pharmacy Program for veterans who have been paying out of pocket for their medications.

Give the Gift of Life: Blood Donation Requirements Relaxed in Vallarta-Nayarit

HealthCare Resources PV

Please consider donating the Gift of Life, just as soon as you can! It's a daily battle searching for blood for critical patients in all of our local hospitals.

The Journey to a Unified & Universal Health Care System Starts in June

Mexico News Daily

The road to a unified and universal health care system in Mexico is just beginning its first phase, an exchange of services among the hospitals of the different health institutions, a change that is expected to offer improved medical care for the end user.

Typical Medical Procedures in Puerto Vallarta

Transformation & Wellness Center

Being a tourist destination by itself Medical Tourism in Puerto Vallarta offers the possibility to recover and relax in a wonderful location while enjoying great beaches and sunsets at the same time.

Puerto Vallarta is a World Class Medical Tourism Destination

Visit Puerto Vallarta

Thousands of travelers from all over the world visit Puerto Vallarta for medical treatments and surgery due to the infrastructure, doctors, competitive prices, quality of service and all the extras that this destination has to offer.

Image Fusion Technology Combines MRI and Ultrasound Images to Treat Prostate Cancer

PR Web

Puerto Vallarta is now one of only three international treatment sites in the Americas offering image fusion and the newest software offering the benefits of multi-mode imaging that sees the outside and inside of the targeted area at the same time.

Jalisco Ministry of Health Announces Surgical Medical Conference


For the third year, the Jalisco Ministry of Health (SSJ) will start the Medical Surgical Conference which aims to perform surgery free of charge to those poor people who have diseases of low complexity.

CMQ Group Plans to Open Two New Hospitals in Bucerias and Punta de Mita

CMQ Hospital Group

Due to the growing demand for hospital services in the State of Nayarit, CMQ Group will open two hospitals in the towns of Bucerias and Punta de Mita, giving ease of access to quality hospital services.

Medical and Wellness Tourism Popular in Vallarta

FTN News

Puerto Vallarta is home to hundreds of spas offering all types of treatments that will help rejuvenate and stimulate the mind, body and soul amidst beautiful and relaxing surroundings.

Puerto Vallarta Announces the Return of Medical Tourism Congress


President of the Congress of Medical Tourism, Carlos Arceo Real, reported at a press conference that this year the event returns home to Puerto Vallarta on December 7-9 for its sixth year.

United States Navy Continues to Spread Goodwill to Puerto Vallarta

Navy League

Puerto Vallarta was honored to welcome the USS Lake Champlain, a US Navy Guided Missile Cruiser, to its waters last week. They were here mainly to deliver much needed medical supplies, as a goodwill gesture from Northcom of the U.S. Government.

Medical Matters Community Healthcare Event Returns to CasaMagna Marriott


The full day at no charge to the public to attend will include 60+ exhibits of health-related services from hospitals to insurance reps and everything in between on Monday, February 9.

Blood Donations Needed in Vallarta for Jimmie Ellis


Jimmie is in San Javier Hospital with early stage renal failure and a very low hemoglobin. He is on heamodylasis and needs blood. His blood type is B+ which is a rare type only 8% of the population has.

Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery with Dr. Hidalgo in Puerto Vallarta

Bariatric Pal

I can't say enough good things about my trip to Puerto Vallarta and about Dr. Hidalgo. I still have a ways to go but am so grateful for the experience and the change in my life. I can't wait to go back and take a vacation in Puerto Vallarta!

Puerto Vallarta's Medical Tourism is Booming

Pub Memo

The infrastructure in Puerto Vallarta has been adapted for medical tourism. The doctors are very well trained, most have studied or trained in the USA or abroad.

Two New Hospitals by IMSS in Vallarta-Nayarit

Vallarta Opina

The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) plans to build two hospitals in the municipalities of Puerto Vallarta (Jalisco) and Bahia de Banderas (Nayarit) that will benefit thousands of claimants in this region of the Mexican Pacific.

Give the Gift of Life on World Blood Donor Day in Vallarta-Nayarit


WBDD was established in 2004 and serves to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products and to thank blood donors for their voluntary life-saving gifts of blood.

Dr. Jose Castaneda in Puerto Vallarta Talks On Exciting News For Bariatric Patients

PR Web

A recent study by Stanford University in the United States made the announcement that obese patients who had a gastric bypass showed signs that it may actually reverse aging as well.

Volunteers Needed to Bring Donated Supplies from Calgary to Vallarta-Nayarit


We received an email from one of our readers at PVAngels that has been supporting our community by bringing down supplies from Calgary. Recently, she has been receiving more supplies than she can transport on her own.

Great Advice from PV's Dr. Raul Morales Associated with Breast Cancer Awareness

Vallarta Opina

On the occasion of the International Day Against Breast Cancer, commemorated on October 19th, we have dedicated this article to that effect. Read about new methods for early detection, comprehensive treatment and close monitoring.

1,136 Cases of Dengue Fever Reported in Jalisco So Far in 2013

El Mexicano

The Jalisco Ministry of Health reminds citizens and tourists that if you have a sudden high fever, pain behind the eyes, severe headaches and joint pain, along with a feeling of general malaise, you should go immediately to the nearest health center and avoid self-medication.

Affordable & Safe Propofol Treatments for ALS Patients in Puerto Vallarta

IIB Medical

IIB Medical info about Propofol treatments for $1500 USD per procedure to ALS patients at the world-class Amerimed Hospitals in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. ALS is also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Puerto Vallarta Takes 1st Place for Medical Tourism

CVB of Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta took first place for medical tourism in Mexico in 2012, beating out even Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Medical tourism is definitely on the rise around the world, and PV is seeking to advance to first place in all of Latin America for 2013.

Traveling the World to Find the Best Puerto Vallarta Dentist

Dental Departures

Every dental clinic in Puerto Vallarta I visited during my one month stay was in some form of construction from complete make-overs to upgrades to their dental equipment in establishing PV as one of the premier destinations in Mexico for Americans and Canadians to get high quality dental care.

Monetary Medicine: The Private Hospital Flat Line in Vallarta

Gay PV Magazine

In the days following the horrible event at Los Muertos Beach, many in Puerto Vallarta are asking troubling questions about the emergency care received by Miguel Angel Santos Nolasco in the time preceding his death.

Vallarta's Obesity Solutions Provides Local Activities to Enjoy Before & After Surgery

PR Web

Weight loss surgery provider, Obesity Solutions, releases guide to local destinations with a wide variety of activities in Puerto Vallarta for travelers before and after surgery whether you are a city dweller or beach bunny.

New Walk-in Clinic in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

Amigos de La Cruz

Wow! Life in La Cruz just keeps getting better and better! Not only do we now have 2 more great physicians in town but they also both speak English! Get your medication at your door with the Pharmacy Delivery Service.

Medical Matters Conference in Marina Vallarta Free to the Public

Amigos de La Cruz

Are you a Banderas Bay area resident or visitor interested in your health and well being? If so, you won't want to miss the Medical Matters Conference on Monday, February 11, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm at the Hotel Marriott CasaMagna Marina Vallarta.

Urgent: Blood Donations Needed in Puerto Vallarta to Save a Life

U.S. Consular Agency Vallarta

The U.S. Consular Agency of Vallarta is requesting blood donations of B-Negative or O-Negative for an American citizen, Herbert M. Heinstein, who is still hospitalized at Amerimed Hospital. The local blood banks have no stock of the blood he needs.

Stay Healthy Medical Information Sessions at Vallarta Yacht Club

Vallarta Yacht Club

Navigating your way through health care in a foreign country can be challenging. The Vallarta Yacht Club wants to help make it easier by providing two "Stay Healthy! Medical Information Sessions" in January.

Bumps and Bruises in Banderas Bay

Visit Puerto Vallarta

It can happen anywhere... you stop watching where you're going for a minute (or maybe you had one too many tequilas), and suddenly you find yourself on the ground with some damage to your body and your dignity. But what do you do if you think your bumps and bruises need some medical attention?

288 Cases of Dengue Recorded in Jalisco So Far in 2012

El Faro

Dengue fever is a flu-like illness spread by the bite of an infected mosquito. Dengue hemorrhagic fever is a severe, often fatal, complication of dengue. Read some quick facts about dengue and prevention measures.

IFC Cleft Palate Surgeries at CMQ Premier Hospital

PV Mirror

The IFC has sponsored these surgeries and supported the Cleft Palate Program (CPP) in Puerto Vallarta since 1986. Most of the money to support this endeavor is raised by the twice weekly IFC Home Tours.

Medical Tourism is Booming in Mexico

3TV Border Bureau

While Mexico's beaches beckon tourists seeking a vacation, many also see them as a place where Americans can escape soaring medical costs. Investors believe we'll see many vacation spots in Mexico become medical tourism destinations within the next year.

Boutique Hospitals: A New Era in Puerto Vallarta

The goal of a boutique hospital to exceed expectations in patient and family care and medical services, as well as managing emotions and experiences to best benefit patient and family needs, both present and future.

"See Better 2012" Cataract Surgery Campaign in Puerto Vallarta

The campaign of "See Better 2012" fulfilled the goal of assisting more than one hundred people who needed cataract surgery by providing not only the operation but the further medical attention needed for a speedy recovery.

Organ Donation Awareness Needed in Jalisco

Vallarta Vive

The VIII State Health Week Conference included the introduction of the "Gift for Life" program to educate the citizens of Jalisco about the importance of organ donations.

New Regional Hospital in Vallarta Announced

Vallarta Opina

The capacity of care provided at the Regional Hospital of Puerto Vallarta exceeded 300 percent, an over-saturation of the service that is being investigated to resolve the problem.

State-of-the-Art Hospital Now Open in La Penita

This has been long over-due for the La Penita residents and part-time winter residents, and we welcome the new Real Nayar Hospital to Riviera Nayarit. At any given time, up to five specialists and four nurses are on staff.

Summer Clinics Presented by HealthCare Resources

PV Mirror

These screening-only clinics are offered at a discounted price available only through HealthCare Resources. They are held in various locations and can be booked by sending an email to Pamela Thompson.

IMSS Insurance Application Procedure Cleared-Up

Jaltemba Bay Life

There has been some talk lately of new regulations governing the application process and the documents required when applying for IMSS insurance. Actually, Mexico is following the Hague Convention directives in its documentation requirements.

US Dentist Sends Patients to Cabo and Puerto Vallarta

Dr. Nelson Henry believes, like you, that dentistry in the USA is way too expensive - so he sends patients to Cabo, Cancun, Tijuana and Puerto Vallarta dentists where you will be expertly treated by certified dentists - not general dentists.

Puerto Vallarta to Host Third Global Health Travel Forum


The goal of the Global Forum on Medical Tourism, meeting from August 22-24, 2012, in Puerto Vallarta, is to increase knowledge regarding global trends in medical tourism industries. Learn from the experts.

New Hospital Opening in La Penita

The hospital will offer the following services: gynecology, internal medicine, obstetrics, pediatrics, general and laparoscopic surgery, anesthesiology, endocrinology, cardiology, urology, proctology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, traumatology and more.

Good Old-Fashioned Personalized Health Care in Puerto Vallarta

Live and Invest Overseas

Health care in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is both state-of-the-art and highly personalized. It is also very affordable, making this region an increasingly attractive medical tourism destination for everything from cosmetic surgery to diagnostics.

Puerto Vallarta Selected to Perform Cleft Lip and Palate Surgeries

The surgical conference will be held from July 9 to 11 and the Secretary of the Navy has designated Puerto Vallarta for these operations, but the surgeries are open to all citizens of Mexico who require them, and will be offered at the Naval Sanatorium free of charge.

New San Javier Hospital in Riviera Nayarit

CVB of Riviera Nayarit

The new San Javier Hospital in Riviera Nayarit will create a safer destination for visitors to our area in providing services that provide security to our locals and tourists.

Patients from Around the World Flock to Mexico for Affordable Medical Procedures

Al Jazeera

Over one million people are expected to travel to Mexico this year for affordable or alternative medical procedures, most hailing from the United States, where healthcare costs keep rising.

Expatriates Living in Mexico Should Have a Plan B for Unexpected Medical Emergencies

Mexico News Daily

As our lives pass relatively peacefully here in Mexico we may or may not have the good fortune to remain in good health with only the occasional visit to a physician. Years may go by but eventually ill health will catch up with us.

Providing Quality, Affordable Care, Mexico Soars to #2 Destination for Medical Tourism

The Yucatan Times

In recent years medical tourism in Mexico has consolidated and gained worldwide prestige. To date, it is second in importance after the United States.

Doctors in Mexico Safely Reuse Donated Pacemakers After Sterilization

European Society of Cardiology

Mexican doctors have safely reused donated pacemakers after sterilization, shows a study presented at the 30th Mexican Congress of Cardiology. The findings create the possibility for patients to receive a pacemaker who otherwise could not afford one.

Steady Hand: How to Do Open-Heart Surgery in a Deadly Mexican Earthquake

Agence France-Presse

When the ground started shaking in Mexico City on September 19, many people ran out into the street. Not David Arellano. In the middle of performing open-heart surgery on a newborn, the pediatric surgeon just concentrated harder.

Other Countries Should Follow Mexico’s Improved Provisions for End-of-Life Care

Human Rights Watch

Mexico is one of few low- and middle-income countries that has taken steps to include adequate end-of-life care, working to ensure no one suffers needlessly as their life comes to a close.

Cuba Sends Specialized Medical Brigade to Mexico Post-Earthquake

Havana Times

Cuba has sent a brigade of 37 doctors and paramedics to the Mexican state of Oaxaca to attend the victims of the earthquake that left nearly 100 people dead on September 7.

Archdiocese of Mexico City Offers Free Medical Care for Earthquake Victims

Catholic News Agency

In the wake of last week’s devastating earthquake, the Archdiocese of Mexico City has announced that anyone needing medical care can go to the Catholic Church’s clinics and hospitals even if they are unable to pay.

Mexican Cancer Survivor Says Donating Bone Marrow Is “Scary,” But Not Painful

Agencia EFE

Mexican opera singer Barbara Padilla, a cancer survivor who worries that misinformation makes many people hesitant to donate blood or tissue, says that in the case of bone marrow, donors face only a simple, non-surgical procedure

Transmission of Dengue Fever, Zika and Chikungunya Declines in Mexico

Prensa Latina

Mexico has been able to reduce the transmission of dengue fever, chikungunya, and zika ailments starting from an integral strategy, the director of the National Center of Diseases Control and Prevention Programs of the Public Health Ministry reports.

Watchdog Finds Big Pharma in Mexico Faces No Competition on Some Drugs


Major drugmakers including GlaxoSmithKline Plc and Pfizer Inc face no competition in Mexico from generics that are readily available in Canada and the United States.

Survey Shows Record High Satisfaction with Medical Services at IMSS Facilities

Mexico News Daily

Satisfaction with medical services offered by the Social Security Institute, IMSS, has reached a “record high,” organization head Mikel Arriola Penalosa announced this week.

Healthline Explores Whether Mexico Has a Better Healthcare System Than the US


Many Americans travel south to Mexico for cheaper medical care, but how does the Mexican healthcare system work for its most vulnerable citizens?

Gonorrhea Getting Smarter: Bacteria Is Evolving to Become ‘Impossible to Treat,’ WHO Warns


Newly evolved strains of drug-resistant gonorrhea are making the sexually transmitted infection impossible to treat, the World Health Organization has warned.

Medicine in Mexico: Tijuana Wants to Heal You in $100 Million Luxury Medical Facility


Tijuana is no longer just about tequila, sex and marijuana: The Mexican city wants to capitalize on its proximity to the U.S. border by becoming a top medical travel destination.

Minister of Health Jose Narro Praises Training of Mexican Doctors in Cuba

Prensa Latina

Mexican Minister of Health Jose Narro highlighted the key training in Cuba of Mexican doctors in medicine, which will help improve the quality of health services in Mexico.

Government Takes Drastic Measures to Halt Rise of ‘Super-Obesity’ in Mexico

Mexico is suffering an obesity epidemic that has helped diabetes become the country’s number one killer. One in three Mexican adults and three out of 10 children are obese or overweight.

Mexico Third in the World for the Number of Plastic Surgery Procedures

Mexico News Daily

Hundreds of thousands of Mexicans go under the knife each year in pursuit of enhanced beauty despite the high costs and risks associated with plastic surgery.

El Medico en Tu Casa: Doctor House Call Program in Mexico City Is Saving Lives


Doctor in Your House is an unprecedented program in the country, through which health brigades, integrated by professionals, walk door-to-door in various colonies in Mexico City.

Unprecedented Progress Against Neglected Tropical Diseases in the Americas

Pan American Health Organization

The World Health Organization reported remarkable achievements in tackling neglected tropical diseases, which affect primarily populations living in extreme poverty and cause suffering, permanent disability, and death.

A Boom in Medical Tourism to Mexico Predicted if Obamacare Ends

Yahoo News

As the US Congress considers a new federal health care law predicted to leave approximately 24 million Americans uninsured by 2026, Mexico’s burgeoning health care industry stands to be among the Republican bill’s biggest beneficiaries.

Heading to Mexico? Health Officials Warn Travelers to Avoid Zika Virus

The Sacramento Bee

Health officials are again warning winter travelers headed for Mexico to take precautions against the Zika virus, after an Ensenada man was reported testing positive for the mosquito-borne disease.

High Quality Healthcare Available in Mexico at a Fraction of the Cost Back Home

International Living

Thousands of Americans visit Mexico each year for medical treatment and dental care. It’s no wonder. The care is high quality and the cost is a fraction of what you might pay in the U.S.

The Impact of Dengue in Mexico and the Vaccine's Availability in Latin America

CGTN America

Dengue fever – the type that can kill you - is on the rise. Now after decades of attempts, researchers have developed a vaccine.

Central America, Mexico Offer Quality, Affordable Health Care, Expats Survey Finds

The Street

More than two in five expats surveyed say that they received outstanding healthcare in Mexico, Panama, Belize and Nicaragua.

World's Most Obese Man Starts Treatment to Lose Weight at Guadalajara Hospital

Agencia EFE

A Mexican man weighing 1,100 pounds and considered to be the world's most obese person, has begun medical treatment to lose weight and recover his health after being transported to Guadalajara in a truck specially outfitted for the task.

More Americans Drawn by Allure of Cheap Doctors, Drugs and Dentists in Mexico

The Desert Sun

People overburdened by the price of getting what's supposed to be some of the best health care in the world are willing to seek out options that would have seemed overly risky not long ago.

Healthcare Workers in Mexico March for Public Health, Against Privatization

Television del Sur

Doctors and other health sector workers took to the streets in more than 70 cities across Mexico Sunday in a day of action to protest the federal government’s mismanagement of the public health system and to demand better working conditions.

4,306 New Cases of Zika Reported in Mexico, Nearly Half Are Pregnant Women

El Universal

Mexico's Ministry of Health confirms 4,306 new cases of Zika over the last week, 522 more than previously reported.

Dengue Cases Down in Mexico as Vaccine Rolls Out at Private Health-Care Institutions

Outbreak News Today

Officials with the Mexico Ministry of Health have reported 8,314 dengue fever cases through the first week of September of this year, a decrease in cases of more than 33 percent compared to the same period in 2015.

First LatAm Teen to Undergo Life-Changing Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico


Mexico's Dayana Camacho, 14, will soon become the first teenager in Latin America to undergo gastric bypass surgery in a bid to control her obesity.

Many in Mexico Lack the Necessary Vaccines to Avoid Infectious Diseases

The News

Miguel Gutierrez Robledo, general director of the National Geriatric Institute said that most Mexican adults have not completed a full course of vaccinations.

Secretariat of Health Confirms Over 1,600 Cases of Zika Virus in Mexico


Mexico confirmed that 1,619 cases of Zika virus have been recorded in the country up to Wednesday, of which 88 percent are located in the states of Chiapas, Guerrero, Oaxaca and Veracruz.

Zika Virus Could Live in Semen Much Longer Than Previously Thought

The Huffington Post

Two Zika virus cases described in the journal Eurosurveillance hint that Zika virus could live in men’s semen much longer than previously thought.

Metropolitan Autonomous University Student Designs Technique to Treat Sleep Disorders

Prensa Latina

Based on functional magnetic resonance imaging techniques, a student of Mexico's UAM has designed a protocol to alleviate the negative effect of sleep disorders.

Flu Vaccinations for Pregnant Women Protect Their Newborns, as Well

VOA News

Babies of vaccinated moms are highly protected from contracting the flu during the first two months of life.

Zika Update for Mexico: Cases Increase by 100, Most in Pregnant Women

Outbreak News Today

The number of confirmed Zika virus cases in Mexico increased by 105 in the past week, according to the latest report of the General Directorate of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health published in local media, bringing the country’s total to 667 as of July 4.

Undersecretary of Mexico Health Ministry Outlines Steps to Fight Zika Virus

Before the next rainy season in Mexico, the Health Ministry of this country, will intensify actions to control mosquito Aedes aegypti, trasmissor vector of the zika, chikungunya and dengue virus.

Public Health Doctors Are Protesting Their Working Conditions Across Mexico

The Yucatan Times

Right now a national strike is happening in more than 80 cities, with which the community health sector seeks to voice the trouble spots of the practice of their profession.

Where Is Zika Virus? Pregnant Mothers Want to Know

The Huffington Post Canada

Here is a list of countries and territories where cases of the Zika virus have been confirmed. If you're expecting or planning to become pregnant, these are the places you should be aware of.

Do Your Homework on Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Obesity Control Center

Take the time to watch this video and learn how to choose a reputable weight loss surgery center in Mexico as well as a bariatric surgeon.

Peer Conversations Help Boost Breast Cancer Screening Rates in Latina Women


We all know that cancer screenings are important, but it doesn’t mean they always get done. For some Latina women, a conversation with a peer can nudge them to action.

One Year Into the Zika Outbreak: How an Obscure Disease Became a Global Health Emergency

WHO International

Last May, tests conducted at Brazil’s national reference laboratory conclusively identified Zika in several samples. A new mosquito-borne disease had indeed arrived in the Americas, though no one knew what that might mean.

New Zika-Linked Brain Disorder Found in Adults

Thomson Reuters Foundation

Scientists in Brazil have uncovered a new brain disorder associated with Zika infections in adults: an autoimmune syndrome that attacks the brain and spinal cord.

To 'Lose 500 Tons,' Mexico Kicks Off Weight Reducing Campaign Eyeing Ginness World Record


On World Health Day, the Mexican Health Ministry kicked off a weight reducing campaign to motivate its public-sector workers to "lose 500 tons" of excess weight.

Cuban Doctors Assess At-Home Public Healthcare Programs in Mexico City

Television del Sur

Cuba's Health Ministry sent a delegation of doctors to Mexico City in order to assess the impact of the program “The Doctor in Your House,” Mexico's Health Ministry reports.

CDC Updates Zika Virus Travel Warnings for Mexico

U.S. health officials have come up with an exception to their travel warnings for the Zika virus: altitude.

Health Ministry Says Mexico Sees Jump in Swine Flu Cases This Season


Mexico’s health ministry said that the country has seen a spike in cases of the H1N1 virus, commonly known as swine flu. Despite the rise in cases, doctors called for people to "not panic" and follow health recommendations.

Zika Virus Affects Over 120 in Mexico, Including 11 Pregnant Women, Say Health Officials


Mexico's Secretariat of Health reported Tuesday that Zika virus infected 121 people including 11 pregnant women in the country.

Health Minister Downplays Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus Threat to Travelers to Mexico


Mexico's health ministry sought to play down any impact on its tourism industry from the mosquito-borne Zika virus, emphasizing the disease was under control and far from its main tourist centers.

Mexico Approves Early-Stage Prostate Cancer Treatment Recently Developed in Israel


Mexico’s Cofepris health authority has authorized the use of an early-stage prostate cancer drug and laser therapy developed by the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot in collaboration with Luxembourg’s Steba Biotech.

Urban Diabetes, the 'Slow-Motion Emergency' That Threatens Mexico

Agencia EFE

City life creates “habits, possibilities and demands” that have made diabetes, together with obesity, Mexico’s worst health problem.

Zika Virus Reported in Mexico, Other Sun Spots May Pose Pregnancy Risk

The Canadian Press

A mosquito-borne virus possibly linked to serious birth defects in Brazil has the potential to spread within the Americas, researchers who track infectious diseases suggest.

More American Seniors Crossing Border Seeking Affordable Healthcare in Mexico

Waiting for Health Project

During the peak winter season when seniors and retirees flock to Arizona by the thousands, many also make the short trek across the border to Mexico for cheaper pharmaceuticals and significantly less expensive medical care.

'Doctor at Home' Is Now the Law in Mexico City and a Program Without Borders

Secretaria De Salud CDMX

The Federal District Legislative Assembly approved the initiative that enacted into law the medical home program "El Medico en Tu Casa" to provide home health services in Mexico City.

The World's First Dengue Fever Vaccine Cleared for Use in Mexico

Medical Xpress

It took 20 years and more than US$1.6 billion in research and development to create Dengvaxia. Until now, scientists have been stumped by dengue which is caused by four separate viruses acting in concert.

Doctors in Mexico Show Benefits of Healthy Diet, Exercise in Heart Failure Patients


Doctors in Mexico have shown the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise in patients with heart failure, in research presented at the Mexican Congress of Cardiology 2015.

Multi-Faceted Approach Needed to Tackle HIV Infection Rates in Mexico

teleSUR English

An estimated 122,000 Mexicans are HIV positive and are aware of their status while an additional 24,000 are infected but do not know that they carry the virus. Stigmas and stereotypes make combating HIV more difficult.

Baker Institute Paper: US and Mexico Must Jointly Combat Chagas Disease

Rice University

To help reduce outbreaks of this disease in their countries, the United States and Mexican governments should implement a range of programs as well as fund research for the development of Chagas vaccines and treatments, according to a new policy brief.

More Middle Americans Visit Mexico for Medical Care

Cronkite News

“You can’t get any medical care on a fixed income back home,” Jim Reed, 74, said. “If I need to come here to get cheaper medicine and dental work, then that’s what I’m going to do.”

Vaccine for Mosquito-Borne Dengue Fever May Become Available in Mexico in 2016

The Yucatan Times

At a conference in Merida, Mexico, researchers announced that dengue may soon become the next vaccine-preventable disease.

What President Pena Nieto Said About Vaccinations in Mexico Is 'Almost True'

El Daily Post

President Pena Nieto said that in 2014 the government vaccination program had achieved 97.8 percent coverage of all 1-year-olds with regard to shots for measles, rubella and mumps. The Bloodhound declares this Almost True because the achievement is not solely attributable to his administration.

Government Bans Formulas to Motivate Mexican Mothers to Breastfeed Babies

Medical Daily

In order to encourage new mothers to breastfeed their children, the Mexican government has banned free baby formula from being given away in hospitals.

Bogus Medications: A Growth Industry in Mexico

The Fulano Forum

An estimated 7 percent of medications consumed in Mexico are 'irregular' - meaning they're either manufactured with sub-standard practices, expired, stolen or simply falsified. And the problem is getting worse.

Doctors Without Borders Offers Guide for Treating Chagas Disease in Mexico

Fox News Latino

Doctors Without Borders is about to launch jointly with Mexican authorities a guide for the comprehensive care of Chagas disease victims. According to the Pan-American Health Organization some 800,000 people are infected with this illness.

Maryn McKenna: What Do We Do When Antibiotics Don't Work Any More?


Penicillin changed everything. Infections that had previously killed were suddenly quickly curable. Yet as Maryn McKenna shares in this sobering talk, we've squandered the advantages afforded us by that and later antibiotics.

The High Price of Rare Diseases in Mexico

The News

Rare diseases are little known in Mexico. However, those who suffer from them experience an ordeal which is worsened due to the difficulty of treatment, that in many cases have no remedy.

#YoTambienMeDormi: Exhausted Doctors Post Pictures of Themselves Asleep at Work

The Independent

Junior doctors and residents at hospitals in Mexico are tweeting pictures of themselves asleep while at work to highlight how exhausting their long shifts can be.

Carlos Slim Foundation's CASASALUD Healthcare Program Could be Model for US

Mexico News Daily

The United States can learn a lot from recent initiatives in Mexico’s healthcare industry, including one by the Carlos Slim Foundation, which puts information into the individual’s hands.

Dengue Vaccine to Be Available in Mexico Next Year

The Mazatlan Messenger

The BBC reported that the first vaccine against dengue will go on sale in early 2016 and that the vaccine could reduce the mortality rate from the disease by 50 percent in just four years.

Mexico Has 95 Percent Vaccination Coverage

Riviera Maya News

For more than two decades, the Health Secretariat has promoted National Public Health Week and universal vaccination programs to help eradicate illnesses in Mexico.

Bill Gates: The Next Outbreak? There's No Need to Panic ... But We're Not Ready


In 2014, the world avoided a horrific global outbreak of Ebola, thanks to thousands of selfless health workers. In hindsight, we know what we should have done better. So, now's the time, Bill Gates suggests, to put all our good ideas into practice.

Helping Mexico's Terminally Ill to 'Live Well'

BBC News

Human Rights Watch estimates that in Mexico tens of thousands of terminally ill patients are suffering because they don't have access to proper end-of-life care. But now the government is making changes to help the terminally ill to live and die in the best way possible.

Cloud Technology Is Changing Health Care

Clearly, technology is transforming healthcare and is being used to help us to live better lives. Future innovations in health care technology are on the way as well, and they will help us to live longer and better.

In Historic Ruling, Canada's Supreme Court Declares Right to Assisted Suicide

PanAm Post

The Canadian Supreme Court has struck down a 21-year-old ban on assisted suicide. In its place, the justices have ordered the national Parliament to enact legislation that allows patients with terminal illnesses greater control over how they choose to die.

Doctors Go Door-to-Door to Reach More of Mexico's Teenage Mothers

Al Jazeera

Doctors in Mexico are going to new lengths to make sure pregnant teenagers get the attention they need. More and more Mexican teenagers are having babies, and many of them are foregoing pre-natal care.

Transforming Access to Healthcare: Startup Offers Access to High Quality Medical Care Abroad


MEDIGO is the world’s first and only platform that allows patients to compare prices of medical treatment and book a medical procedure online in a selection of high quality hospitals worldwide.

First Case of Local Transmission of Mosquito-Borne Chikungunya Reported in Mexico


Mexico has detected its first domestic case of the painful mosquito-borne viral disease chikungunya in the southwest of the country, the state government of Chiapas said on Saturday.

Chagas, the Tropical 'Kissing Bug' Disease: Should You Be Worried?

The Independent

Researchers at the annual gathering of tropical medicine experts have warned of a deadly disease from abroad that is threatening world health. They weren't talking about ebola, but chagas, the "kissing bug" disease.

Health Authorities Prepare for Ebola in Mexico

Mexico News Daily

Mexican authorities have developed a series of protocols focused on both prevention and treatment of Ebola, a deadly disease that has been spreading rapidly in West Africa.

Chagas Diagnosis and Treatment a Reality in Mexico's Oaxaca State

Medecins Sans Frontieres

The Oaxaca Health Secretariat has initiated Chagas diagnosis and treatment activities in collaboration with Medecins Sans Frontieres in Santa Maria Tonameca Municipality, Oaxaca State, Mexico.

Reforms Are Modernizing Mexico Healthcare Facilities

Mexico YouTube

394 health units were built and modernized across Mexico, like the modern facilities for the Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference, as well as new general and specialty hospitals.

Most American and Canadian Expats State Mexican Health Care Is Excellent and Affordable

The Yucatan Times

One of your primary concerns when considering a move should be health care. Fortunately, you will find that, in general, health care in Mexico is very good... and in many places it is excellent.

30% of the Patients in Mexican Social Security Hospitals Have the 'Shakes'

The Fulano Forum

Hector Sanchez de la Vega said that at least 30% of the patients hospitalized in his medical facilities of that institution suffer from "Delirium Tremens" and this comes fundamentally from addictions to alcohol and drugs.

Mexico Could Edge Out Thailand as Most Popular for Medical Tourism

Mexico News Daily

Although Mexico has challenges delivering a consistent level of care to its own citizens, it might soon be in first place as the leading world destination for medical tourism.

Reproductive Tourism Industry Is Booming on Mexico's Mayan Riviera

Cancun is attracting attention as a hot destination for the discerning international fertility tourist – seeking in-vitro fertilization, egg donation, and surrogacy services.

Health Organizations Worldwide Join Efforts on World Tuberculosis Day

U.S. Department of State

Health agencies around the world were working March 24 to raise awareness and action to combat a disease that claims a victim every 18 seconds: tuberculosis.

Thousands Flock to Mexico for Medical Procedures Despite ACA Availability


Thousands of Americans continue to flock to Mexico for medical procedures and prescriptions despite the federal government making subsidized health care available through the Affordable Care Act.

Brief Survey of the Challenges of Mexican Healthcare

Healthcare Global

A overview of some of the challenges facing the Mexican healthcare system as a whole, and what the country is doing to fix these issues.

Future of Medicine? New Robot Can Draw Your Blood

Spectrum Magazine

Veebot, a start-up in Mountain View, Calif., is hoping to automate drawing blood and inserting IVs by combining robotics with image-analysis software.

In 2013, Nearly 9 Billion Pesos Will be Invested in Mexico's Hospitals

Presidency of the Republic

In 2013, National Institutes and State Health Systems invested over 8.77 billion pesos in the equipment and expansion of clinics, mobile units, health centers and hospitals throughout the country.

President Enrique Pena Nieto: 'Healthcare is Everyone's Right'

The News

Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto said last week that healthcare is a human right, not just a benefit for those who work, adding that the federal government should therefore promote a universal health care system.

Chiapas Hospitals Shutting Down for Lack of Medicines and Supplies


Three major hospitals in Chiapas do not have enough medicines and surgical materials to cater to hundreds of patients, reported state health workers in a statement.

WHO Focuses on Hypertension for United Nations' World Health Day 2013

The World Health Organization has highlighted the non-communicable disease Hypertension as this year’s theme for World Health Day celebrated April 7.

Million Hearts Releases New Spanish-Language Resources on Heart Health

Hispanically Speaking News

Educational resources to help Hispanics take control of their heart health is available from Million Hearts, a national public-private partnership that works to prevent 1 million heart attacks and strokes by 2017.

Strengthening of Organ Donor Program Boosts Mexico's IMSS Lead in Transplants

The News

Fifty percent of the nation’s transplants are performed by doctors in the Transplant Program of the Mexican Social Insurance Institute. The program’s high transplant rate is claimed to be the result of its staff and the strengthening of the Hospital Donation Network.

US Tuberculosis Wanes But Remains Threat in Mexico


Tuberculosis has for a long time been a serious but waning disease in the United States with less severe complications in the large majority of cases, while people in other countries suffer greatly and die from a lack of sanitation, medical resources and information about this illness.

President Enrique Pena Nieto Leads Commemorative Ceremony on Nurses Day

Presidency of the Republic

January 6 is celebrated in Mexico as Nurses Day, under the physician Jose Castro Villagrana, director of Juarez Hospital of Mexico. Villagrana described the presence of nurses as a "Christmas present" for patients.

Mexico Training Midwives to Prevent Maternal Deaths

Fronteras Desk

Mexico is re-making its centuries-old tradition of midwifery. These days the majority of babies are born in hospitals, but that hasn't helped reduce the number of maternal deaths. So health officials are now betting a new kind of midwife, one trained in a clinical setting, may be a solution.

Americans Living in Mexico Praise 'Seguro Popular' Universal Health Care

Universal healthcare - some call it "Obamacare" - is the center of a heated debate in the United States, but in neighboring Mexico, it’s now a reality.

Mexico Took All Possible Prevention Methods to Curb Swine Flu

TopNews AE

Though there can be differences in cultural values and practices that prevail in the countries, it has been revealed that Mexico was at the top to adopt all the strategies to prevent swine flu.

Researcher Explores Issue of Medical Tourism

Burnaby Now

Dental work in Mexico, a facelift in Barbados, or perhaps a knee replacement in India. These are just a few of the many options for surgeries available around the world to those who can afford to pay out of pocket.

Obesity Threatens Health Coverage in Mexico, Official Says

San Antonio Express-News

The United States may have Obamacare, but Mexico has already achieved something close to universal health coverage with Seguro Popular, a program for the roughly half its citizens who lacked insurance.

'The Doctors' Adapted for Televisa in Mexico

CBS Studios'The Doctors is due to debut as Los Doctores in Mexico next week. Featuring half a dozen Spanish-speaking medical professionals, Los Doctores will provide viewers with health-related information.

Metro Health Clinics a Bonus for Mexico City Commuters


Electrocardiograms, urinalyses and mammograms are among the free medical tests that eligible commuters can have performed at the medical clinics located in several Mexico City Metro stations.

Baby Boomers Urged to Get Hepatitis C Test

New York Times

Health officials issued a statement in which they urged baby boomers to get tested for hepatitis C, an infection they say has become a "silent epidemic" among boomers.

'Health Care Without Harm' Works to Reduce Hospitals' Ecological Footprints

Inter Press Service

Hospitals are major sources of pollution and consume large amounts of valuable resources, like energy. But hospitals are beginning to address the issue of their ecological footprint.

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