The Very Surprising Benefits of Scaring Yourself Silly
Research on the phenomenon of chasing fear for fun, or “recreational fear,” is showing that it has significant benefits: It can help us bond with others, soothe our stress and anxiety, and maybe even become more resilient.

Turning Point: At Any Age, a Healthy Diet Can Extend Your Life
Turning Point
No matter how old you are, or how much junk food you consume, it’s never too late to start undoing the damage caused by a poor diet.

With No Monkeypox Vaccine at Home, Frustrated Mexicans Go Abroad
Thomson Reuters Foundation
As monkeypox continues to impact gay and bisexual men in dozens of countries around the world, at-risk Mexicans are going abroad for vaccines they say their government has not bothered to make available at home.

What You Should Know About Opioids and Painkillers
Body Stuff
Pain is your body’s signal that something isn’t right. To help manage it, doctors often prescribe powerful opioids - but they’re not always the best option and can quickly lead to addiction.

How the Travel Experience Can Be Improved for Disabled Travelers
Travel Weekly
What needs to be done for disabled travelers in tours and hotels, and where more progress needs to occur to make disabled travelers feel welcome and able to participate in group travel.

Why Lemon Water Is the Best Beverage to Drink Every Day
Dr. Eric Berg
Aside from tasting great and refreshing the body, lemon water has some incredible health benefits - especially when paired with Healthy Keto and intermittent fasting.

Are E-Cigarettes Actually Useful for Quitting Smoking Cigarettes?
The New York Times
For adults who are looking to quit smoking cigarettes, e-cigarettes (also known as vapes, e-cigs and vape pens) have become a common option. But, how safe are they?

Landmark Study Finds Exactly How Your Diet Affects the Planet
Washington Post
From pork to rice to seafood, a new analysis of nearly 99 percent of all food production on land and sea reveals the ecological footprint of what we eat.

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