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Fideicomiso Estero el Salado

Puerto Vallarta • Riviera Nayarit 

The objectives of Estero el Salado is creating actions and guidelines involved in conserving, restoring and maintaining the resources of the protected natural area as well as the other areas of the Puerto Vallarta/Banderas Bay region.

We participate in:

  • Reforestation with native species.
  • Management and sustainable use of wildlife.
  • Solid waste disposal.
  • Control of erosion in areas of public use.
  • Care of the main channel.

Estero "El Salado", is located in the municipality of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

It is considered an urban estuary because it is surrounded by the urban area of the port.

It comprises a surface to protect 168-96-50 hectares, of which approximately 135 hectares correspond to vegetation of mangroves and marshes; the rest is formed by two remnants of medium semi-deciduous forest bordered by sequences of elements of aquatic and underwater vegetation, thorny forest and secondary vegetation.

The connection to the ocean is permanent, through a channel of about 20 meters in width, 3 meters deep and 2 kilometers in length which flows to the port.

Its components of landscape and Habitat are favorable for migratory birds and the development of the life cycle of mammals and reptiles, such as the Crocodile River.

Geographically located between Parallels 20° 39' 21" and 20° 41' 37" North latitude and the meridians 105° 13' 34" and 105° 15' 51" West longitude.

We strengthen the scientific research lines that promote conservation, knowledge, management and the use of the natural resources of the area.

Our activities include:

  • Inventory of flora and fauna.
  • Carrying out ecological studies of the system.
  • Studies of the environmental impact of road and port infrastructure (dock and marina).
  • Analysis of the influence of human activities on the upper basin of the estuary and the surrounding area to the ANP on the estuary ecosystems.
  • Popular science.

We constantly monitor:

  • Water quality.
  • Hydrological.
  • Erosion.
  • Characteristics of visitors to the reserve.
  • Population of crocodiles.
  • Fish in the estuary.

We also establish and operate hiking trails, design & establish a center for environmental educatiion, preparation teaching materials & support, and develop training courses and workshops.

Flora & Fauna of Estero El Salado


For the El Estero Salado, there are four identified types of vegetation: medium semi-deciduous forest, mangrove swamps, marsh and aquatic and underwater vegetation. In addition, are sequences of these elements caused by anthropic activities.

The medium semi-deciduous forest is composed of 15 species belonging to the dominant 8 families. It has an approximate area of 2 square kilometers, divided into two small areas located at opposite ends of the estero (near the mouth and head). The species represented are Excel Acrocomia Mexicana, Orbygnia Cohune, Pitechellobium Lanceolatum and three species of Ficus.

The mangrove is the dominant vegetation of the region. It covers 125.6 hectares of the area. Three species of mangrove are distributed perpendicular to the single channel of the estero: Rhizophora Mangle, Laguncularia Racemosa and Avicennia Germinans. There is greater coverage by the latter species.

Pithecellobium Lanceolatum, P. Dulce, Acacia Hindsii and A. Micrantha are representatives of the spiny forest, which forms a belt stitching in the limits of the estuary and surrounding human settlements, that does not exceed the 0.5 square kilometers. Although, along with the medium semi-deciduous forest, they dominated the lands that today is invaded by human settlements and areas of crops.

The marsh or pasture borders the mangrove area and has an area approximately 32 hectares and the main species are Sporobolus Splendens and Batis Maritima, which are widely distributed. These lands have the particularity of flood effect of tides and during the rainy season, forming streams flowing into the main channel of the estero.

Aquatic and underwater, vegetation comprises 15 species, distributed mainly to the edge of the of water close to the head of the estuary, as well as small holes of old brick factories in the area. Best represented are Thypa Domingensis, Pistia Statiotes and Salix Humboldtiana, characteristics of the tular and gallery forest. In addition there are large areas dominated by Mimosa Pigra. These spaces do not exceed the 0.4 kilometers.


Studies in the area has identified over 100 bird species, grouped into 23 families, both as terrestrial aquatic habits.

The presence and abundance of these species in each of the studies throughout the year is different.

More than 29 amphibians and reptiles, and 10 species of mammals, besides a variety of invertebrates and fish,
characteristic in mangrove zones, have been identified.

It is important to highlight the presence of other animal groups in the area, with some level of vulnerability and others with potential for use.

Among the reptiles is the Green iguana (Iguana Iguana), the garrobo (Ctenosaura Pectinata) and river crocodile (Crocodylus Acutus).

The raccoon (Procyon Lotor) and the opossum (Didelphis Virginiana) are mammals that have been observed in the mangrove swamp.

In the marshland and mangrove swamps are abundant populations of Fiddler Crab (Uca Crenulata) and the Cajo or Moorish Crab (Cardisoma Crassum).

It should be noted that the estero houses a large number of specimens of flora and fauna considered in the categories of protection of the NOM-059-SEMARNAT-2001 and the NOM-022-SEMARNAT-2003.

Volunteering at the Estero El Salado

The ANP Estero El Salado is open to all persons who want to help in performing our social services and professional practices.

You can help by contacting the ANP personnel to report any concerns and establish the possibility of joining a project or generate new information on the basis of the proposal of work, which requires a written request issued by the educational institution or unit.

The letter needs the following information:

  • Point out clearly the tasks preferred.
  • Specify the precise dates which mark the beginning and the end of the service, that in no case may be periods of less than six months or over two years.
  • Specify the number of hours to be covered in the service, in no case may be less than 2 years.
  • Full name of the student.
  • Any associated degrees.
  • Copy of the registration in social insurance.
  • Full name of the Coordinator.
  • Charter commitment to submit a final report to the ANP.

Last updated: September 27, 2019 · Charity ID: 212

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Summer Updates from RISE PV Shelter for At Risk Children


We think it is important to explain that our children come from homes where their parents are alcoholics, drug addicts, or the parents may either be incarcerated or too poor to care for them.

19th Anniversary for Vallarta's Protected Natural Area

Estero el Salado

The Estero el Salado (our local mangroves) in Puerto Vallarta, will be celebrating the 19th anniversary of their conservation efforts and work on Saturday, July 27, 2019.

World Migratory Bird Day in Vallarta-Nayarit

CVB Riviera Nayarit

The activities in the Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta will be free and open to the general public, and will include birdwatching treks, a drawing contest for children, games, and art workshops.

World Environment Day Highlights Deadly Cost of Plastic

Inter Press Service

On June 5th, World Environment Day will be hosted under the banner of “Beat Plastic Pollution,” aiming to raise awareness and civic engagement alongside creating a global movement to reduce the amount of plastic in the environment.

PEACEAnimals September Newsletter: Checking Out the Crocodiles at Boca Negra


At Boca Negra Beach close to the airport, there is a large lagoon filled with crocodiles. All one had to do to see them in the past was go to the tree-lined edge of the lagoon and move a tree branch back and forth in the water for a couple of minutes.

Take a Boat Ride Through the Estuary and Help Preserve PV's Natural Habitats

Estero El Salado

During the tour you can enjoy the sighting of the fauna that inhabits the Estero. Each tour offers new and different discoveries so we suggest you come back and experience the tour again and again.

Summer Time is Family Time in Puerto Vallarta

Visit Puerto Vallarta

Spanish classes, cultural events, ziplining, paddle boarding and baby alligators are just some of the few reasons why Puerto Vallarta continues to be one of Mexico’s top family destinations.

Where Do You See Crocs in Puerto Vallarta?

Timothy Real Estate Group

The male American crocodile has been measured up to nearly twenty feet. That’s a big croc and if you see one, do your best to allow him as much space as possible.

Free Educational Boat Tours Through the PV Estuary on Children's Day

Prensa Global

On April 30, "Children's Day", the Estuary El Salado will be giving free boat rides and tours through Puerto Vallarta's environmentally protected area to the children, an ecotourism tour that will start at 9:00 in the morning and continue throughout the day.

Take a Boat Trip in Vallarta's Protected Area Estuary

Estero El Salado

Not only is this a fun adventure where you will have the opportunity to meet with different species of birds, crocodiles and iguanas, your donation helps to preserve our natural habitats of Estero El Salado.

Become Part of the Team at Vallarta's Environmentally Protected Area

Estero El Salado

We are asking for volunteers to help us with research, education, social support activities and general participation in preserving our protected area.

First Visit Trip Report to Puerto Vallarta Posted on Tripadvisor


Armed with great advice and maps from JR on the Tripadvisor Puerto Vallarta Forum, Clare and her family from the UK enjoyed a great experience in visiting PV for the first time and promise to return.

Free Boat Tours of the Vallarta Mangroves

Deep Blue Conservancy

The Estero del Salado (our local mangroves), here in Puerto Vallarta, will be celebrating a significant anniversary of their conservation efforts and work on July 31, 2015.

3rd Annual Training Workshop for Crocodile and Snake Handling

CVB of Riviera Nayarit

Nearly 80 individuals from the Acaponeta, Bahia de Banderas, Compostela, Huajicori, Rosamorada, San Blas, San Pedro Lagunillas, Santiago Ixcuintla, Tecuala, Tepic and Tuxpan public safety departments will participate.

Puerto Vallarta Celebrates World Environment Day

Estero El Salado

Join Estero El Salado and CUCosta for World Environment Day on June 4 and 5, 2015 to discuss research, teaching, conservation and environmental education of the reptiles in the coastal region of Jalisco and Nayarit.

'Crocodiles of the Pacific' Symposium and Workshop in San Blas


The group of management experts and professionals in the field of research, education and conservation of crocodiles will be presenting "Crocodiles of the Pacific" Symposium and Course/Workshop in San Blas, Nayarit on June 17-20, 2015.

Marina Vallarta Shop Owner's Pet Dog Snatched by Crocodile

Daily Mail Australia

Warning: Some people may find this video distressing. New Zealander Tim Weston was on holiday in Puerto Vallarta with his wife when the attack happened.

Crocodile Sightings Due to Flooding Rivers & Streams in Vallarta

Vallarta Opina

In the case of the two crocodiles reported in the Pitillal River, efforts have been made to move them to another zone such as the secure area in the Estero El Salado, but so far this has not been accomplished.

Walk the Estero Salado in Puerto Vallarta

Living & Travel

Puerto Vallarta is distinguished and privileged by contact with nature, this destination is a natural sanctuary, where rivers, selva tropical, mountain and sea come together to provide tourism fun options, learning and nature.

New Crocodile Hatchlings at Puerto Vallarta's Environmentally Protected Area

Fideicomiso Estero el Salado

Estero el Salado reports new hatchlings of crocodiles. Two female crocodiles returned to lay their eggs which were then transferred to the incubation area. When mature enough, they are released to their natural habitat in the Estero.

Third Mexican Congress of Mangrove Ecosystems

Fideicomiso Estero el Salado

The objective of the Congress is to become acquainted with and analyze different aspects of ecosystems of mangroves as well as monitoring, restoration, rehabilitation, methods of study, sustainable use as well as the associated fauna.

World Environment Day Events at Estero el Salado

Fideicomiso Estero el Salado

Join us at Estero el Salado for all the events surrounding World Environment Day. The estuary will be open to the public with free admission on June 6 for photo display & contest, games, awards and free boat rides through the channels.

'The Vallarta I Love' Photography Contest Celebrates World Environment Day

Fideicomiso Estero el Salado

The theme is 'The Vallarta I Love.' Use your creativity to express your love for Puerto Vallarta and the Banderas Bay in pictures: its sunsets, beaches, mountains, birds, trees and above all its people...

Self-Sustaining Puerto Vallarta International Convention Center Supports Protected Area

Exhibit City News

To preserve the biological balance and service nearby Banderas Bay, all profits from the Puerto Vallarta International Convention Center are invested into the preservation of Estero El Salado.

A Reminder & Where to Get Your Altruism Festival Tickets Early and Save

Amigos de La Cruz

Don’t miss this very upbeat, wonderful evening of food, friendship and fun on May 4, with all proceeds divided equally among the 20 charities. Tickets, which include food, drinks and entertainment, cost just 350 pesos in advance or 450 pesos at the gate.

Take a Tour Through Vallarta's Protected Area and Support Estero el Salado

Fideicomiso Estero el Salado

The tours are led by a biologist, traveling about one kilometer on the vessel named "La Aventurera," from which visitors will be able to observe the great diversity of wildlife, the 3 species of mangrove and their main features.

10th International Altruism Festival to Benefit 20 Local Charities

La Biblioteca Rey Nayar

This is the most important altruism event of Puerto Vallarta and will take place on Sunday, May 4, 2014, beginning at 6:00 pm, in the beautiful beachfront garden of the CasaMagna Marriott Resort in Marina Vallarta.

Graffiti Contest for World Wetlands Day Festivities at PV's Protected Area

Fideicomiso Estero el Salado

As part of the festivities leading up to the World Wetlands Day celebrations beginning on February 1 in Puerto Vallarta, we have organized a graffiti competition to decorate our crocodile aquaterranium.

PV International Birding Festival to Kick Off at Vallarta Botanical Gardens

Vallarta Bird Festival

The Festival is hosted by the Vallarta Bird Conservancy and will kick off on March 6 at the Vallarta Botanical Gardens. Four action packed days of birding and nature walks with expert guides in unique habitats will be sure to satisfy even the most advanced birders.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Vallarta-Nayarit


Read about some of the many events happening in Vallarta-Nayarit this week including the Free Real Estate & Loan Seminar, Leslie Walker in Show Pony, the Elvis Birthday Bash, Farmers Markets, Mystery Theatre Auditions, Whale Watching Festival and more.

Schedule of Events in Vallarta-Nayarit for First Annual Whale Festival


We invite you to participate in the 1st Whale Festival (Festival Ballenarte) in Vallarta-Nayarit on January 8-11, 2014. Join in on the festivities including the boat parade, screenings, exibitions, whale watching discounts, closing fiesta and more.

Specialized Workshop on Management and Research of Crocodiles

Fideicomiso Estero el Salado

If you have interest in crocodiles, we invite you to join Estero el Salado, our ecologically protected area of Puerto Vallarta, as we travel up to San Blas for this intensive workshop on September 18-21, 2013.

A Day of Fun at PV's Protected Area 13th Anniversary

Fideicomiso Estero el Salado

Approximately 675 people attended and were delighted with the various activities associated with environmental education, boat rides through the estuary on the Aventurera and Maclovia, interaction with macaws, young crocodiles, raccoons and much more.

Crocodile Management and Control Courses for Puerto Vallarta Firefighters

Observatorio Bahia

The Public Security Directorate stated the courses will be ongoing in training the Firefighters and Police Department personnel in supplying them with the ecological knowledge on this subject for the benefit and security of society.

Summer in Puerto Vallarta Translates to Fun for the Entire Family

CVB of Puerto Vallarta

Summers in Puerto Vallarta offer a great opportunity for extended stays at a fraction of the cost and the opportunity to create memories with loved ones without the larger groups of people.

Summer Courses for Children Continues at Puerto Vallarta Fire Department

Bomberos de Puerto Vallarta

The children and young adults between 8 and 16 years of age are being instructed on many topics to educate them in improving their knowledge of important issues, emergency procedures and environmental awareness.

13th Anniversary Celebration for Puerto Vallarta's Protected Natural Area

Fideicomiso Estero el Salado

Everybody is invited to Estero El Salado on Friday, July 26, as we celebrate our 13th year anniversary. We are opening the estuary with free admission including guided boat rides through the channels, Iguana hatchling releases and lots of surprises.

Become a Part of PV History: Sponsor the Estero el Salado Commemorative T-Shirt

Fideicomiso Estero el Salado

As part of the July 26 celebration of the 13 year anniversary of our natural protected area of Puerto Vallarta, Estero el Salado needs your help as sponsors of our t-shirt campaign.

A Growing List of Charities Needing Assistance in Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit


Because of the overwhelming response from our local charities in Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay about their needs for help and volunteers, we have put together a summary of how you can help.

World Environment Day Celebration at Vallarta's Estero el Salado

Fideicomiso Estero el Salado

Join us in Puerto Vallarta's environmentally protected area for our celebration of World Environment Day on June 5. Entrance is free to enjoy exhibitions, lottery, travels through the channel of the estuary, and lots more.

Resort Construction Along the Ameca River Affects Native Crocodile Habitat

Vallarta Tribune

The nesting, swimming, & recreational zone of the areas endemic species including the river crocodile have been severely impacted in the last year due to the construction activities done by the local hotels around the banks of the Ameca River.

'Banderas Bay Natural Wonders' Photo Contest

Fideicomiso Estero el Salado

Puerto Vallarta's Natural Environmentally Protected Area (Fideicomiso Estero el Salado) has announced their upcoming Photo Contest. Submitted photos will be exhibited on the International Day of Biodiversity on May 22, 2013, with the awards to the winners celebration.

Charities Announced to Benefit from Vallarta's 2013 Altruism Festival

U.S. Consular Agency Vallarta

Twenty-four of our local charity and non-profit organizations in Banderas Bay have been announced to participate and benefit from Puerto Vallarta's largest fundraising event of the year to take place on Sunday, May 5.

Digital Photography Workshop on Nature in Puerto Vallarta's Protected Area

Fideicomiso Estero el Salado

Petr Myska will lead you through the professional techniques required in using digital technology in nature photography. The workshop will be held at the PV Convention Center with hands-on training at the adjacent Estero el Salado, Vallarta's Ecological Protected Area, on May 8-11, 2013.

9th International Altruism Festival to Benefit 24 Local Charities


This is the most important altruism event of Puerto Vallarta and will take place on Sunday, May 5, 2013, beginning at 6:00 pm, in the beautiful beachfront garden of the CasaMagna Marriott Resort in Marina Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta's Eco Wave at Estero el Salado Environmentally Protected Area

enRoute Air Canada

Of all the reasons travellers flock to Puerto Vallarta, its swampland generally isn't one of them. Boating down a mangrove-lined canal in El Salado estuary as spiked croc tails splash in the murky waters, I feel like I'm in an episode of The Crocodile Hunter rather than in a popular resort town.

Join Us for the 2nd Annual Vallarta Bird Festival

Hosted by the Vallarta Botanical Gardens, this 4 day event will feature guided tours, presentations, and lectures for a wonderful opportunity to view, learn and enjoy the wonderful birds in Puerto Vallarta and Cabo Corrientes area.

Video Documentary Production Workshop in Puerto Vallarta

Fideicomiso Estero el Salado

Everything you need to know about producing and editing video documentaries will be presented in this three day workshop at the Puerto Vallarta Convention Center with field practice in the adjacent Natural Protected Area of El Estero Salado.

You Can Help Clean Up Puerto Vallarta on World Wetlands Day

Fideicomiso Estero el Salado

February 2 is World Wetlands Day and the ANP in collaboration with the Department of Environment and Ecology of Puerto Vallarta, the Commission of Protected Natural Areas and Seapal Vallarta will celebrate this important date with the two planned activities.

Vallarta's Protected Area Adds Crocodile Hatchlings and Intensive Care Facilities

Fideicomiso Estero el Salado

El Estero Salado, Puerto Vallarta's environmentally protected area, has added facilities for the management and conservation of the wildlife in the area, including the Estero Crocodiles. You are invited to visit the new Cocodrilario El Salado.

Puerto Vallarta: Where Beachy Chic Meets Colonial Charm

Prevue Online

Had it not been for the torrid affair of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton during director John Huston's The Night of the Iguana filming, the sleepy fishing village of Puerto Vallarta could have remained low profile – but for just a bit longer.

Puerto Vallarta: A Treasure Chest of Opportunity and Adventure

Trade Show News Network

Its home state of Jalisco may be famous for tequila and Mariachi, but this beachfront town can hold its own with plenty of colonial charm, lots of new and established convention infrastructure and a friendly attitude, not to mention the ocean that's impossible to resist.

Behind the Scenes at Vallarta's Natural Protected Area

Fideicomiso Estero el Salado

Welcome to the quarterly newsletter from Estero del Salado where you can become acquainted with our natural protected area, located just south of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport.

Puerto Vallarta Ramps Up Ecological Offerings

Fideicomiso de Turismo de Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is blessed with ecological diversity and beauty. Banderas Bay shelters numerous diverse ecosystems, including tropical lagoons, rainforests, mangroves, pristine beaches, waterfalls, and spectacular mountains.

Baby Iguanas and Crocodiles Released in El Salado

Puerto Vallarta Convention and Visitors Bureau

Last week, 100 iguanas and 50 crocodiles, that had been born in the UMA Reptile Habitat, were released into the protected El Salado Estuary.

Discovering Treasures Inside "Golf Balls": Little Olive Ridley Turtles

I am very glad that initiatives like this one are having support; the kind that protect local animals and educate people. After volunteering at that camp, I went from knowing the basics about turtles to actually care about them.

Rescued Hawksbill Turtle Returned to the Sea

CVB of Riviera Nayarit

The endangered Hawksbill sea turtle that was found last May with a hook in her throat recovered completely and was reinserted to her natural habitat on July 22, 2012, in Riviera Nayarit.

Take a Boat Trip in Vallarta's Protected Areas

Fideicomiso Estero el Salado

Not only is this a fun adventure where you will have the opportunity to meet with different species of birds, crabs, crocodiles and iguanas, your donation helps to preserve our natural habitats of Estero el Salado.

World Day 2012 Photography Contest

Fideicomiso Estero el Salado

You are invited to participate in the annual Fideicomiso Estero el Salado Photography Contest in conjunction with World Day, with the theme this year to be Puerto Vallarta and Its People.

Protection and Handling of Reptiles Course

Estero el Salado

Presented from May 7-9, 2012, this course will teach management and conservation in order to improve the quality of life for our local reptiles. Taking place on the CUCosta Campus, the three day course will include theory and management practice for reptiles in captivity.

8th International Altruism Festival

CasaMagna Marriott Resort & Spa

CasaMagna Marriott Resort & Spa is once again the proud sponsor of the 8th International Altruism Festival in Puerto Vallarta. This gastronomic and cultural event creates awareness among the population to support those who need it the most.

Scientists Rescue Baja’s First Vaquita Porpoise, Making Conservation History


Scientists with the VaquitaCPR conservation project announced they succeeded in locating and rescuing a highly endangered vaquita porpoise this week, but in an abundance of caution the vaquita, which was a calf, was released.

Largest Marine Protected Area in North America Created Off Mexico’s Pacific Coast

National Geographic

The Mexican government has announced the creation of a new marine reserve in the Pacific Ocean last week, the largest protected area of its kind in North America.

CDMX Fishermen Fight to Save Aztec Floating Gardens

Agence France-Presse

The number of fishermen here has plunged over the years, leading to booming populations of tilapia and carp - invasive species that are threatening the already strained ecosystem of Xochimilco, a green lung vital to the health of smog-choked Mexico City.

Overfishing Threatens Gulf of California Ecosystem

Science Times

According to the collection of data by the researchers, overfishing is stretching the fishing capacity of the region that supplies 75% of fish for Mexico.

Tourism in Mexico Threatened By Climate Change

Prensa Latina

The main Mexican tourist destinations on the beach are highly exposed to the effects of climate change due to sea level rise, especially in the Caribbean region.

Fishermen in Nayarit Lobby for Mangrove Protection

Al Jazeera

Mexico has the fourth highest number of mangroves in the world and millions depend on them for their livelihoods. Fishermen have joined a government fight to stop mangroves from being destroyed.

Authorities Rescue 14 Crocodiles, Find 20 Others Dead in Squatters' Camp in Chiapas

The Associated Press

Mexican authorities have rescued 14 crocodiles and found 20 others dead in a squatters’ settlement where people were apparently “milking” the crocs for their blood.

Mangrove Alliance Announced at World Ocean Summit

The Yucatan Times

Environmental groups plot course to reverse loss of mangroves during World Ocean Summit last week in Bali.

CleanSeas Campaign Declares War on Ocean Plastic

Inter Press Service

The #CleanSeas campaign is a global movement targeting governments, industry and consumers to urgently reduce the production and excessive use of plastic that is polluting the earth’s oceans, damaging marine life and threatening human health.

With Oceans in Danger, Cabo Pulmo Shows the Way

Al Jazeera

A world ocean summit is being held in Bali, where experts are trying to find how we can enjoy our oceans without destroying them. One village in Mexico could point the way.

Biosphere Reserves in Mexico Expand Conservation

Island Conservation

In December, Mexico announced the establishment of three new biosphere reserves that will conserve over 2.7 million acres, 21 islands, 97 islets, and the surrounding marine areas. The Pacific Islands Biosphere Reserve will protect islands and the marine environment along the Baja California peninsula.

Securing a Bold and Prosperous Future for Our Ocean

National Geographic

The ocean is powerful, but not invincible. It is rich, but not inexhaustible. For humans to thrive in the coming centuries, we will have to be smarter about how we approach the 70 percent of our planet the ocean covers.

Mexico Tourism Board Supports Continued Protection of the Country's Biodiversity

Mexico Tourism Board

The thirteenth annual Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity held in Cancun was the setting for the launch of Mexico Tourism Board’s new campaign focused on the country’s biodiversity and its wealth in terms of nature, culture and gastronomy.

Mazatlan Opens Largest Shark Tank in Latin America

Mazatlan Messenger

After more than 6 years Mazatlan’s locals and visitors can finally visit the biggest shark tank in Latin America.

Mexico Creates 4 New Protected Biological Reserves

The Associated Press

Mexico's president signed decrees creating four new biological reserves and five other protected areas this week, setting aside about 160 million acres for environmental conservation.

Murdered Honduran Activist Berta Caceres Named UN 'Champion of the Earth'

Agence France-Presse

Berta Caceres, a Honduran activist murdered early this year, was posthumously awarded Friday one of the UN's top prizes for the inspiration she gave in standing up to powerful interests.

Linkin Park Visits Magdalena Bay to Bring Awareness to Mangrove Conservation


Linkin Park band members, Rob Bourdon and Dave ‘Phoenix’ Farrell, visited Magdalena Bay, Mexico to learn about the Mangroves conservation project. Music for Relief, which is a non-profit organization founded by Linkin Park in 2005, launched the project one year ago.

Journey Into the Incredible Cloud Forests of Mexico

Atlas Obscura

Discover why the pristine cloud forests of Mexico - threatened by coffee, logging and climate change - are so special and learn why it's so important to conserve the wild places of the earth.

Lone Crocodile Gathers Crowd of Onlookers on Mexican Island of Cozumel


A crocodile visiting a Mexican beach drew a crowd of astonished onlookers as it walked between sunbathing chairs to go back into the water.

Crocodile Farm in Yucatan Nears Economic Viability

Fox News Latino

The project began four years ago with 30 crocodiles with the goal of selling the animals' skin, meat, oil and skeletons, but the number of animals has since grown to 360 and 250 more are expected to be born this year.

2015 Was the Worst Year on Record for Killings of Land and Environmental Defenders

For the new report On Dangerous Ground, Global Witness documented 185 killings across 16 countries – by far the highest annual death toll on record and more than double the number of journalists killed in the same period.

'Go Wild for Life' on World Environment Day 2016

This year’s theme for WED – Go Wild for Life – encourages you to celebrate all those species under threat and take action of your own to help safeguard them for future generations.

This Man Built a Floating Private Island Near Cancun by Recycling Plastic Bottles


With his sheer hard work, this 61-year-old has shown the world how one make it a better place to live in.

Man Marries Tree in Mexico to Raise Eco-Awareness


For an eighth time, Peruvian actor and environmental activist Ricardo Torres has symbolically married a tree as part of an ecological awareness campaign to urge others to care for the environment.

Protecting Forests in Mexico Reaps Lasting Rewards

World Bank

This inspiring story of a single mom, her entrepreneur sons and a united community explains why the sustainable management of forests is good for the planet and makes good economic sense.

Residents Halt Cancun Developers to Protect and Revive a Beloved Mangrove


The residents of Cancun reacted and moved to protect and restore what was left of the beloved mangrove forest that has been recently targeted by developers and the Mexican government.

Baja's Desert Mangroves Suck Up Carbon Dioxide

San Diego Union-Tribune

As climate change has heightened concerns about the global decline of mangroves, a new study found that such ecosystems along the desert coast of Baja California may be more important than previously thought.

World Water Day Highlights the Need for Safe Water


March 22nd marks World Water Day, and this year, we look at how using water wisely is everyone’s business.

Mexico's Wetlands-Turned-Gardens Fight Extinction

Inter Press Service

The chinampas are rich in muck and decaying vegetation, which provide nutrients for the crops, while the ditches between them give the plants continuous access to water. As a result, the vegetables grown there are especially rich in nutrients.

Authorities to Fine Quintana Roo Wildlife Company Over Deaths of 124 Crocodiles

Agencia EFE

Mexican environmental authorities said they would fine a wildlife company for the deaths of 124 crocodiles that it failed to protect during a lengthy transfer from the northwestern state of Sinaloa to the Yucatan Peninsula.

Worth Protecting: Mexico's Marismas Nacionales


This living, breathing community, extending 2,000 square kilometers through Nayarit and Sinaloa states, is the largest mangrove forest on Mexico’s Pacific coast. Despite the importance of this rich environment, the Marismas Nacionales are at risk.

The Ocean's Future Could All Hinge on One Woman


Even though world leaders ignored marine conservation in Paris, Sylvia Earle is optimistic. “For the first time in all of our history,” she said, “children are growing up in a world where we know what we’re doing to the planet.”

Mexico Greenlights the Destruction of Mangroves


Environmental activists are furious at the destruction of 143 acres of mangrove forest in order to build offices, apartments, shopping malls, and a huge church in the luxury resort of Cancun.

Mexico Is One of the Worst Victims of Deforestation

Al Jazeera

Organized criminal gangs have helped make Mexico one of the worst victims of deforestation in the world. However, a small community is now taking on illegal loggers who used to be supported by gangs to protect their trees.

Vallarta Activist Has a Lot to Say About Climate Change

Vallarta Saludable A & P

Olympic skier and climate activist Suzy Chaffee joins the calls of millions around the world to ensure binding agreements on climate change by the 200 world leaders during the COP21 2015 Paris conference.

COP21: People Power for Global Climate Protection

Deutsche Welle

Across the planet, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets over the weekend for protests at innumerable locations - to demand meaningful action for moving on from fossil fuels and stopping climate change.

Kid Environmentalists Derail a $900M Mixed-Use Development in Cancun Mangroves


A group of kids in Cancun, one of Mexico’s hottest resort towns, has stopped the razing of dozens of hectares of mangrove forest for a massive development - for now.

Trade Is Exploding in Illegal Latin American Wildlife


Millions of tropical birds, sharks, sea cucumbers, totoaba, queen conch, sea turtles, caimans and a vast number of other animals are falling victim to wildlife trafficking.

Mexico's Vaquita Might Not Withstand the Rising Chinese Market for Totoaba Bladders


The vaquita, an endangered harbor porpoise that only lives in the Gulf of California, is being killed as collateral damage in the hunt for the bladders of an endangered fish that shares these same waters.

Saving Mexico's Vaquita Just Got One Step Closer


There are only 97 vaquita left in the world and you’ve been part of a global campaign to save them. In fact, in just the last 5 weeks, 100,000 of you have stood up and demanded they be protected.

Mayor Weds Alligator to Bring Oaxacan Village Good Luck for Fishing Harvest

MailOnline/World News

A local mayor in Mexico married an alligator 'bride' this week, as part of a traditional ceremony to bring good fortune to the fishing community of San Pedro Huamelula.

Google Street View Takes You Under the Streets and Deep Into the Sea


Google Street View is slowly but surely conquering Earth's land surfaces, but the oceans are still largely untapped territory. Last week, Google narrowed the gap a little by adding Street View imagery from more than 40 locations around the world, many of which are underwater.

Study: Climate Change May Kill Off 1 in 13 Species

Shanghai Daily

According to a new study published in the journal Science, Global warming will eventually push 1 out of every 13 species on Earth into extinction, with South America the hardest hit for any continent.

Exploring the Sian Ka'an Mangroves in Mexico

Travel Basecamp

About 100 km from Gran Bahia Principe Akumal Royal Golden near Playa Del Carmen, you'll find the stunningly beautiful Reserva de la Biosfera Sian Ka'an, one of several natural protected areas in Mexico.

Protecting Isla Isabel: The Galapagos of Mexico

Global 3000

In 2005 the UNESCO declared Isla Isabel and parts of the Gulf of California a world heritage site. Now the national park authority wants to protect the surrounding marine area as well, so life on the island can continue.

Crocodiles Returned to Wild After Caught Roaming the Streets of Mexico

Agencia EFE

Five crocodiles were returned to their natural habitat and a sixth is undergoing treatment for wounds at a wildlife center following trapping operations in populated areas in Mexico’s Tamaulipas, Guerrero and Tabasco states.

Environmental Authorities Seize Gallons of Stewed Iguana in Morelos State

The Guardian

Mexican environmental authorities say they seized 8.5 gallons of stew made of Mexican spiny-tailed iguanas, a protected species considered threatened in Mexico.

AIDA: Working to Protect Coral Reefs in Mexico

AIDA Americas

The current threats to the Veracruz Reef System are a sign of the urgent need for nations to take effective measures to protect coral reefs and comply with their international obligations.

Sinaloa Cop Suspended After Video of Him Shooting a Crocodile Surfaces

A police officer in Mexico has been suspended after a video showing him shoot a crocodile with a machine gun surfaced.

World Water Day: Why We Should Celebrate Wetlands

The Nature Conservancy of Canada

World Water Day, celebrated every March 22nd, encourages citizens around the world to celebrate water and calls for collective learning and action on water-related issues.

Cousteau Urges Need to Understand, Protect Ocean

Columbia Tribune

“We need to treat the world like a business and our resources like capital,” says Jean-Michel Cousteau, adding that the more humans “gobble up,” the closer the planet is to bankruptcy.

Filmmaker Turns Lens on One of Last Healthy Reefs

Living Isle

'Living Isle' is short film about the lives of the Garifuna people living in the Bay islands of Honduras. They live on the second largest reef in the World and have been doing so sustainably since 1797.

The Fight Against Illegal Logging on Behalf of Mexico's Monarch Butterflies

Fronteras Desk

The Monarch butterfly is an icon in Mexico. You’ll see its image plastered on airport terminals, replicated in women’s fashion and printed on currency. But Mexico hasn’t always done an exemplary job protecting the butterfly.

Mexico to Use Drones to Protect Endangered Porpoise

Associated Press

Mexico is planning to use drones to patrol the upper Sea of Cortez to combat illegal fishing and save the critically endangered vaquita marina, the world's smallest porpoise.

Hopeful Lessons from the Battle to Save Rainforests


"Save the rainforest” is an environmental slogan as old as time — but Tasso Azevedo catches us up on how the fight is actually going these days.

Projects Abroad Mexico: Sea Turtle Conservation

Projects Abroad

Conservation volunteers in Mexico work alongside local experts on a variety of conservation and environmental projects, specifically focusing on the protection of turtles, crocodiles, and birds.

New Web Portal Aims to Tame the Lionfish Invasion

Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute and NOAA have announced the launch of an Invasive Lionfish Web Portal aimed at arming the fishery community and public with the latest details to the combat the invasive species in the Atlantic and Gulf region.

There Are 2,584 Endangered Species in Mexico

The Yucatan Times

Mexico is a country rich in wildlife and makes up about 10 percent of the species living in the world; at least half of these are endemic. Unfortunately many of these species are endangered or at risk.

Divers Swim with Crocodiles Off Mexico's Quintana Roo Coast in Amazing Video


Most people would make it their mission to stay as far away from a crocodile when swimming as possible. Not these divers, who jumped in with the fearsome predators to film the terrifying moment.

Thousands Gear Up for the People's Climate March


On Sunday, Sept. 21, a climate march through midtown Manhattan will kick off a week of high-profile climate events in the Big Apple.

Mexico Probes Mass Lake Fish Death in Jalisco


Hundreds of thousands of fish have been washed up on the shores of Lake Cajititlan in the Mexican state of Jalisco over the past week.

Mining Project Threatens Mexican Nature Preserve

Agencia EFE

A mining project linked to the expansion of the Mexican Gulf port of Veracruz threatens North America's largest jungle preserve, which would be the source of 2 million cubic meters of basalt rock.

Escape to Nature in Mexico's Sian Ka'an Reserve


Over the years, the Sian Ka'an reserve has grown to 1.3 million acres and benefactors from small hotels to government agencies and multi-national corporations are helping conserve and expand the reserve with funds, educational involvement and other support.

The Empty Aquarium: Mexico's Sea of Cortez Is Running Out of Fish


Located in between mainland Mexico and the Baja California Peninsula, the Sea of Cortez has been called the "Aquarium of the World;" it's home to over 950 varieties of fish and 30 species of marine mammals. But this maritime treasure and the creatures that call it home are in danger.

'Luminous Sea': Underwater Photographer Supports Ocean Conservation with New Book


Underwater photographer Richard Salas is raising money for The Ocean Foundation with the sales of his newest book, Luminous Sea.

Obama Announces Initiative to Protect Pacific Ocean


President Barack Obama has announced a new initiative to protect parts of the Pacific Ocean from overfishing and environmental damage.

Can Underwater Art Save the Ocean's Coral Reefs?

Jason deCaires Taylor has created artificial reefs - statues placed anywhere from four to nine meters underwater - to encourage ecosystems to take hold and flourish. The statues are almost as diverse as the ecosystems they hope to foster.

World Oceans Day 2014: World's Most Polluted Seas Revealed


According to World Wide Fund for Nature, more than 80% of marine pollution is caused by land-based activities that cause oil spills, fertilizers and toxic chemical runoff and the discharge of untreated sewage.

Jackie Savitz: Save the Oceans, Feed the World!

TED Talks

What's a marine biologist doing talking about world hunger? Well, says Jackie Savitz, fixing the world's oceans might just help to feed the planet's billion hungriest people.

Deficiencies in Cabo Dorado Environmental Impact Assessment Brought to Light

Natural Resources Defense Council

Heeding the calls of civil society and concerned citizens, Mexico’s environmental authority is holding a public information meeting on Cabo Dorado – the massive tourism and real-estate complex proposed just north of and adjacent to Cabo Pulmo National Park

US, Mexico Partner to Save the Colorado River Delta

Environmental Defense Fund

The Colorado’s delta was once a landscape of plenty, the basis of rural economic activity and local employment. Tourism, recreational hunting, sport and commercial fishing – all have been lost to overuse and over exhaustion of a limited resource. Now we are taking a major step to right that wrong.

Great News for Trees - Google Is Everywhere


In an attempt to curtail illegal logging, Google has partnered with several environmental organizations to create Global Forest Watch, an interactive online tool that sends out alerts when something’s suspect in the leafier parts of the world.

National Commission Unveils Comprehensive Plan to Protect Mexico's Wetlands


The National Protected Natural Areas Commission has released a plan to protect the 139 wetlands in Mexico, the country with the second-largest number of protected wetlands in the world.

Giving #ClimateThanks for the Holidays


This Thanksgiving, people around the country who had felt some of the most severe impacts of climate change came together to thank people taking action - in large and small ways - to try to stop the unfolding catastrophe.

Scientists: If You Want to Conserve Biodiversity, Protect Latin America

Inter Press Service

A team of scientists who analyzed the richness of plant species around the world concluded that the ecosystems in need of immediate protection in order to meet 2020 conservation goals are largely concentrated in Latin America.

Growing Concern as Northern Mexico's Unique Wetlands Continue to Disappear

Al Jazeera

For decades scientists and tourists have flocked to northern Mexico's desert to visit wetlands and natural springs that host unique ecosystems. But in recent years the pools have begun to shrink - some have even dried up completely.

Tell Mexico: Stop Killing Endangered Sea Turtles

Center for Biological Diversity

Each year at least 2,000 endangered loggerhead sea turtles are caught by shark and halibut fishermen off the southern peninsula of Mexico's Baja California.

Green Growth: Mexico President Unveils National Climate Change Strategy

Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto has unveiled a National Climate Change Strategy that he says will lead to "green growth" in the country.

New Mexican Law Protects All Coastline Nesting Grounds of Sea Turtles


Mexico had recently passed a law that provides protection to the nesting grounds of the sea turtles. In the past, only those considered as sanctuaries and reserves are protected by the government but now, all sites are covered.

Earth Day 2013: The Face of Climate Change

Every year on April 22, more than one billion people take part in Earth Day. Across the globe, individuals, communities, organizations, and governments acknowledge the amazing planet we call home and take action to protect it.

New Workshop on Mexican Mangrove Conservation


Thirty-six percent of Mexican mangroves have been changed or replaced, and the Yucatan’s Peninsula, home of 55% of them, also presents great damage on these costal ecosystems, caused by non-organized tourism, over-exploitation of species and human settlements.

Developers Resubmit Controversial Plan for Massive Mexican Resort Near Endangered Reef

Associated Press

Developers have resurrected plans for a massive beach resort near a sensitive coral reef in Mexico's Gulf of California, just two months after authorities rejected a similar plan amid protests by environmental groups.

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