CUCosta Reports Cereal Diets Minimize Severe COVID-19 Symptoms
Centro Universitario de la Costa
Researchers at the University of Guadalajara announced that after a long investigation, they were able to scientifically prove that cereal-based diets are essential to have less severe symptoms in patients with COVID-19.

Ask Well: Sleep vs. Exercise?
New York Times
Sleep is important for workouts, reducing the risk of injury and allowing muscles to recover from exercise. Lack of sleep weakens the immune system, making people more likely to become sick - which means missing workouts.

What Latina Women Need to Know About Dementia
The Washington Post
People of color, but particularly women of color, are in the crosshairs of the dementia crisis in so many ways - from being at greater risk of dementia, to being more likely to serve as a caregiver for someone living with dementia, to having their economic security threatened by caregiving.

How Sleep Affects What (and How Much) You Eat
TED Talks
Did you know that not getting enough sleep can actually make you hungrier? According to sleep scientist Matt Walker, the relationship between what you eat and your sleep is a two-way street. Here’s why understanding it can help improve your overall health.

Chewing Gum Could Reduce the Spread of COVID By Cutting the Virus in Saliva
Good News Network
Scientists have stuffed sticks of chewing gum with plant-based copies of the receptors on our cells which SARS-CoV-2 uses to get the drop on us, demonstrating that the gum can reduce the viral load in the saliva by a significant margin.

These Folks With HIV Discovered How to Live Outside the U.S. and Access Care
In a country with a fractured health system like the U.S., where moving across a state line can make the difference between robust and weak health care, leaving the country completely usually entails a level of freedom and privilege unavailable to many of us. But for those who can do it, it can feel hugely freeing.

An Introduction to Hot Stone Therapy
The Sistershood
One of the “hottest” trends in spa modalities is Hot Stone Therapy. It is a style of massage that uses volcanic rocks such as basalt and basinite, which are believed to not only promote deep relaxation but also to remove negative energy from body, mind and soul.

Three Deadly Diseases are Circulating Mexico in Greater Numbers
Concerns have grown as it was discovered that Chikungunya, Zika, and Dengue virus cases are more common in Mexico than previously thought.

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