Diet Based Mitigation May Be Used With Vaccination Against COVID-19
Centro Universitario de la Costa
The links between diet-related diseases and COVID-19 is now widely accepted based on scientific evidence. In this regard, obesity has been identified by the CDC as a strong risk factor for severe COVID-19 illness.

Holidays Can Bring Stress. Here’s How to Deal With It
The Washington Post
As a psychologist, I always brace for the emotional fallout from the holiday season from my patients. But this year could be particularly hard as we enter our second pandemic winter already depleted.

Omicron May Require Fourth Vaccine Dose, Pfizer Says
The new Omicron variant could make it more likely that people will need a fourth coronavirus vaccine earlier than expected. The standard two doses may be less effective against the variant, and a booster dose increases neutralizing antibodies.

3 Ways to Prepare Society for the Next Pandemic
TED Talks
In this eye-opening talk, infectious disease epidemiologist Jennifer B. Nuzzo unpacks how the Great Baltimore Fire of 1904 sparked a cultural shift in how we defend against fires - and explains why pandemics demand the same sort of reaction.

Meditative Painting to Heal Your Life
In this empowering, 8-week course, you’ll be guided into a new kind of meditation practice, meditative painting, which will help you become present to the part of you that is tapped into the frequency of love, possibility, and infinite abundance.

One Woman’s Resolve to Beat Cancer During COVID
Washington Post
Djohariah Singer has been fighting a two-front battle for two years - trying to heal her body from the ravages of cancer and outlast the pandemic, which shows no sign of abating. But she says she has come to see her fight more as a dance than a war.

In a Shelter on the Mexico-U.S. Border, a Small Moment of Medical Triumph
Direct Relief
Working in shelters near the U.S./Mexico border, providers practice challenging medical care under limited time constraints. But sometimes, things come easily.

The Opioid Crackdown Leaves Chronic Pain Patients in Limbo
The Hill
The opioid crisis, which began in the 1990s, is worse than ever. Often lost in the understandable concern about the growing fatalities are millions of chronic pain patients who are unable to get adequate pain relief.

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