Mexican Girls Fight Back Against Machismo with Boys’ Own Game: Football
Guadalupe Garcia Alvarez runs a football club for indigenousgirls and young women, using the sport to empower them in a country where machismo runs deep and violence against women is rampant.
Border Wall with Mexico Won’t Keep Heroin Out of the US, According to the DEA
President Trump says his border wall will keep drug cartels from flooding American streets with heroin, but that plan is doomed to fail according to the DEA.
Mexico’s Congressmen Pass Reform to Redefine and Foster Drone Industry
PanAm Post
Mexico’s Lower House has approved to reform the Civil Aviation and the Airport Regulation Laws in order to give the Secretary of Communication and Transportation dominion over drone use.
Government Reports Show Mexico Still Struggles to Combat Money Laundering
InSight Crime
Several recent reports show that Mexico continues to struggle with combating money laundering, a longstanding problem exacerbated by a lack of political will and an overemphasis on militarized responses to crime.
Thousands of Migrants Trying to Enter America Are Trapped in Tijuana
CGTN America
Tens of thousands of migrants from around the world are stranded in Tijuana, Mexico as they try to make it across the border to the United States.
Baby Death Trial Reveals Growing Persecution of Women in Mexico Who Miscarry
The Guardian
Dafne McPherson was convicted of murder after her baby died during childbirth – part of a growing trend to criminalize women in conservative parts of the country.
Reforms Are Failing to Prevent Human Rights Abuses by Mexican Military
InSight Crime
A new report reiterates that, despite reforms, Mexico is failing to adequately investigate and prosecute soldiers accused of committing abuses, a reminder of the often negative human rights consequences of militarizing the fight against crime.
How Mexico’s Drug Cartel Traffickers Make Billions
Business Insider
Mexican drug cartels are making billions of dollars by flooding America with cocaine and other drugs. Ioan Grillo breaks down what they invest and the kind of profits they make.


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