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Huichol Health House is the AICAW AC assistance project where 2nd and 3rd level Wixaritari patients are supported with orientation, rehabilitation and medications.

Culture and Tradition

We promote support for various ceremonial centers seeking the preservation and strengthening of the Wixaritari culture, its cosmogonia and ancient traditions with support, research and documentation projects.


30 years of experience endorse us as trainers in projects that seek to strengthen this culture including disease prevention, nutrition, alternative agricultural techniques, energy, etc.


We develop, promote and support research, training and social assistance actions to preserve the life, identity and culture of the Wixárika people, in alliance with their traditional authorities.

Our work is aimed at supporting the indigenous Wixaritari families of five communities located in the north of the state of Jalisco: Tatei-Kie (San Andrés Cohamiáta), Tsikuita (San Miguel Huextita), Tuapurie (Santa Catarina), Waútia (San Sebastián) and Kuruxi manuka (Tuxpan de Bolaños).

Only together can we achieve the preservation of this ancient culture and its sacred places.

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Your participation allows us to continue serving in this noble cause. Please visit our website to donate.

Last updated: January 27, 2022 · Charity ID: 925

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Wixárika Community Recovers 25% of Ancestral Lands in Nayarit

Mexico News Daily

The Wixárika (also known as Huichol) community has been fighting to reclaim 10,500 hectares of land on the border of Nayarit and Jalisco for decades. Read more >>>

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52 333-126-7674
Beatríz Hernández No. 1354, Col Zoquípan, 45170 Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico

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