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My name is Valerie Schaffer and I have been providing home care in Puerto Vallarta for more than 2 years.

However, my care giving goes back as far as when I was a teenager. I volunteered at the hospital when I was 14 because I really wanted to provide care for people. It is what I loved to do then and now.

I have worked in hospitals and doctor's offices for many years. During this time I also took various university and college courses in the areas of helping people. I have written a personal care attendant exam and passed with a 98%. Following this I did personal care in my home city.

I will describe a little about what I will do and provide some references from Puerto Vallarta and Calgary.

I will provide some health-related services in your home, such as checking patients' pulse vital signs. I have experience with catheters.

I will also help with prescribed exercises and assist with bathing, mobility and medications administration, as well as accompanying you to doctor visits.

I will also do the shopping and provide meals based on dietary requirements. Additional needs can be accommodated.

I can take your care one step further. Sometimes living alone can be lonely or even stressful. I can provide a phone call everyday and if needed a visit to make sure your life in Puerto Vallarta is safe and happy. I know I have sometimes wondered what might happen if I fell at home or even worse situations. Who would find me? Please ask me how this works.
If you have an upcoming surgery, I can arrange transport home and attend to your recovery needs. Many services that once required long hospital stays can now be provided at home.

Receiving care at home promotes well-being. Knowing that someone will make sure you are safe provides security. I will be someone who cares, who can listen while helping with practical needs. Loneliness and the following depression are less likely to occur. Families and friends are reassured that someone is caring for their loved ones and they are free to enjoy their visits.

My goal is to help you or your loved ones maintain their independence and quality of life by providing individualized "personal care."  It is my belief that comfortable surroundings have a positive impact when the need is recuperation, recovery and/or ongoing health issues.

I look forward to meeting you. Please email me at

Local references are available.

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