Unlock the Benefits of Music: Lower Your Blood Pressure and More
Longevity Playbook
Doctors have found that when music is added to existing therapies for depression, memory function, and blood pressure, the therapies are more effective than without music.

Dengue Fever Grows 125% in Recent Weeks in Puerto Vallarta
Quadratín Jalisco
Confirmed cases of dengue in Puerto Vallarta grew 125 percent, going from 4 to 9, according to data from the Jalisco Ministry of Health.

Exposure to Certain Fragrances During Sleep Boosts Cognitive Function
Science Alert
Of all the senses we love to indulge, scent is often neglected – but the right smells could be just what your brain needs to keep it whirring in old age.

Sitting All Day Increases Dementia Risk — Even if You Exercise
The Washington Post
The negative effects of extended sitting can be so strong, researchers found, that even people who exercise regularly face higher risk if they sit for much of the day.

Mediterranean Lifestyle Linked to Lower Threat of Death
Evidence shows that a Mediterranean-style diet can help people to lose weight, but it appears that the Mediterranean also has a lifestyle that research suggests can help to significantly lower the risk of death from all causes.

Mexico Offers Treatment to Cure Hepatitis C in Two Months
In Mexico, liver diseases are among the leading causes of death in the population, with infections associated with hepatitis B and C viruses standing out.

Some Surprises About the Power of Sleep: Are You Getting Enough?
Longevity Playbook
Doctors know we need sleep. They just don’t know why. One theory is that it helps our brains perform “housekeeping” functions, like cleaning out waste, that it can’t do while we’re awake.

Vallarta Government Recognizes the Work of the Mexican Red Cross
With the recognition of the government headed by Professor Michel, to those who dedicate their lives to strengthening humanitarian aid from the Mexican Red Cross, at the swearing-in of the new board of directors of the Puerto Vallarta delegation.

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