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The Santa Barbara Physical Rehabilitation Clinic of Vallarta is a Civil Association created in 1981 and officially founded in the year 1988 by men and women of goodwill who were dedicated to forming a Physical Rehabilitation Multidisciplinary Team and improve the quality of life throughout the region for handicapped children and adults of limited means.

Since that time, the mission and commitment of the Clinic have been to offer Physical Rehabilitation with quality and compassion, for all ailments that affect the activities of daily life due to pain, weakness, or disability. In the Rehabilitation Clinic we attend to children and adults with complications due to trauma from motor vehicle accidents or accidents in sports, at work and in the home that leave muscle pains, inflammatory injuries of joints, contractures and spasms.

In the Pediatric Area we provide Physical Therapy and Language Therapy to patients with delays in Psychomotor Development, Childhood Cerebral Paralysis and other types of Congenital Malformations. In the Neurologic Area we treat illnesses like Stroke, Spinal Chord Lesions, Guillain-Barré Syndrome, Parkinsons and others. We also attend to problems of the Older Adult like Degenerative Diseases, such as the common knee pain, rheumatoid arthritis and other afflictions of the body's motor functions.

The benefits that our Institution offers are many. Thanks to the support of numerous people, businesses and institutions, during 30 years of operation we have rehabilitated thousands of patients, many who had poor prognoses.

The current needs of the Santa Barbara Physical Rehabilitation Clinic of Vallarta AC, also are many; in this new phase, it is necessary to continue equipping with updated technology and personnel. There are still pending expansion of existing spaces and therapy equipment, improve the area for speech therapy, and provide general maintenance for the facility. To cover the increased costs of the electro-medical equipment on hand, as well as the cost of supplies, maintenance and incidental expenses of the daily operation, we are looking to increase our number of benefactors... People like you that can help the financial sustainability of the Clinic so we can continue to provide optimum service.

Your good will and participation is very important to give hope of a better life for another being that in this moment has impeded or limited physical ability. Your help creates an enormous opportunity, and they can smile again with the vision of a promising future from this new opportunity. For us to continue functioning and treating patients of scarce resources at no cost, the Santa Barbara Physical Rehabilitation Clinic of Vallarta needs your support. If you wish to become part of this noble cause, please visit our facilities or call for information at 322-224-2754.

The Santa Barbara Physical Rehabilitation Clinic of Vallarta: Our helping is in your hands...

How You Can Help The Santa Barbara Clinic

Our mission is to offer to the entire region physical rehabilitation with quality and care for the following ailments:

• Fractures
• Cerebral Palsy
• Facial Paralysis
• Embolisms
• Sports Injuries
• Language Problems
• Myelomeningocele
• Accidental Traumas
• Congenital Malformations
• Early Stimulation
• All problems that affect body motor function, as well as provide aid in obtaining surgery or acquiring orthopedic equipment.

Our vision:
• Provide physical rehabilitation for the greatest number possible of our regional population.

Our needs:
• Promote our services to more people in our region.
• Expand work areas  and equipment.
• Creation of areas for speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, and hydrotherapy.

Donate through SCOTIABANK - Cuenta: 3904-7 - CLABE: 044375032000390479
If we are beneficiaries of your donation, we can give you a tax-deductable receipt.

We are open to the general public with modest fees for the maintenance of our institution.

Last updated: June 21, 2023 · Charity ID: 408

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