Could 2022 Be a Healthier Year? Reasons to Be Cautiously Optimistic
Washington Post
Facing yet another year of illness and death, how could any of us be optimistic about 2022? Buried under the layers of grief and loss, there are seeds of hope.

Follow These Dining Rules to Stay Healthy in Mexico
Mexico News Daily
It’s a common, often controversial, warning for foreign travelers to Mexico: watch out what you eat and drink here. These guidelines will help minimize the risk of travel-related illness.

Mental Health Habits That Can Improve Your Life in 2022
HuffPost Wellness
Self-care won’t solve every problem, but these quick and easy activities may at least bring some happiness to your day.

The Mexican Who Is Seeking to Give Cancer Patients New Hope
News Nation
Can you imagine what it would be like to control cancer in the same way that chronic diseases such as diabetes are managed and have a higher quality of life despite living with a tumor? That is the dream of Pedro Lichtinger.

Act Now if You Notice These Early Signs of Dementia
If you think you’re showing early signs of dementia, it’s best to act now. Don’t wait until it becomes a bigger problem.

CDC Cuts Isolation Time for People With Asymptomatic Coronavirus Infections
The Washington Post
US health officials have shortened the recommended time those infected with the coronavirus should isolate from 10 days to five if they are asymptomatic - a decision they said was driven by a growing body of research about when people are most infectious.

Chef Sarno Shares the Mighty Power and Flavor of Plants
TED Talks
Vegan chef Derek Sarno dishes out some creative cooking inspiration and shares how his personal journey led him to create amazing food that avoids animal suffering.

Verywell Mind: How Your Personality Type Affects Your Health
Verywell Mind
Could your personality type be harming you, or is it actually helping you live a longer life? They play such an important role in determining our behaviors and habits, so it is little wonder that personality type has a connection to your health.

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