Tourism Ministers Want Incoming Travelers Screened for COVID-19  
Mexico News Daily
They will ask the federal government to require visitors to Mexico to present upon entry a vaccination certificate or a negative test result. Read more...

Don't Want to Get Vaccinated? It Could Cost You 
Jordan Weissmann - Slate
Refusing to get vaccinated against COVID-19 was already a reckless health decision. Lately, it's been turning into an expensive one, too. Read more...

Mexico Sees Easing of Third COVID-19 Wave 
Christopher Sherman - Associated Press
The roller coaster pandemic has played out in peaks and valleys in Mexico over the past year and a half. The country is now in the middle of its third wave of infections, a surge that began in mid-June and is just beginning to show signs of easing. Read more...

Massive Study Is Proof that Surgical Masks Limit Coronavirus Spread 
Adam Taylor and Ben Guarino - Washington Post
The authors of a study based on an enormous randomized research project say their results offer the best evidence yet that widespread wearing of surgical masks can limit the spread of the coronavirus in communities. Read more...

Pit Viper Venom May Become Tool to Fight COVID 
Leonardo Benassatto, Pedro Fonseca - Reuters
Brazilian researchers have found that a molecule in the venom of a type of snake inhibited coronavirus reproduction in monkey cells, a possible first step toward a drug to combat the virus causing COVID-19. Read more...

A Doomsday COVID Variant May Be Coming, Scientists Say 
David H. Freedman - Newsweek
Delta, like most of the other variants, blindsided us, worsening and extending the pandemic. When the damage from Delta starts to subside, what other variants will be lurking just behind it to pull us back down again? Read more...

COVID Fatalities Could Be 84% Higher than Government Reports
The data adds to the evidence that the coronavirus pandemic in Mexico has been far deadlier than official numbers suggest. Read more...

Do You Need a Covid Booster Shot to Travel? 5 Things to Consider 
Hannah Sampson - Washington Post
With the Biden administration's announcement that booster shots will be offered widely starting Sept. 20, Americans may be wondering if future travel plans should revolve around an extra jab. Read more...

Mexican Parents Use Courts to Get Kids Vaccinated 
Fabiola Sanchez - Associated Press
Hundreds of parents in Mexico have resorted to filing for court injunctions to get coronavirus vaccines for their children after the government refused to consider vaccinating those under 18. Read more...

7 Myths About the COVID Vaccines Debunked 
Katherine Fung - Newsweek
Newsweek spoke with four doctors treating coronavirus patients across the country about the truth behind the vaccines and where people are getting it wrong. Read more...

PCR/Antigen Testing Module Opens in Marina Vallarta 
Jorge Chavez - Vallarta Lifestyles
The Asociacion de Residentes de Marina Vallarta has finally completed the installation of a COVID PCR/antigen testing module. Although designed originally for visitors, it is also available for workers in the area. Read more...

Breakthrough COVID Cases: Uncommon and Often Mild, but Not Always 
Emma Goldberg - The New York Times
Vaccination remains the best defense, health experts say. But some infections occur regardless, and can come as a traumatic surprise. Read more...

Vallarta Sees 72% Increase in COVID-19 Cases Over Past Seven Days 
Vallarta News Daily
There have been a total of 18,656 infections and 653 deaths in Puerto Vallarta since the beginning of the pandemic. There has been a total of 1,620 reported cases in the past seven days, compared to 939 cases in the seven days prior, for an increase of 72% compared to the previous seven-day period, showing an upward trend in infections over the past week. Read more...

Mexican President Says No Need to Show Proof of Vaccination 
Donald Wood - Vallarta Bay Times
The president of Mexico announced that his country has no plans of asking residents and arriving tourists for proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Read more...

Unvaccinated Are 29 Times More Likely Hospitalized with COVID-19 
Adriana Belmonte - Yahoo! News
A new study from the Centers for Disease Control bolsters the argument that unvaccinated individuals are at a much higher risk of experiencing the worst outcomes of COVID-19 than vaccinated individuals. Read more...

As Delta Rips Through Mexico, Perhaps Back-To-School Should Wait 
Sarah DeVries -
In the face of an unsatisfactory pandemic response and unprepared educational institutions, maybe it is not time to send all children back to the classroom. Read more...

Time to Say It: We're Done With the Vaccine Refusers 
Paul Waldman - Washington Post
The FDA has granted full approval to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for the coronavirus, and approvals for the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines could follow soon. This could be a significant step in convincing the millions of unvaccinated to finally get vaccinated. It's also an opportunity for us to say to the hard-core vaccine refusers: We're done with you. Read more...

Mexico's IMSS and Cinvestav Work on a New Treatment Against COVID-19 
Mexico Daily Post
The Mexican Institute of Social Security and the Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute will initiate the Fantaze study, to be able to develop an early antiviral therapy against COVID-19 in the initial phase, a project in which the University College London is also participating. Read more...

Is It Safe to Book A Trip to Mexico This Winter? 
Trevor Kucheran - Travel Off Path
As summer begins to wind down, millions of Americans and Canadians will begin planning their winter getaways to popular Mexican beach destinations. With the rise in the Delta variant, travel restrictions and fears over waning immunity, some travelers may be on the fence about booking. Here is what travelers need to know. Read more...

August 2021 Updates: COVID-19 in Puerto Vallarta 
Arianedesign News
In order to ensure the return to schools for kids and teenagers at the end of August, the State of Jalisco has been taking prompt decisions and actions to handle the current health situation responsibly, stopping the spread and moving steadily towards economic recovery. Read more...

CDC Issues Updated Recommendations for Cruising 
Rich Thomaselli - TravelPulse
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending that travelers who are at increased risk for severe illness should avoid cruise ship travel, regardless of vaccination status. Read more...

Puerto Vallarta Records New High in COVID-19 Infections 
Vallarta Daily News
On Friday, Puerto Vallarta recorded a new record of daily infections in the third wave with 460 new cases in 24-hours. There have been a total of 17,885 infections and 645 deaths in Puerto Vallarta since the beginning of the pandemic. Read more...

Why Delta Variant Makes Mask and Vaccine Mandates Essential 
Rong-Gong Lin II, Luke Money - Los Angeles Times
The rise of the Delta variant has upended previous optimistic projections of herd immunity and a return to normal life, with many health experts believing mask mandates and tougher vaccine requirements will be needed in the coming months to avoid more serious coronavirus surges. Read more...

U.S. Extends Land Border Closure with Mexico for Another Month 
Lora Pope - Travel Off Path
The United States has continually extended the land border restrictions on its neighbors on a monthly basis since March 2020, when they were initially imposed to address the spread of COVID-19. This week, they extended the closure for another 30 days until September 31st. Read more...

COVID Booster Shots Are Coming. Here's What You Need To Know 
Pien Huang, Sydney Lupkin, Carmel Wroth - NPR
Health officials are preparing to roll out COVID-19 booster shots in the United States this September. According to a plan announced Wednesday, all U.S. adults who received a two-dose vaccine would be eligible for an additional jab of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine eight months from when they got their second one. Read more...

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